Jeeno ko ishqbaazi jaruri..

Promo shot
Promo starts with mahapooja..
kalyani singh oberoi..sitting with panditji..
“pandit ji.. you very well know.. how my sons are.. they can kill each other for money and property.. but my grandsons they are not like that.. but their lives are full of pain.. tell me some way.. any pooja that can make their lives better I will do that”
Panditji: mata ji, no pooja or anything is required for that.. soon lives of your grandsons is going to change.. love is about to enter into their lives.. to suck all the pain and spread happiness..
Dadi: but none believes in love.. shivay hates girls except his sister.. om hates commitment he don’t even have friends and Rudra.. he loves all girls..he never stays with a girl for more than 2 days..

Pnaditji smiles “let the right girls come into their lives..
Shivay’s heart will fall for her at the first sight only.. om will commit a relation on the first meeting only and Rudra will get someone who will teach him what real relations are..but all the girls will have painful past “
Shivay sees a girl wearing a crème color sari and crying sitting in a temple.. a tear drops from his eyes and falls on ground..
Om saves a girl from goons and girl offers her hand to him for friendship and om accepts her friendship.
A scooty hits rudra’s car and Rudra scolds her for causing damage to his favorite car.. and calls her moti(fat) and ugly.

so guys, should I continue?
please do comment..

manu 

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  1. Yes u shld!!!!!

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      thanks 🙂

  2. Yashu

    Good start continue girl…..

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  3. Rithik

    Yeah you should awesome

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  4. Shivika

    Woww…..awesome……loved the promo….post soon

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  5. Cool ff plz plz plz continue

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  7. nice yaar

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  8. Fabulous… waiting for yr next post

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  9. Awesome

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  10. nice.. post soon plz

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  11. yes u should.. Great start… Waiting for next episode…

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      Ankita 🙂 tysm 🙂

  12. Intriguing… continue dear

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  13. Sat_9492

    Yes U should continue….

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  14. Anri

    fantastic promo

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  15. Continue awesome dear

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  16. Its superbb…..waiting 4 the nxt… 🙂

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  17. post soon

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    Seems amazing

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