Jeene Ki Wajah – A Shivika FF Chapter 3


Anika felt numb.
It was like, she had reached the limit and now nothing seemed to affect her. Not the fact that Shivaay had run behind Tia after the ring finding ceremony. Not that Shivaay had called Tia his wife in front of her, his family and the guests. Not that he had refused to eat from her hand. Not that he had forced her to apologise to Tia for no reason, throwing her in the pool when she refused.

Now that Anika had decided that she was over Shivaay, only one word was coming to her mind.
How was he? Was he ok? Where was he? Not with Bua she hoped. She wanted to run away with him to a faraway place where no one would find them.
She lay down on the sofa and stared at the pool.
And shivered.

Shivaay was furious at Anika. How dare she spray pepper in Tia’s eyes? And even after threatening her, she had refused to apologise.
It was as if she was unaffected by what he said or did.
“Khanna, I want that file in my hand by tomorrow. Or you are fired.”
Shivaay walked to the pool window and immediately ran to the pool.
“Anika? Anika! ANIKA!”

He touched her forehead and took her in his arms. She was shivering and was burning up. He looked at her as he carried her towards their room and reminisced all their moments. As he laid her gently on their bed, he couldn’t help but think that holding her in his arms felt so right.
Like she belonged there.
As she flailed around in her sleep screaming “Chutki. Please don’t beat me.”, he looked at her fragile form and a tear dropped from his eye.

He reminisced the way sindoor fell on her maang. The way they both found the ring together. And how scared he had been when she had fallen unconscious in his arms.
Then Shivaay remembered Anika and Daksh’s closeness and furiously rubbed the tear off.
He felt anger, hurt and disappointment thinking about them together.
He looked at Anika one last time and walked away.

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