Jeene Ki Vajah Episode 8


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Laksh house

Laksh: Ma please get ready fastly we are getting late .
Ap: ha baba wait a second. Wow u are looking good. are u also planning to get married today?
Laksh: maybe ma if u permit I will marry Ragini today itself
Ap: chup Karo kuch bhi. Acha look at this bangle I bought it for ur Ragini how is it?
Laksh: it is okay but when Ragini will wear it then it will look more beautiful.
Laksh and Ap get ready and move out . Ap covers her face with ghunghat so that no one can see her face.
Dp: Laksh beta where are u going?
Laksh: dad we are going to my friend’s marriage.
Dp: where is it?
Ap stops him and says
Ap: Laksh u go and take the car I will tell ur dad. (After Laksh goes) the marriage is in Pushpa marriage hall out of Kolkata
Dp: ok good make sure that u and Laksh stay away from Badi temple.
Ap: Ji
Dp leaves and Ap calls someone.

Badi temple:

Ragini is taking care of all preparations. Still 2 hours time is there for marriage. Swara will come half an hour before. Sankar was doing a Havan puja. Mishti sends Ragini to get flowers from a nearby plant . It is a deserted place. Ragini goes and plucks the flowers while coming back she slips. Before she could fall down a pair of protective hands catch her and pull her toward his chest. Yes it is Laksh. All the flowers fall down. Both are lost in each other. Ap comes and coughs. Raglak compose. Ap removes her ghunghat. Ragini touches her feet.
Ap: Kush Raho beta. I have heard a lot about u.
Ragini : even I aunty. Vaise aunty u look like laksh’s sister.
Ap : thank u beta. Vaise even u look like laksh’s sister.
Laksh: ma
Ragini pouts cutely.
Ap: I am joking baba. Ragini beta once give me ur hand
Ragini gives her hand. Ap makes her wear the bangles.
Ragini: aunty how can I accept this ?
Ap: aunty nahi ma u can accept this from ur ma right
Ragini gets emotional and hugs her.
Laksh: Vaah ma u forgot me
Ap: Nehi beta Ragini u can cal Laksh as bhai if u want
Ragini(to tease Laksh): u are right ma hi Laksh bh
Laksh closes her mouth and says’Dont even think to call me like that’
Both are lost in each other’s eyes when ragini’s phone rings.
Ragini goes aside and attends the call.
Ap: Laksh promise me that Ragini will be my daughter in law no matter what happens.
Laksh: I promise ma
Ap: acha Laksh I am feeling thirsty I will drink water u go and help Ragini to pluck the flowers.
Ap goes and meets someone secretly .
Meanwhile Laksh and Ragini collect the flowers and hold each other’s hands . As they reach the mandap they see that everything is ruined. All are running . People are fighting with swords. Sankar was also fighting. Some people come to Ragini and says’Maimsab Maheshwari’s have attacked us . Come with us u should leave the place .’ Saying this they drag Ragini . Raglak hands get separated.
Ragini shouts: Laksh go from here .
Laksh gets confused . What does this all mean ? Why are his family members attacking Ragini .He remembers and searches for ap.

But as he turns around his and Sanskar’s eyes meet for a second. Then they both together look at Ragini who was standing in the middle of the fights with her eyes closed. They could see one person approaching her from back ready to stab her. Both Sanskar and Lakshget shocked to see the person.
It is Shekhar Gagodia. Both of them shout Ragini and run towards her. But in the noise Ragini couldn’t here them. Just as Shekhar was about to stab Ragini someone comes in the middle and gets stabbed.

‘Ma’ Laksh .shouted.

Still more twists are coming up. Please do comment.

Credit to: Swati

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