Jeene Laga Hoon Pehle Se Zyada Rivanya Neil Ragini Prem Simar FF Part 10


Jeene Laga Hoon Pehle Se Zyada…I have started living more than before..Part 10
He:You are Shivanya.Right?
He:Samrat had told me about you and Ritik.I saw your certificates too.Great.I expect the same performance here too.

Shi:Sure Sir.I will be 100% sincere in my work.

He:Good.If you don’t work properly I will forget that you are Samrat’s friend.I will take no time to kick you out even if you get my parents’ support.Got it?
Shivanya became dull.
He:By the way I am Prem Khanna.
Shivanya smiled.
She thought:Prem Sir is so different from his parents.They are so sweet.But he is so rough.

At home…in the evening..

Ragini gave milk to Anjali:Anjali beta..drink milk..
Anj:No dadi.I don’t want milk.
Rag:Only if you drink milk you will be strong.
Anj:I don’t want it dadi.
Prem came.
He was reminded of past..

Flash back..
Anjali cried:I don’t want milk mumma.
Simar felt sad and held her closer emotionally:Don’t cry like that beta.Mumma is giving milk for your good health.If you don;t have milk how will you be healthy?If you are not healthy how will you play?Don’t you want to play like a smart child?

Anjali nodded.
Sim:Then drink beta.
Anjali drank milk.


Prem was irritated.
Prem:She won’t obey you mom.I will give her milk.
Prem took the glass from Ragini.
P:Drink it Anju.
Anj:No dad.
Prem raised his voice in anger:I told you to drink it.Can’t you hear it?
Anjali got scared.
P:Mom..please don’t interfere.She should obey me.
Prem shouted at Anjali:Drink it Anju..
Suddenly somebody took the glass from Prem.He looked at that person.It was Shivanya.
Shi:Sorry Sir.But this is not the way to feed a small child.
P:Shivanya..guess you are forgetting that you are only an employee.You have no right to interfere in our family matters.

Nachiket who reached there felt bad about Prem’s behaviour to Shivanya.
Shi:Sorry Sir.But I have been told by your parents that I am a family member here.So being a family member I can’t simply look at you shouting at a small child.

Prem was stunned to hear her reply.
Ragini and Nachiket giggled.Prem could’nt believe that they were laughing at the sight.
Nachi:Very good Shivanya.My son Prem needed it from someone.He always scolds others.Now he got it back.
Prem was irritated:Dad.. was your fault.You behaved badly to Shivanya.You should apologize to her.

P:I should apologize to my employee?No way.I have not done any mistake.
Shi:No need of apologizing to me.
Shivanya went and sat near Anjali.
Shi:Anjali beta..have you heard of the story of a Princess who had a sweet doll?
Shi:No?It’s a sweet story.Once you hear it you will feel like listening to it every now and then.I will narrate it to you.
Shivanya started narrating the story.Nachiket and Ragini were smiling.Prem was irritated.
Anj:Then what happened Shivanya aunty?
Shi:I will tell you.Before that you should drink half glass of milk.
Anjali drank half glass.Shivanya continued the story.
Anj:What happened at the end aunty?

Shi:I will tell you the ending.But before that you should drink the remaining milk.
Anjali drank the remaining milk too.
Shivanya told her the end scene.
Shi:How was the story?
Anj:Superb story.
Shivanya smiled:I told you naa that you will like it. you know more stories?
Shi:Yes..I know..I will tell one story daily.But you have to promise me that you will not be lazy to eat food and drink milk.
Anj:Promise Shivanya aunty.
Shivanya hugged her:You are so sweet Anjali.
Ragini:It’s a surprise that Shivanya and Anjali bonded very fast.How easily Shivanya made Anjali drink milk.
Nachiket:Yes.Prem..see how Shivanya proved that to mak children obey we don’t need to scream at them always.
Nach:Why don’t you admit that you are at fault?
Prem left the room silently. well you handle kids!You behave like an experienced mother though you are not a mother in real life.
Her words pricked Shivanya’ heart.She hid her tears.

Ragini went to Shivanya’s room.
Rag:Shivanya..Prem behaved very rudely with you.I apologize to you on his behalf.
Shi:Please Ragini aunty.Don’t make me embarrass by apologizing to me.
Rag:You know Shivanya?Prem was not like this before.He was very soft and sweet.But after his wife left him he is like this.

Shi:I umderstand aunty.But he should understand that just because of his wife’s fault he should not spoil himself.Otherwise his innocent kid Anjali will suffer.I feel very sad for Anjali.She has no mother.If she does’nt get love from her father her condition will be very bad.

Rag:I know that.Hopefully one day we will get our old Prem back.

Prem broke a flower vase in his room.
Prem was very upset:Why i am still reminded of Simar even though she betrayed me?

Days passed..
Shivanya was happy that weekend has reached.She was very excited.
Prem packed his bag.
Shesha:Where are you going Ritik?
Rit:I am sorry Shesha..for some months every weekend I have work.So I need to go to Mumbai.
Shesha:Mumbai for some months?What are you saying Ritik?What work you have?

Rit:You won’t understand all this Shesha.I have taken up an important project for which I need to work on weekends too.

Ritik left.Shesha became dull.
Shesha:Enough.I waited a lot to win Ritik’s heart.But he is not even looking at me.I have to do something which makes Ritik attached to me.
She had a wicked smile on her face.

Ritik visited Shivanya.Shivanya ran towards him happily:Ritik..
They were very happy to see each other.
Rit:Are you fine?
Shi:Yes.Here they treat me as their daughter.
Ritik smiled.
Ragini:Shivanya is so happy to see her brother.
Ritik and Shivanya gave a pale smile.Prem came.
Nachiket:Ritik..this is my son Prem.
Rit:Hi Prem.
Rit:If you don’t mind can I take Shivanya out?
Nachiket:Of course.What is the need of asking that?This weekend you both can go out and enjoy.
Ritik Shivanya smiled.
They went out.

They went for a movie.They went to park.They went to a restaurant to have food.While walking on the compound Shivanya’s hair blew in the cool breeze.Ritik was lost in her beauty.He held her hand.

She was shy.

He came closer to her and whispered in her ears:You look very beautiful.

She blushed.She looked at him:You are looking handsome too.
He smiled.He moved towards her face romantically.She blushed.

Suddenly he felt her tear drops on his skin.
Rit:Shivanya..why are you crying?

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