Jeene ki vajah Episode 5

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All the contestants have assembled in the ground of Xyz college where thecompetition is going to be held.Everyone were busy in chatting except our hero Laksh. He was desperately waiting for Ragini.
Omi:’ Bhai Lucky chillax she will come vaise Bhi sanskar told u na they are going to come by 1. It is just 12 now so relax.
Abhi: Vaise u are too intelligent . U made friendship with Sanskar to woo Ragini.impressive.
Laksh gave them a nervous smile
Flashback in flashback
When laksh got to know about Ragini he decided to befriend her brother Sanskar so that in future it would be helpful for him to marry Ragini. (So much planning right). He sent friend request to Sanskar in Facebook and they became very good friends.
Back to flashback
Laksh: u both shut up I don’t want anyone to know I made friendship with sanskar for Ragini . U both concentrate on the competition and I will concentrate on
Omi and abhi: Ragini Bhabhi
Laksh: chup Kar oye Varna
Omi: bhai look there
Laksh turned around and his heart stopped. There was his Ragini running with a smile on her face. Her hair was flying and her laughter was like a beautiful music. Sanskar was running behind her like a mad bull.
Sankar: Ragini delete the picture or I will kill u.
Ragini: Sanky catch me if u can
At last Ragini was caught by Sanskrar he took the phone and deleted the photo and gave her a victory smile. Bechara sanskar his smile wasn’t long lived. His smile was replaced by Swaragini’s roaring laughter.
Ragini: Oh poor swanky I have million copies did u really think I will let go of such a once in a lifetime opportunity.
Sanskar folded his hands and said ‘Rugi mere pyari shaitaan sorry sister please forgive me and say what u want.
Ragini: VAAH Shaitan to sister what a change. Valise Sandy u know my hands are paining I am wondering how to carry all these bags?
Sanskar: arey Ragu why fear when I am here. I will take all these.
Sanskar was about to lift the suitcase when he saw someone else lifting them up
Sanskar:Laksh hi meet my sister Ragini and fiance Swara
Laksh: Hi Sanskar and Swara. Hi Ragini u can call me lucky
Ragini gave him one of her cute innocent smile.
Laksh(to himself). : haiii she is too cute control lucky u need to win her heart
Laksh and sanskar lifted the suitcase and took to their rooms.
Ragini :Thank u lucky
Laksh: it’s my pleasure beautiful lady
Sankar:oye stay away from my sister
Laksh gulped and omi and Abhi giggled hearing this.
All of them went back were instructions were being given.
First contest : fancy dress competition
Sanskar and Laksh decided to get ready in dhoti and kurta
Ragini and Swara decided to get ready in punjabi and Tamil style respectively.
All of them decided to go and shop in a nearby Indian shop.
They went and decided their dresses and went to trail room. Sanskrit was unable to wear dhoti so he called Ragini
Sankar: Rugi please come and help me
Ragini: why are u calling me call ur better half oh feeling shy ha
Sanskar: chip kar rugi come fast I will leave the door open.

Ragini came out but didn’t understand which one is Sanskar’s. So she decided that which ever room is not locked it will be sanska’r’s
Finally she found one room which wasn’t locked and went straight to the room
Ragini:I have come Sanky come fast I have no time Aaaaaaaaaaaaa
Suddenly her mouth was closed by someone’s hands. Yes it is laksh he was not wearing any shirt and dhoti was draped around his legs as even he didn’t know how to wear dhoti.
Ragini: What the hell are u doing here?
Laksh : shouldn’t I be asking u this question God are u trying to take my advantage please lev me
Ragini :shut up yaar go actually I thought u are Sanky he called me as he dint know how to wear dhoti and
Laksh:sh relax raini well as u have seen my body need to fulfill a punishment
Ragini( looked at him with doubt) what punishment
Laksh: u need to help me wear dhoti wait are u thinking something else naughty
Both of them smiled and Ragini helped him and was about to leave when laksh held her hand and dragged her towards him tucked her hair back and said ‘Thanks’
Ragini blushed and ran away
The screen freezes on their faces.
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