Jeene Laga Hoon Pehle Se Zyada Rivanya FF Part 9


Jeene Laga Hoon Pehle Se Zyada…I have started living more than before..Part 9
Samrat became dull:I am sorry Ritik.But I had to lie for your safety.If someone like Viren does spy work you both will be caught again if everybody over there comes to know that Shivanya is your wife.That’s why.

Ritik became can I always visit Shivanya as my sister?It’s painful.
Sam:Only before them.Right?When you take Shivanya out she is your wife only.So don’t think of it and spoil your mood.
Sam:Ok them bye.I have work.
Ritik cut the call.

Shivanya was upset:Ritik..when I was staying in Samrat’s house you used to visit me daily.But now it’s not possible.I feel very upset.

Rit:I am also upset Shivanya.
He gave a fake smile:But on weekends I will come to you saying any lie.Full time I will be with you.We will roam around and enjoy.

Shivanya tried hard to smile.Shivanya and Ritik shared an emotional eye lock.

Ritik dropped Shivanya to Nachiket’s house.Ragini welcomed them.
Ragini:I am so happy to see Samrat’s best friends.I am happy that from now onwards Shivanya will be staying with us.
Ritik looked at his watch.
Rit:It’s time for me to leave.
Shivanya was in tears.Ritik too.Nachiket and Ragini noticed it.
Ragini:Are you both crying like kids?
Shi:I can’t stay away from Ritik.
Ritik’s eyes welled up with tears:We both were always together.That’s why now we feel the pain of separation.

Ragini:We can understand.But don’t worry.We will take care of your sister so well that she will never cry.
Ritik smiled tearfully:I know.
Unknowingly Shivanya embraced Ritik and cried.They both came to senses and moved part.
Ritik held Shivanya’s hand:Bye Shivanya..will come on weekend.

Nachiket:Be cheerful Shivanya.Ritik will come back in a few days.
Shivanya looked at Ritik painfully.They both waved hands at each other tearfully.

Ritik reached home.Ankush knew that Ritik was not on work.In order to hide it he asked him infront of all:How was the meeting?
Ritik realized that Ankush was trying to protect him.So he replied:It went well.
Shesha:Now a days your work is so much that I am not able to get you properly.You know what happened today?Viren jeeju took us to a house saying that Shivanya is staying there and you meet her there very often.
Ritik pretended to be shocked:What?Viren jeeju did like this?

Shesha:Yes Ritik.Guess what happened..Viren jeeju got embarrassed for his shameless act.

Viren was embarrassed.He stared at Ritik angrily.Ritik smirked.
Ritik pretended to be sad:Viren jeeju..why are you trying to defame me?What are you gaining out of it?What mistake did I do to you?
Viren bit his own teeth in anger.
Chaya:Ritik..I apologize on behalf of my husband.
Rit:No di.You don’t apologize.You were always nice to me.
Yamini:Ritik..don’t worry.We all trust you.
Shesha:Yes Ritik.
Ritik smiled.

Viren and Ritik met each other.
V:Don’t think you won.I will defeat you.
Rit:But don’t get defeated in your own game and spoil your own image.If you try for that you may be even thrown out of this house Mr.Ghar Jamai.If you are out of this house how will you live lavishly like you are doing now?Have you ever thought of it?Don’t take any foolish step.
Viren could’nt open his mouth.He thought:Ritik is also right.For my greediness I should not lose what I have now.
Ankush was watching all this.

Ankush confronted Ritik.
Ankush:Ritik..I know that Viren was not lying this time though he is a crook.
Rit:What do you mean papa?
Ank:Tell me.Was any woman staying in that house?I know that it’s not Shivanya as dead people can’t return like in movies.But who is she?Tell me Ritik.Did you make any woman stay in that house?

Rit:Yes papa.
Ankush was shocked.
Ank:What?What relationship you have with her?Are you breaking my trust in you?I had a belief that my son can never go wrong.Is my trust in you breaking?
Ritik asked him you think I can have affair with any other woman?Do you think I can love anyone other than Shivanya?

Ank:No.But then ..that woman… least now you share with your papa beta.
Rit:Yes.I will tell the truth to you.But promise me that you won’t reveal it to anyone.
Ank:You know that I will never break your trust.Tell me Ritik.
Rit:That woman is none other than Shivanya.
Ankush was shocked:Shivanya?How is it possible?No..
Rit:Like in movies Shivanya whom we all believed to be dead came back alive papa.
Ankush was stunned.
Ritik told him everything leaving Ankush in shock.

Ank:Why can’t you bring Shivanya here?You know how much we all love Shivanya.
Rit:How can I bring her here papa?I married Shesha.If Shivanya comes to know that she will lose her interest in life..she will curse herself for getting saved from the accident.I can’t see my Shivanya in distress.I don’t know how Shesha will react and we need Shesha’s help very badly now.I know..I am using Shesha and not loving her back.But I am helpless.
Ankush felt upset:Ok beta.I understand.I will hide your secret.But what we are doing is cheating.You are cheating both the women of your life.Never forget that.
Ritik wept:I know papa.I feel guilty too.But what can I do?
Ankush hugged him and caressed him tearfully while Ritik cried.

Shivanya saw a little girl in the house.She smiled.She was reminded of Shivangi.She went near her:What is your name beta?
Shi:Nice name.
Anjali smiled.

Anjali:You are Shivanya aunty.Right?Dadi had told me.
Ragini came:You both met?Anjali was waiting to meet you.She just came back from school.Well..this is my grand daughter.My son’s daughter.
Shi:I did’nt know that you have a son.
Ragini:We have a son.He is on his business tour now.That’s why he is not here.Tomorrow he will come to the office straight from the trip.
Nachiket came:And one more thing Shivanya.Your Boss will not be me.My son will be your Boss.

Shivanya was surprised.She was nervous too.
Shi:Where is Anjali’s mother?
Everybody became dull.Anjali went inside with a sad face.
Ragini:One day she just disappeared and we all searched for her madly.One day we received her letter in which it was written that she left with her boy friend.
Shivanya was can a woman do like this to her husband and daughter?

Ragini:Some are like that.

Ragini went to their room.She was gloomy.Nachiket went towards her. are thinking of your daughter in law.Right?
R:Yes Neil.I can’t believe that she could do this to us.She was so nice to us.But suddenly she betrayed all of us.She did’nt even think of Anjali.
N:Ragini..what is the use of thinking all this now?Think about the present and future.
R:You are right Neil.Now I have only one aim.Anjali should’nt miss her mother.We should give her that much of love.

Neil smiled:Yes.

The next day Shivanya joined the office.Nachiket’s son arrived.He walked fast to his cabin that Shivanya could’nt see him properly.

One lady came:Miss Shivanya..our Boss is calling you to his cabin.
Shivanya entered his cabin.He looked at her.

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