Jeene Laga Hoon Pehle Se Zyada Rivanya Neil Ragini Prem Simar FF Part 12


Jeene Laga Hoon Pehle Se Zyada…I have started living more than before..Part 12
Shesha:Yesterday you held me closer.You said you love and you..
Ritik:No never.I can never tell you that I love you.Because I love only Shivanya.
Shesha was hurt:But you told me that you love me Ritik.And you took initiative..
Rit:What do you mean?
Shesha:You took me in your arms and we became one.
Ritik was shattered:No no..never.
He cried:I cheated my Shivanya.How could I cheat her?No..I can never cheat her.
Shesha felt sad seeing his tears.He kept her hand on his shoulder.
Rit:Stay away from me.

Rit:Why did’nt you stop me when I touched you.You know very well that I love only Shivanya.
Shesha’s eyes got welled with tears:Ritik..I did’nt stop you because I love you.And i thought you too love me.
Rit:Stop it.I don’t love you and I will never love you.I had told that even before our wedding and you too agreed.Remember..that’s how we got married.

Flash back…

When Ritik’s company was facing loss Shesha helped them through her father.Knowing that Shesha remains unmarried only for Ritik Shesha’s father Shailesh put forward the proposal.
Ankush:But I don’t think Ritik will agree to marry Shesha as he still loves his late wife.
Sailesh got irritated:Ritik does’nt mind taking financial help from my daughter.But he can’t marry her.Don’t you think it’s too unfair?
Ankush and Yamini became upset.
Yamini:Marriage is based on love.If Ritik can’t love Shesha how can we ask him to marry her?

Sailesh:For me,my daughter’s happiness is more important.I agreed to help you all only for my daughter.She is still unmarried only because of Ritik.I can’t keep on helping you all if Ritik can’t accept Shesha.I am not doing any charity.You all understand that.

They became upset.

Ankush and Yamini talked to Ritik about marrying Shesha.
Ritik:How could you all think about getting me married to Shesha when you all know how much I love Shivanya?
Y:But Shesha did a big favour to us.She deserves you.Right?If you don’t marry her it will be like taking advantage of her love.Right?
Y:I said the truth Ritik.You yourself think about it.
Ankush:If you don’t marry Shesha,her father will ask us to return the money they gave us.From where will we give such a big amount of money?Shailesh can even put us behind bars for not returning the money.And we need financial support now which only Shesha can provide.So if you don’t marry Shesha our lives will be destroyed.You take a decision after thinking.

Ritik was in dilemma.

He met Shesha.

Ritik:Shesha..I want to make one thing clear.I don’t love you.I love only Shivanya.
Shesha:I know that Ritik.But I love you.
Ritik:I will never love you.If I marry you that will be only for financial support.
Shesha:I know that Ritik.
Rit:Then why do you want to marry me?

Shesha:Because i love you.Even though you don’t love me I can be near you if you marry me.Your presence is more than enough for me.
Rit:Are you sure?
Rit:You should never compel me to accept you as my wife.
Shesha:I will never pressurize you.
Ritik:There is one more thing Shesha.After Shivanya left me my only relief is our daughter Shivangi.She is everything to me.So now I am not the single Ritik whom you loved years back.Shivangi is a part of my life and you will get me only with Shivangi.Will you be able to accept Shivangi as your daughter?
Shesha:I know that very well Ritik.I love you sincerely Ritik.That means I love your daughter Shivangi too.I will love Shivangi with full heart.I will be the best mother.I swear..I will give her so much of love that she will not miss Shivanya.
Ritik was relieved.
Rit:If then I am ready to marry you.
Shesha was very happy:Thank you so much Ritik.I am very happy.
Rit:Don’t thank me as i am marrying you for my selfish reasons.
Shesha:But for me your yes is a big favour.You gave me relief and happiness.


Ritik:You said you will never compel me to accept you as a wife.Then why did you surrender to me?You could have at least slapped me.Right?

Shesha lost her control:Enough Ritik.I did’nt compel you.It’s you who seduced me.I am a human being who loves you.So I too lost my control.In a moment I too thought that you have started loving me.

