Jeene Laga Hoon Pehle Se Zyada Rivanya Neil Ragini Prem Simar FF Part 12

Jeene Laga Hoon Pehle Se Zyada…I have started living more than before..Part 13
Dedicated to Shakaib who was waiting for this FF’s update. Dedicating this update again to him for giving Jodi name to Prem Shivanya-Pranya

Dedicated to Prem thought of his moments with Simar painfully.His eyes became wet.Then he remembered his moments with Shivanya and how Shivanya takes care of Anjali.Prem wiped his tears.
P:No..I will not shed tears for Simar who abandoned me and Anjali.
Prem went to his room.

Ragini:Nachiket..we need to talk to Prem about it first as you know how his attitude is towards Shivanya.
Nach:Yes,first we will talk to Prem about it.
They went to see Prem in his room. know that Anjali needs a mother’s love.
Ragini:We think she will get motherly love from Shivanya.You must have seen how much care Shivanya gives Anjali since the day she came in.
Nach:So if you marry Shivanya,our Anju will get a mother.
Prem stared at them.
Nach:I know you have a habit of yelling at Shivanya.But for Anju’s sake why don’t you marry Shivanya?
Prem thought of Shivanya advising him to make Anjali happy.
P:For Anjali’s happiness I am willing to marry Shivanya.

Neil and Ragini were surprised.
Nach:Good decision my son.You won;t get a better wife than Shivanya.
Rag:We are so happy.

P:Don’t be so happy now.We don’ know whether Shivanya will agree or not.
Rag:Why do you think that Shivanya won’t agree?I think Shivanya will agree.
Prem was silent.
Nach:Anyways when Ritik will come on weekend we will discuss with him about it.
P:How is Anjali now?
Ragini:Shivanya took care of her.So she is perfectly alright now.Shivanya looks after her better than me.
Prem smiled.

Prem went to Anjali’s room thinking of Shivanya’s advise.Anjali looked at him in fear.

P:Come to me Anju..

Anjali did’nt go near him.He went there and lifted her up in his hands.
P:I am sorry Anju beta.I scolded you too much.Are you still angry with papa?
Anjali nodded no.
Prem smiled emotionally:I will never scold you unnecessarily.Promise.
Anjali smiled.
Ragini,Nachiket and Shivanya watched it from the doorway and smiled.They went away.

Shivanya who was in her room felt strange.
Shi:Why do I feel uneasiness as if something strange is going to happen?

She dialed Ritik’s number.Ritik who was weeping saw Shivanya’s number on the mobile number and his hands shivered to pick up her call.Finally he picked up the phone.
Shi:Ritik..are you not well?
Ritik:Yes.I am perfectly fine.Why?
Shi:Hearing your voice I felt that you are not well.
Ritik thought:From my voice itself she realized that I am not fine.This is how our hearts are connected to each other.Shivanya loves me so much that she can understand even a single change in me.But I betrayed that Shivanya who loves me and trusts me the most.
Rit:Nothing like that simply feel like that.
Shi:You know Ritik…since morning..I feel if something bad has happened.I got scared.That’s why i rang you up.
Ritik suppressed his tears:No Shivanya.You simply feel like that.
Ritik thought:Your thoughts are right.The worst thing of our life has happened.
Shi:I am relieved.Now only I got peace of mind.
Rit:When I told you that there is no problem immediately you trusted me.How Shivanya?
Shi:I trust you more than myself Ritik.
Ritik shed tears in pain.

He said in his mind:You will be shattered when your faith in me breaks.

Prem took Anjali to a room and locked it from inside.Shivanya who passed by noticed it.
It was a room full of Simar’s photos and their photos with Simar on the wall.
Prem became emotional:Though i hate you I am not able to remove you from my heart completely Simar.I don’t know why and that’s why still I keep this secret room for our memories.
Anjali was sad:Papa..when will mumma come back?
Prem had no reply.He was sad.
Anj:Everybody says my mumma is bad and she left me.Is it true papa?
Prem remained quiet.
Anj:But I am sure that my mumma is good and she will return one day.
Prem became upset.He said in his mind:Simar..forget about what you did to me.But i will never forgive you for playing with our daughter’s feelings.

Prem came out of the room with Anjali and locked it.Then they walked away.Shivanya was watching all this.
Shi:What is there in this room?Why this room is always locked?Should I ask Ragini aunty about this?No no.She will think that i am interfering in their family matters.But there is some mystery related to this room.

Ragini in the kitchen..
She thought:I have to do something to make Shivanya and Prem come closer.
Shivanya came.
Rag:Shivanya…i made tea for Prem.But now I need to make an important call.Can you please give this tea to Prem?
Ragini smiled:He is there in the drawing room.
Shivanya went to the drawing room where Prem was sitting and reading newspaper.

Prem looked at her.He received tea from her:Thank you.
Suddenly he was reminded of his past.

Flash back..

Simar gave tea to Prem.
S:Premji..tea..Prem drinks it.
P:You made this?
S:Yes.Why?You did’nt like it?
P:I loved it.The best tea.

They smiled.
P:I simply asked if you made the tea.I knew that it was made by you.
S:Really?How did you know that?

P:Because the tea tasted so sweet and romantic.It was possible only if you have made it.
They both smiled at each other.


Prem sipped the tea.
P:You made this?

Shivanya:No.Ragini aunty made it.I just brought it to you Sir.
Shivanya took the empty cup from him to go back.
Suddenly Prem called her:Shivanya!
She turned back and looked at him:Yes Sir..
P:If you call me Premji instead of Sir it will be better.
She smiled:Ok Premji.
He gave a dimpled smile.
Ragini who watched it from behind smiled seeing it.
Shivanya went away.
Prem thought:Simar..however i try to hate you I always loved every gesture of yours and i can never forget that.How can I forget how you used to call me Premji?I used to love being called Premji by you.


Ritik came to visit Shivanya.Nachiket and Ragini came.
Nach:Come come Ritik.Please be seated.
Rag:She has gone to temple with Prem’s daughter Anjali.On the way back she will drop Anjali to the tuition centre.She will be back soon.Please wait.
Nach:Actually we were waiting for you to come to discuss an important matter.
Rit:What’s the matter?
Nach:We are thinking of getting Prem remarried.As you know that Prem is single now.
Rit:Good decision.Prem deserves a good life as he suffered a lot.

Nach:We have found a girl suitable for him.But we need to discuss with the girl’s guardian.She is none other than your sister Shivanya.

Ritik was shocked:Shivanya for Prem?
Rag:Yes.The way she looks after our Anju made us take this decision.We don’t think we can find a better mother for Anjali.
Ritik:Did Prem agree?
Nach:When we convinced him he too agreed.
Rag:But we have not talked to Shivanya yet.You please talk to Shivanya regarding this.Ask her if she can marry Prem.
Shivanya who just reached there was shocked hearing this and her purse fell down.They all looked at her.

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