Jeene ki vajah (intro episode 1)

A big beautiful room is shown. The room is filled with all her favourite things. Starting from all her pictures to her favourite big soft teddy, her favourite scents, a very soft bed etc. The room had everything she ever needed. A few weeks back if she would have got all this she would be the happiest girl in the world. But now all this doesn’t matter. She is hating all this. She is hating herself. She shouted for hours but no use. She threw the plate of food kept there. Slowly she fell asleep on the ground.

At midnight the door of the room opened. A handsome young boy entered the room. His eyes scanned the room. At last he saw her his lady love his reason to live his Ragini sleeping on the floor. His eyes pained to see her like this. She was still in her bridal dress with no mangalsutra and sindoor. His anger shot up recalling past moments.

She refused to marry him. She told I can never be yours. So he decided to become hers. She don’t allow him to fill her mang so he forcefully made her fill his forehead with sindoor. He made her tie thread to his neck. Now he became Laksh Ragini Gagodia.
He slowly took a pillow and slept beside her on the floor taking care to not to touch her.

I know what I did is maddening. But I wanted to be a part of her life. As she was not ready to be my wife I decided to become hers. I had this thought that always why should girls change their name why should they wear mangalsutra and sindoor. My mom used to say all these customs are to show the devotion of the girl towards the husband and to show the world that she is married.

I love my Ragini too much. So even I decided to show my devotion even I will pray for her long life. I Don’t care what others will think. But I want her to understand how much I love her.

Hi guys this is raglak ff. For ragsan ff I am writing Tere Liye. I have taken the view of Rajini from Bahu Hamari Rajnikanth please comment

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  1. nice start swati… luv ur name swati it’s sooo sweet…… do cont.

  2. yrr laksh’s thoughts r sooooo good…. wish u all the bst darling…

  3. Nice …. but Lolz….. looks like ki & ka
    But anyhow I’m very happy that this is a raglak ff …. I luvd it n I luv raglak

  4. Nice continue soon

  5. Awesome

  6. Very nice start and thanks for Raglak. Plz continue

  7. Yipee Raglak?Am too excited?

  8. Thank u for commenting

  9. Can anyone tell me how to reply to each member

    1. superb start dear
      wow its totally diff
      i really want to know
      why doesnt ragini like laksh
      lets see how the story process

      P.S. for replying just click on the reply on each member’s comment
      hope that help

  10. awesome yar

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