Jeene Ki Wajah – A Shivika FF Chapter 2


Anika had felt like dying. Looking at Shivaay calling Tia as his wife in front of media had broken her heart into more than a million pieces. But she did not show it on her face. She should have known that this would happen. After all, Shivaay did keep on saying that he did not believe in their marriage. For him, Tia was his true wife. She, Anika, was just a substitute.
No more though. Anika had finally decided. If Shitia wanted to play, then even she was ready. Now she would show them exactly what this roadside crap was capable of. Starting now.
He had expected her to cry or at least show sorrow. But her face was as rigid as a stone. As if a craftsman had carved her from marble. Exuding beauty and sensuality.
Fhat the Wuck. No way was he going to think about her. Tia was his wife. Anika was just a substitute. Just a…
He was unable to understand why he felt a pain in his chest, near his heart, every time he said that.
“Tia is my wife. Tia is my wife.” He repeated again and again, hoping that it would help him ease the pain.
It kept getting worse instead.

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  1. short but engaging…..continue soon

  2. Jayashree

    Y so short dear ..plz post lengthy episode n update regularly…

    1. Dobhsh

      Actually my exams r going on. So instead of posting late i thought to post smaller episodes till my exams get over. ?

  3. Mukta

    Short but awesome!!!!!

  4. Priyali

    Amazing but short…. try to make it longer,,

  5. Nainaa

    Awesome episode Dear… keep going…

  6. Akansha

    Its nyc but keep d updates longer… Waiing fr d next update..

  7. Diyaa

    Awesome!!! May his chest hurt more and more?But seriously, this was great. Waiting for the next update.

    1. Dobhsh

      Haha Thanks Divyaa. And about Shivaay’s pain, Well they do say Karma is a beep.

  8. ShubhangiRokxx

    nyc. but short

  9. Sat_9492

    Nice episode.. please make it longer…… Waiting for next episode…..

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