Jeene Laga Hoon Pehle Se Zyada Rivanya FF Part 7


Jeene Laga Hoon Pehle Se Zyada…I have started living more than before..Part 7
Viren:Shivanya is alive?
Shivanya:Yes jeeju.I am alive.Please Viren jeeju..don’t say this to anyone.
V:But why?Why are you hiding yourself from others.
Shi:I don’t want Ritik and family to lose the money they are getting in this financial crisis through accidental death insurance.
Viren smiled:So that is the reason.I am not that cruel to disclose it to others.I will hide it.
Ritik and Shivanya could’nt believe it.They were relieved.
V:But I need at least 1 lakh in return every month.

They were shocked.
Rit:What are you saying?Such a big amount of money?
V:You know that I have no proper job.Everybody taunts me that I am a ghar Jamai who has no money of his own to satisfy even his wife’s needs.So I am asking you money in return.Chill Ritik.It is for your own sister Chaya’s happiness.The more you give the more happier your sister will be.
Rit:Please don’t be like this to us Viren jeeju.
Shi:But Viren jeeju..Ritik is struggling hard to earn now.He is facing financial crisis now.Then how can he give you such a big amount of money.

Viren smirked:He can take loan.Right?His business has started picking up again.When it really progresses he can repay the loan.Right?How is my idea?
He laughed in an evil manner.
V:And if you can’t give me money I will reveal it to all.
Ritik and Shivanya became upset.
Rit:Ok,I will give you the money you asked for.
Viren smiled:Good.Shivanya..can you make tea for me?
Shivanya went to kitchen.
V:So you have not told the truth to Shivanya that it’s because of Shesha that you are hiding her.Right?So what if I tell her that you married Shesha?
Ritik got scared:No..please don’t say that to her.
V:Then I need 4 lakhs every month.
Ritik was shocked:You said 1 lakh..

V:That is in front of Shivanya.To hide your wedding secret from Shivanya I need money.Shesha is a money bank.With her money your business is also picking up.So 4 lakhs is not a big deal for you.I know that.So decide..4 lakhs or should I tell the truth to Shivanya?
Rit:I will give you money.But please hide the truth from Shivanya.
Viren smiled:Done.By the way I realized that your one and only love is Shivanya.You can never stop loving her even if 1000 money banks like Shesha enter your life.First I thought you are cheating all with a burka lady.But that’s proved wrong now.You are a real Romeo Saale saab.
Shivanya brought tea.Viren drank it:Nice tea Shivanya.
Viren left the house with a wicked smile.

Shi:Ritik..what is all this?
Rit:Viren jeeju is more dangerous than I expected.
Ritik held Shivanya closer to him to give her comfort.

3 months passed..
Viren’s demands have increased.Ritik got fed up.
Ritik:Viren jeeju can’t be trusted.His blackmailing is unbearable.At any time he can reveal the truth to Shivanya.Before she comes to know the truth from him I should tell her the truth.
Ritik went to meet Shivanya.
Ritik:Shivanya..I want to tell you an important matter.
Shi:Tell everything alright at home?
Shi:Then what do you want to say?
Rit:Shivanya..actually I was…I hid an important thing from you.
Rit:When you were missing I married Shesha.
Shivanya was shocked.

She slapped him.
Shi:So this is why you kept me away from the family.Right?You cheat..
Rit:You can punish me.But I did’nt do it to betray anyone.Please believe me.
Shi:I don’t want to hear anything.You cheated me brutally.You need punishment.
Rit:I deserve punishment.
Shi:Your punishment without me.Lose me forever.
Rit:What do you mean Shivanya?
She took a knife and cut her wrist.Ritik was shocked:Shivanya.
Shivanya was about to fall down.
Ritik held her:What did you do Shivanya?
Shi:Why should I live when I lost everything?I lost my husband and child.I don’t want to live.
She closed her eyes.

