Jeene ki vajah Episode 6

Hi guys thank u for ur support please comment more and encourage me. I want to tell u that I won’t be able to update regularly from 1st June to 15th June as I am going to a yoga camp. I have completed my second year and will join IIT in a one and half month. I will try to update short ones regularly.
All returned back after purchasing . Two teams had to share one cottage. So our 6 members have decided to share one cottage.
They reached their cottage . Sankar and laksh Ragini and Swara omi and Abhi decide to sharpe bedrooms.
At night Ragini came to laksh’s room
Ragini: Hi laksh would u mind if I stay here for some time . Actually I wanted Swasan to spend time with each other.
Laksh happily: yeah Ragini u can stay here forever
Ragini: what
Laksh: I mean u can stay here. Well I think ur team can win cooking contest tomorrow as Sanskar knows cooking and I am sure even u and Swara will know how to cook.
Ragini: are u joking? Cooking and me we both are enemies for the past seven lives. Well Swasan knows cooking so no big deal. What about ur team?
Laksh: well I know cooking very nicely
Ragini : really then I will test u will u cook for me now
Laksh : anything for u

Ragini and laksh slowly go to the kitchen without making noise.
Laksh: so I will make carrot halwa for u its ur favourite right.
Ragini: wow how do u know?
Laksh: I guessed.
And he prepares halwa for her while Ragini continuously talks about her pranks .
Ragini: wow laksh your hands have magic in them saying this she kissed his hands in excitement and continued to eat.
Laksh was shocked and blushed like a red tomato.
‘Arey vah Ragini ke liye halwa and for us nothing ‘ asked Sanskar as he and others came. Sankar was about to taste halwa when Ragini snatched it from him and said ‘Khabardar don’t u dare touch it .learn something from laksh u always cook what ur better half wants . U never cook my favourite things’.
Omi: tho laksh also cooks only his Jaan’s favourite.
Ragini coughed and said’What?
Laksh gave omi a killer look and said ‘Voh I call my mother as jaan ‘
Ragini: Oh how sweet can I see ur mother?
Laksh : sure
Laksh shows Ragini Ap’s photo
Ragini: Wow she is so beautiful no wonder u are so handsome
This time Sankar coughed ‘Whatt?’
Ragini: come on sanky don’t get jealous laksh is handsome.
Sankar: oye Laksh u top blushing otherwise we have to change ur name from laksh to Lakshmi.

All had a hearty laugh.

Two weeks passed and all became very good friends . Laksh’s love for Ragini increased but she always treated him as her friend. Though none of them won the trophy they were happy as they got very good friends. Soon it was time for departure .
All were in the airport waiting for flight. Ragsanswa we’re going to Delhi.from there they will go to Kolkata. Laksh is going to Mumbai from there he will go to Kolkata. So laksh thinks Ragini belongs to Delhi and Ragini thinks laksh belongs to Mumbai.
Swasan went to a soveneirs shop to buy gifts. Omi and abhi excused themselves so that raglak can be alone

Laksh: So Ragini will u miss me?
Ragini : Yes what about u?
Laksh: no because u will always be in my heart
Ragini : oh cheesy lines ha trying to impress me
Laksh: I thought I already impressed u.
Ragini laughs and laksh gets tears eyed . He hugs her tightly as he doesn’t want to leave her.
Laksh(still in hugging position): I will miss u a lot hope u will miss me too
He came out of the hug and kissed her forehead.
Before Ragini could respond Swasan came and announcement for both the flights was made. Laksh and Ragini looked at each other and walked away in opposite directions.
Suddenly Ragini started to run back. Sanskar shouted and asked her to stop but she didn’t. He was about yo follow her but was stopped by Swara.
Here Laksh also felt disturbed and ran back. Finally Ragini and laksh met and Ragini threw herself in laksh’s arms. Both hugged for few minute and departed. Ragini kissed laksh’s cheeks .
Ragini: we will meet again laksh
Laksh: pinky promise
Ragini: pinky promise. Listen bhai’s wedding is there after 1 week in
Before she could complete she gets Sanskar’s call.
Ragini: lucky bahi is calling I will tell u the date and venue later take care bye
Laksh: bye

Saying this they departed little did they know about the dark future waiting for them.

In a dark place

A man is standing we can’t see his face. ‘Ragini should be killed before her true identity comes out.’ Saying this he laughs mercilessly.

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