Jeene Ki Wajah – A Shivika FF Chapter 4


Guys I’m very disappointed. Only four comments? If my fan fiction is really that bad then do tell me. I will stop posting. I know I am giving small updates but my exams are still going on. Last is on 24th Dec. Still I am trying to post longer episodes.
So much had happened in the last 24hrs that she was still struggling to come to terms with it. The incidents played again and again in her mind.
“Here is your gift” Shivaay told her coolly handing her a package.
She opened it and smiled.
“You forgot to gift me a pen with it but it’s ok” She said while looking at his shocked face.
Her chest hurt so much that it was difficult to breathe.

Om took the gift from Anika and furiously asked Shivaay “Divorce papers?”
“Didi” Anika heard Sahil’s voice.
She looked towards the gate and smiled at the bundle of joy that was her brother.
“I thought to give you a surprise” Soumya said smiling.
After introducing Sahil to his instant buddies, OmRu, she took the divorce papers upstairs with me to look for a pen since Shivaay was nowhere to be found.
Om suddenly came to her teary eyed “Anika, please tell me ki tumhari kya majboori thi ki you had to marry Shivaay”

“Om, jo Shivaay ne bola waisa hi hua.” she said hesitantly.
She looked behind Om to see a surprised Shivaay staring at her.
Om smiled at her sadly and shook his head.
“You have a heart of gold Anika” Om said turning around to see Shivaay. “Please come downstairs both of you. Mujhe tum dono ko kuch dikhana hai.”
Anika followed him downstairs to find that OmRu had dug up the video footage of the wedding day.
Looking at the video, she felt like sobbing. Her fear for Sahil’s life was still fresh in her mind.

But she could not explain why she stopped Sahil from hitting Shivaay and why she defended him.
Looking down at her packed bags, she knew though that this time she would not change her decision. Come what may.
He stared aimlessly at the ceiling of his room, tears flowing from his eyes.
This had to be the worst day of his life.
Despite being rich, he had lost everything. He had lost the trust of his family, the love of his brothers as well as the support of Anika.
She had finally left him. Fed up of all his tortures.
“Dadi mat bula mujhe. Mujhe sharam aati hai ki tu mera pota hai.” Dadi had said to him crying.

“Shivaay tu toh mera heera beta tha na? Toh tu itna neeche kaise gir gya khoon khandan ke liye. Maine uss bechari bacchi ko kya kya nhi bola. Aur tuney kuch nhi bola? Uss bacchi ne ek bhi baar palat ke nhi bola ki nhi aunty, galti apke bete ki hai. Aaj tuney mera sir jhuka diya” Pinky told him with sadness and disappointment.
Om and Rudra did not even bother to look at him and left from there quietly.
Anika came down with Sahil in one hand and a bag in the other. His family was behind her. Everyone had tears in their eyes.

“Bhabhi please mujhe chhor ke mat jao.” Rudra asked her sobbing.
“Puttar, tere bina yeh ghar adhura ho jaega” Dadi cried.
“Nahi dadi. Mujhe Sahil ke baarey mein bhi sochna hai. Aur haan dadi, mai aapke paise jald se jald lauta dungi.” Anika smiled sadly at the family which had accepted her as their own. “OmRu, Shivaay se gussa mat ho. Unhone jo bhi kiya, aap logon ke liye kiya.”
Shivaay felt like the ground was slipping from beneath his feet.

“Tum kahin nahi ja sakti Anika. Tumhara ghar maine bech diya kyunki tum humme paise owe karti ho. But agar tum chaho toh Oberoi Mansion mein reh sakti ho.” Shivaay said crossing his fingers hoping she would agree.
Anika looked at him in a thoughtful way. Then she smiled and looked at dadi.
“Dadi, can I please talk to you privately?”
Dadi nodded and led her to her room.

Shivaay looked at Sahil standing quietly and felt his heart twist. He looked so small and fragile. OmRu came and played with him.
“Tu yeh faisla soch samajh ke le rhi hai na puttar?” Dadi asked Anika who was coming down the stairs.
“Yes dadi. I can’t stand to be near Shivaay anymore. I feel suffocated.” Anika bent to take everyone’s blessings and hugged OmRu, Priyanka and Soumya.
Anika turned to look at him.

“Thanks but no thanks for the offer Mr Shivaay Singh Oberoi. I would prefer sleeping on the road than in the same house as you. I have kept the signed divorce papers in your cupboard. Oh, and the mangalsutra too.”
It was then he noticed her mangalsutra and sindoor missing.
His chest pained as someone was pushing a knife in it slowly and he kept a hand on it.
“Come Sahil.”

And with that, Anika and Sahil left the Oberoi Mansion without a glance back.
Shivaay felt a tear make its way down his cheek.
He quickly walked to his room and locked the door behind him.

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