He screamed:Shivanyaaa..
Suddenly he realized that it was only an imagination.He was relieved.
Shivanya:Ritik..what do you want to tell me?
Ritik thought:If I tell her the truth Shivanya may not be able to bear it.What if she really tries to commit suicide?No..I can’t lose my Shivanya.
Ritik smiled:I want to say that I really missed you.
She smiled:I too missed you Ritik.
He smiled.
Shi:Ritik…I made laddoos for our family.Please distribute them to everyone at home.Shivangi,Maa,papa love my laddoo.Right?
Rit:I too love your laddoo.
He said so pulling her cheek.She smiled.
Rit:I will surely give them these laddoos.

Ritik took laddoos home.
Rit:My colleague Suresh’s wife is pregnant.So he gave us laddoos.
Ankush thought:Why is Ritik luing that Suresh’s wife is pregnant?He may be having his own reason to lie.But will wait for the day Ritik confesses the truth to me.I have to deal with him patiently.
Ritik fed her a laddoo and gave the laddoos to others.
While having laddoo Shivangi:Papa..this laddoo is just like Mumma’s laddoo.

Yamini:Shivangi is right.This laddoo tastes just like Shivangi’s laddoo.
Ritik smiled emotionally.He thought:How can I tell them that Shivanya only made these laddoos for them?
Shesha got irritated.
She thought:Though I cook I never got praises.But even after death Shivanya is getting praised for her cooking.
Ritik gave laddoo to Viren.Viren whispered with a smirk:I know that these laddoos are sent by Shivanya.
Ritik became dull.
Viren:Bring the money to me if you want me to hide it.
Ritik was irritated.

Ritik rang up Shivanya.
Shi:Did you give them laddoo?
Rit:Yes.And all of them loved the laddoo very much.

Shivanya smiled.

Ritik met Viren and said:I promised you to give what you asked me.But now you are demanding too much which I can’t give you.
Viren:If you can’t then I will tell the truth to your family and Shivanya.
Rit:You can’t do that.
Vi:I will do that Ritik if you don’t give what I demand.
Rit:It was my mistake to surrender to you.But now onwards I will never listen to you.
Viren got angry:You are not doing right Ritik.I will expose you.

Rit:You do whatever you want.
Viren got out of Ritik’s cabin.
Ritik got tensed:Will Viren jeeju reveal the truth to all?

Viren called all family members.
V:Everybody you know why Ritik is too busy with his work these days?
Ankush:Because the work is more.

V:Papaji…don’t try to hide your son’s mistakes.
Ankush became dull.
Yamini:What are you trying to say?
V:Ritik is with another woman.
Yamini:This is what you want to say?
Shesha got angry:I told you before also not to bring up such stories.Ritik can never do that to me.Did you get that?

V:But Shesha…what if the other woman is none other than Shivanya?
All looked at him with confusion. know that Ritik can never love anyone else other than Shivanya.So if Shivanya is there Ritik won’t mind cheating you.
Shesha fumed with anger.
Yamini:What are you trying to say Viren?
V:Shivanya is alive.
All were shocked.
Yamini became emotional:What?Shivanya is alive?

V:Yes.Your favourite daughter in law Shivanya is alive.
Shesha:What nonsense!Shivanya died.
V:No,she did’nt die.She survived the accident.
Shesha:No way.It was a terrible accident.
V:Yes…the accident was terrible.but don’t forget that we never saw her dead body.Trust me.. I saw Ritik with Shivanya with my own eyes.
All were shocked.
Chaya:Virenji..are out of senses?
V:I am in my senses Chaya.
Shesha:No..I won’t believe this.

Ankush:Viren..don’t think you can say any damn thing against Ritik.
Yamini:You think we will believe you blindly?
V:If that is the case come with me.I know where Shivanya lives.Ritik meets her very often there.
V:If you all can’t believe my words you can believe me if you all see Shivanya in real.Right?Most probably Ritik will also be there with Shivanya.
Shesha:Ok..we will come with you.
Y:But why should we go with Viren when we know the truth?
Shesha:I want to know the truth mummiji.
Viren smirked.

Viren took all of them to the house where Shivanya stays.

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