Jeene ki vajah Episode 7

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Both laksh and ragini’s flight comes on same time but they miss seeing eachother.
Laksh’s house:
Dp : Laksh my son I am very happy to see u . U came on time. It is time to announce to the world that u are my successor
Ap: Ji he came now only na let him take rest.
Laksh goes to his room and gets sad. Ap comes to him
Ap: What is bothering u Laksh?
Laksh: Mom I love someone.
Ap: What ? this is a very good news who is she?how does she look?
Laksh shows ap ragini’s photo and says

‘Mom she is Ragini my life.’
Ap: ‘ Laksh she is very beautiful at last u fell in love. But why are u sad?
Laksh: Ma Ragini is princess of her family . I know she likes me but what if she doesn’t like my background mom u know na even I don’t like all this rivalry between us and Gagodia’s. What if anything happens to her.
Ap: Laksh relax if ur love is true everything will fall into place don’t worry. Now tell me is this the reason u learned to cook so that u can impres her
Laksh gives her a cute smile heeee
Ap laughs and says Badmash. Ap leaves while laksh is lost in ragini’s thoughts.

Ragini’s house

Ragini: Papa papa papa
Mishti: Oho Ragini at least meet me first always papa ki chamchi
Shekhar: ha tho she is my princess.
Ragini and Shekhar hug while Mishti gets tears eyed.
Shekhar: Acha Ragini ur brother’s wedding is day after tomorrow in Badi temple.
Ragini : what but sanky’s wedding was supposed to be after 1 week na
Sanskar: Rehne dean rugi, what difference does it make?the faster the better.
Ragini: oho so romantic.
Shekhar: Ragini now stop talking and invite all ur friends.
Ragini: Yeah papa

Ragini calls laksh .
Laksh(to himself): arey vah today my Ragini is calling me herself hmm lucky get ready for ur marriage.
Laksh: Hello hi Ragini missing me?
Ragini: no. I called to invite u to wedding
Laksh shocked: What! U are getting married. U didn’t inform me. How could u do this to me? I lo
Ragini stops him and shouts on him:’Are u crazy how can u think like that ? How will I get married if are there? It is my brother’s wedding

Laksh happily: oh hey wait a second what do u mean u can’t get married if I am not there?
Ragini bites her cheek and says : I meant u are my very good friend na without u how will I marry
Laksh: achaji
Ragini: ha ji. The marriage is day after tomorrow in kolkata’s Badi temple
Laksh: why is the marriage in Kolkata ?
Ragini: It is my family’s tradition that’s why. But u should come for sure okay
Laksh: ha I will come but I want a return gift
Ragini: besharam u want return gift to come to ur best friend’s wedding ? Acha tell what do u want?
Laksh: u
Ragini: What?
Laksh: I want u to show me Kolkata.
Ragini: ok but come fast okay
Laks: Hm ok bye take care

Ragini : ok bye
Laksh : bye
Ragini: bye
Laksh: bye

Both were not in keeping the phone down and were telling bye to each other.Sanskar was watching this from half an hour . Finally he got irritated and took the phone and shouted’Bye ‘ and cut the phone. Laksh got shocked by the sudden change in the voice and understood the situation and started laughing thinking about Ragini. Here Sankskar gave. ‘What the hell look to Ragini” . In return she gave him a shy smile and ran away.

Sanskar(to himself) : beta sanky Kavya hai tera behen ki love story start Ho gayi hai.

The wedding day comes at last bit no one except one person could predict the tragic end of the day

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  1. Superb episode

  2. Hey guys sorry for typing mistake
    in Sanskar(to himself): line it is Ky bath hai not kavya
    And Ragini says’how will I get married if u are not there?

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