Jeene Ki Wajah – A Shivika FF Chapter 1


So guys. After reading a lot of FFs, I have decide to write one of my own. I will update the first chapter soon.
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Chapter 1

Today was the worst day of her life. Anika lost her freedom, her love, her faith. But most importantly, she lost her trust on Shivaay. She was appalled to think that her Billuji could even think of doing this with not just her but with any girl.
No, he was so not her Billuji. Because the man whom she had fallen in love with was a man of ethics and a person who loved his family dearly.
But Anika was trapped. She was officially Mrs Anika Shivaay Singh Oberoi, well at least according to the gods of the holy matrimony. But the world knew her as Mrs Tia Shivaay Singh Oberoi.

Only one thought was going round in her head. Was Sahil safe? Her heart had suffered a huge shock when she had seen the car blast. Billuji…no, Mr Shivaay Singh Oberoi knew that she loved Sahil more than her life, then how could he be so cruel with her. At that moment, she had wanted to die along with Sahil.
“Keep walking and don’t you dare open your mouth” Shivaay said, breaking her from her reverie.

The worst part wasn’t over yet.
She still had to face the members of the Oberoi family who had given her so much love and who had treated her like their own daughter.
“Apne dahine pair se iss kalsh ko maro beta.” Dadi smiled at her new bahu.
Anika pushed the kalash after Shivaay warned her by tightly pressing her hand.
His heart squeezed looking at her, all decked up in bridal wear, Tia’s bridal wear to be precise.
He hated her for making him weak in his heart.
The blo*dy low standard cheap girl.

He knew he had a soft corner for her. Oh how he had wished to kill Daksh when he got to know about their one night stand.
Shivaay never thought that his Panika could stoop so low. No, not his.
But for him, his family came first. Shivaay wanted revenge from her. Who was she to interfere in his life? That too not once but several times.
But seeing her helpless and crying had cut his heart deeply. He couldn’t control himself from hugging her.
Now she was his namesake wife. Tomorrow, he would give her divorce and some money to get her well settled in life. Yes, and he would have to deal with Tia also.
He looked at his family, especially his mom, welcoming their so called bahu. Anika hesitated while kicking the kalash and he held her hand tightly, reminding her what he was capable of.

“How many more rituals are still left dadi?”
“Someone is very eager for their first night!” Rudra smiled naughtily at Om.
Shivaay felt Anika stiffen at that.
“Abhi kam se kam teen rasmein bachi hain” Dadi told him.
Oh boy! This was going to be a long night indeed.

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