She shed crocodile tears.
Ritik was crying:But I can’t forgive myself for betraying my Shivanya.
Shesha:Ritik..why don’t you understand that you are not betraying Shivanya?She is no more.Then how can it be betrayal?
Ritik’s heart was pierced when he heard her say that his Shivanya is dead.He cried bitterly.
He thought:Till now though I fooled Shivanya by hiding from her about Shivanya I was’nt that guilty as I had’nt touched Shesha.But now after spending a horrible night with Shesha how will I face Shivanya?
Shesha said in her mind:Sorry Ritik.I really feel sad seeing your tears.But to be frank i never thought that my lie would wound your heart so much.But I can’t take my step backward.I will heal your wound with my love.I am sure that you will also start getting attracted to me gradually.

Anjali got down from her school bus.Ragini reached the opposite side of the road.She smiled seeing Anjali.Anjali smiled seeing Ragini on the opposite side.

Ragini showed her actions to stay there.
Rag:Dadi will come there to take you.
But Anjali did not understand that and she tried to cross the road.A bus came on her way and was about to hit her.
Ragini screamed:Anjuuuuuuuuuuuu..
Suddenly somebody pulled her back saving her from an accident.It was Shivanya.
Anjali who was scared hugged Shivanya.
Shiv:Don’t be scared.Aunty is there with you.Nothing has happened to you.You are perfectly alright.

But why did you try to cross the road?You should have waited for your dadi onwards you should never cross the road on your own.Ok?
Anjali was crying nodding her head.
Ragini could not see anything as vehicles were passing She was tensed.But when there came a gap between the vehicles when the no.of vehicles got reduced she saw Shivanya with Anjali.Ragini was relieved.Shivanya crossed the road carrying Anjali.Ragini walked to them.She took Anjali from her and kissed all over face emotionally.
Rag:Anju beta..what did you do?You scared your dadi.Shivanya…you saved Anjali.Right?

Shivanya smiled.
Rag:Really God sent you on time to save Anjali.
Shivanya smiled.

When Nachiket and Prem reached home Ragini informed them about this incident.
Nach:Really Anjali was saved by Shivanya.She did a big thing for us.Thank you so much Shivanya.
Shi:Don’t say thank you to me.It was my duty Sir.
Nach:Shivanya..atleast at home you call me uncle.It sounds better.
Shivanya smiled:Ok uncle.
Nachiket and Ragini smiled.
Prem was silent as his ego was not allowing him to thank her.

Anjali was sleeping due to fever.Shivanya put wet cloth on her forehead.
Ragini:Poor Anjali.Now she has fallen sick too.
Shi:It’s because she got scared too much.Don’t worry.She is feeling much better now.I have given her medicine too. are taking care of Anjali like a mother.
Shivanya smiled.She felt sad remembering Shivangi.
She thought:I hope my Shivangi is fine.I am sure that mummiji and Ritik are taking care of her very well.So I don’t have to worry about Shivangi.
Prem was watching all this without their knowledge.While Ragini went out of the room he his himself behind the curtain.Later he got inside the room.Shivanya turned back and looked at him hearing his foot step.

She was stunned to see him there.
P:Thank you for taking care of my daughter Shivanya.
She smiled.
P:And..I forgot to tell you one thing.Though I never appreciated you,I must say one thing.You are one of my best employees.You are doing a good job.

Shivanya became happy:Thank you so much Sir.
P:And sorry for my rude behaviour.I hurt you a lot.Sorry for everything.
Shivanya could’nt believe that he apologized to her.
Shi:No need of sorry sir.But please give importance to Anjali’s happiness.Give her the love you have hidden in your heart.

Giving her a slight smile he left the room.

Nachiket-Ragini in their room.
Ragini:Shivanya is just like a mother to Anjali.
Nach:I think you are right Ragini.

Rag:I feel Shivanya can fill Anjali’s life with the happiness which had vanished after Simar left her.
Nach:You mean..?
Rag:Why don’t we think of getting Shivanya married to Prem?I am sure that unlike Simar Shivanya will be a loyal wife.And Anjali won’t get a better mother too.
Nach:I think you are right Ragini.We should talk to Ritik about it when he comes next time.Let him talk to Shivanya about it.
Prem who passed by over heard it with a shock.

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