Jeene Ki Wajah – A Shivika FF Chapter 5


Thank you for the comments everyone. Really made me happy. Since some of you asked, i will be posting the english versions of each hindi dialogue. You can read whichever one you like. Keep the comments coming guys. 😀
The knocking came again.
“Coming! No need to break the door.” Anika shouted wiping the flour from her hands.
“Aap?”(You?) Anika asked wide – eyed
“Mai kya karti puttar. Yeh dono badmaash zid kar rhe the.”(What could I do puttar? These two boys were insisting) Dadi said with a warm smile
“Don’t worry bhabhi, Shivaay bhaiya doesn’t know. We will keep your location top secret. Hain na O?” Rudra said whispering confidentially.
Om hit his head playfully.
“Arrey! Mai bhi kitni bewakoof hoon. Please come inside. Aap loge chai nashta kuch lenge?”(I’m such a duffer. Please come inside. Would you like tea and breakfast?) Anika asked walking to kitchen.
“We will have whatever you are having didi. Where is Sahil?” Rudra asked looking around at the cozy appartment.
“He has gone to boarding school. It’s been a month but I haven’t heard a single complaint from his teachers yet.”
Everyone laughed.

“So… aap loge yahan kaise? Kuch kaam?”(So…how come you guys are here? Any work?)
“Why? Can’t we come to meet our bhabhi?” Rudra fake cried
“Rudra, I’m not your bhabhi.” Anika saidater a painful pause
“Actually Anika, I’m planning to havan at home. And I feel lost. Can you please help me plan it?” Dadi requested
Anika froze.
A million thoughts were zooming inside her head with Shivaay being the epicentre.
No. There was no way she could face him. She knew if she saw him again, her heart would break again.
And it had taken a lot of glue to fix it back. But it wasn’t the same.
“Dadi, how can I? You know na how hard it was for me. I don’t think I will be able to tolerate being near him again” Anika said, her voice cracking.
“I know that it’s hard for you but please for our sake Anika. No one is as efficient as you in planning and managing such poojas.” Om said smiling at her painfully. “Take your time. Come when you are ready.”
They left, leaving behind a confused Anika. Her heart and mind were in conflict. But Anika had always been a heart listener.
Her decision had already been made.
“What were you saying?” Shivaay asked again.
“Mr Oberoi, are you alright? You look very pale and tired.” His client asked concerned.
This was the longest he had ever been away from her ever since he had met her. She had always been a constant presence around, annoying at first but becoming pleasant gradually.
Not a day went when he did not remember her. Everything reminded him of Anika.
She ruled his thoughts and senses like a queen ruling her kingdom.Not that he was complaining.
The pain in his chest had been unbearable the day she left him. It had slowly decreased but it was still there. He had gotten it checked by the doctor but apparently his heart was fit and healthy.
Although he never admitted it but somewhere in his heart, Shivaay missed her like a fish would miss water. He missed her calling him Billuji. And what was that that she called him? Yes, Bhagadh Billa.
He wasn’t the same Stone Singh Oberoi anymore.
“Stop thinking about her. She’s gone.” Shivaay whispered to himself.
“Shivaay baby. When are we getting married? My mom wants to fix a date with the pandit.” Said the universal Lady Baba, aka, Tia.
“Not now Tia. I’m a bit busy. I will tell you later.”
“Bhaiya, let’s go eat dinner. Everyone has finished.” Rudra told Shivaay politely.
Yes, only his two brother were talking to him. The rest of the family avoided him like plague. Even OmRu were only talking to him due to Anika. Apparently they had promised her that they would never leave him alone.

“Shivaays, Anika is coming to works heres for some days. Mummyji has promised hers that you wills not meet her. So stays away from hers. And if I see you annoying her, then I will forget that you are my sons.” Pimky warned Shivaay coldly.
But Shivaay did not hear anything. His heart, soul and mind were for the first time thinking the same thing.
Anika was coming back.
His Anika was coming back.

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