Jeene Laga Hoon Pehle Se Zyada Rivanya FF Part 8


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Jeene Laga Hoon Pehle Se Zyada…I have started living more than before..Part 8
The house where Shivanya was staying was locked.
Yamini:This is locked.
Viren:I think Ritik and Shivanya have gone out.That’s why it is locked.
Ankush:Rubbish.Let us go back.
Viren:No..give me a chance.I will prove it now itself.
Chaya:Virenji..what are you going to do now?
Ankush:I think we should leave now.
Shesha:No papaji..let Viren jeeju try to prove it.
Yamini and Ankush were stunned.
Viren called the neighbour.
V:Here a lady was staying.Right?
Viren smiled:She is a Muslim.Right?
Neighbour:Yes.Her name was Ayesha.
Viren murmured:Fake name.
Viren:You have seen her face?
Neighbour:Of course.Though she wears burka when she goes out with me she never veiled her face as I was her close friend.
Shesha:Where is she now?I mean why the house is locked?
Neighbour:She is not staying here now.She shifted to Gulf as her husband took her with him to Gulf.
Viren was shocked:What?When did they leave?Till recent times I had seen her here.
Neighbour:You are mistaken.They left 2-3 months back.
Viren:Why are you lying?I had seen her with her husband recently in this house.
Neighbour:Why should I lie?What will I gain out of it? there anything left now?Let us go now.
Viren:Wait mummiji.Let her see Shivanya’s photo now.
He showed Shivanya-Ritik’s photo to her.
V:You are talking about her.Right?
All were tensed.
Shesha:Tell please.Is she that woman?
All were relieved.
V:Why are you lying?This is the same woman.
Neighbour:I told you naa that this is not her.Ayesha was my close friend.I can recognize her very well.
Shesha was angry:Stop it Viren jeeju.If you try anything against Ritik again I will forget that you are older than me.

Viren was embarrassed.
Ankush yelled at him:Now onwards don’t disturb us unnecessarily like this.I am tolerating you only for my daughter Chaya.You get that?

Viren became upset:Papaji..
Ank:Shut up.
Chaya:Virenji..why are you doing this?What did you gain out of it? least you believe me.
C:Please stop this Virenji.I can’t tolerate this anymore.Don’t make me ashamed of my husband.

Viren got angry:Chaya!
C:Don’t scream.You made me talk this because of your behaviour.
Yamini:We should be blamed for listening to Viren and coming here.We wasted our time by coming here with Viren.We will leave.

Viren pleaded:Please you all believe me.

They walked off without listening to him.He followed them to the car.
.Viren was irritated.He said in his mind:Ritik…don’t think you escaped.One day I myself will expose you.But how come Shivanya is not here now?How come the neighbour too lied about it?
Viren was confused.

Samrat who was hid inside the neighbour’s house came to the drawing room.
Samrat:Thankyou so much bhabhiji for helping us.If you had’nt us everything would have been in mess.

She:You have helped our family a lot.Then why can’t I do a small help for you?
Samrat smiled.

Ritik and Shivanya reached a far place.They took a room in a hotel.
Samrat rang up Ritik and told him everything.
Ritik:Shivanya..Viren jeeju had brought our family members to the house to show you.
Shivanya was shocked.
Shi:Why is Viren jeeju like this even though you gave him everything he demanded.

Ritik:He is very cunning Shivanya.Never trust the person who blackmails us.I learnt that lesson.Thank God we left the place on correct time.Samrat planned everything well.

Shivanya was relieved.
Rit:Shivanya…you should go for the job interview now.
Shi:But will I get the job?
Rit:You will get it for sure.Samrat knows the owner of the company very well.They are family friends.Mr.Nachiket Khanna is Samrat’s friend’s close friend.

Ritik took Shivanya to Khanna Industries to meet Nachiket.
Rit:We are sent by Samrat.
Nach:Oh..Ritik and Shivanya.Right?
Nach:Samrat told me that Ritik is his best friend and your Shivanya is in need of a job.
Ritik and Shivanya were shocked.
Ritik and Shivanya were very upset and did’nt know how to react.
Nach:Shivanya..your certificates..
Rit:It’s with me.
Ritik gave Shivanya’s certificates to him.
Nach:Don’t worry.Samrat told me about your financial condition.Shivanya can join here from tomorrow.She will be given a nice salary.
Ritik and Shivanya smiled:Thank you Sir.
Nach:Mr.Ritik..Samrat said since your house is quite far you are going back.
Rit:Yes Sir..
Nach:Is accomodation ready for Shivanya?
Rit:No Sir.No we took room in a hotel.I am going to search for a good ladies’ hostel.
Nach:Why do you want to send Shivanya to a hostel when my house is there?
Ritik and Shivanya were confused.
Nachiket smiled:Shivanya is Samrat’s friend too.Samrat will get angry if I don’t give her space in my house.
Ritik and Shivanya were surprised.
Rit:Sir..are you serious?
Nachiket:yes.My wife Ragini has already arranged a room for Shivanya and is waiting for Shivanya ever since Samrat informed us about her arrival.

Ritik Shivanya were surprised:Thank you so much sir.
Rit:I was scared about Shivanya’s safety.Now I am happy and relieved.We don’t know how to thank you.

Nachiket smiled. much is the rent?
Nach:No need of rent.Shivanya won’t be a paying guest in our house,but a family member as she and you are Samrat’s friends.
Ritik and Shivanya smiled.
Rit:We will vacate the hotel room and come to your house.

Ritik and Shivanya went back to the hotel room.
Shivanya was sad. got a job.Then why are you dull?
Shi:Nachiket Sir thinks that we are siblings.It was a shock for me.We could’nt even correct it.I feel very upset about it.
Rit:I am also upset about it Shivanya.I did’nt tell him the truth as it may harm Samrat’s image in his mind.I did’nt want to spoil the lovely relationship Samrat has with him.

Suddenly Ritik got Samrat’s call.
Sam:Ritik..did you guys meet Neil uncle?Did he appoint Shivanya there?
Samrat smiled:Good.
Rit:But first you tell me why you lied to him that Shivanya and I are siblings.

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  1. thank god that the neighbor lady helped rivanya on samrat’s request , happy that they got saved and that viren got fooled . samrat told nachiket that shivanya is ritik’s sister and he gave her job and accepted her as his family member , so ritik also lied that shiv is his sister . but till when will ritik be hiding , one day the truth will come out , but dont know how all will react . hope rivanya get united wid the blessings of family . update next one soon

    1. Jasminerahul

      thanku very much

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