Jeene Ki Vajah Episode 4

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Ragini and Sanskar are studying in Delhi along with Swara. But they are known as Shrivatsav’s. They know dp but don’t know ap and laksh

Laksh is studying in London. He is known as Laksh Rathore. His friends are omi and Abhi. Even he knows only about Shekhar.
Swara and Sanskar are engaged and are going to get married soon.
A international youth festival is being conducted in Dubai where a team of 3 members from each country compete against each other.

Team India has our three leads. Team Uk has Laksh and his friends.

So let’s start our flashback

A handsome boy was coming towards her. He was looking like a Greek god . He came to her and extended his hand. Even she extended her hand expecting for a hard masculine hand but instead she felt something hot very hot. ‘Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa Sanskar ki bache’ she woke up and saw his evergreen smile flashing across his face. She saw her hand in her morning coffee. She started beating him with pillows and threw a 1000 page book towards him which missed him by a few inches. ‘Oh shit I won’t leave u’. And started running after him. As they reached staircase Sanskar collided with Swara and they both fell down.

Ragini’s PoV:
Oh god! The lovesick puppies have started again . But poor them they had their engagement only 1 week before but couldn’t spend time with
each other. They were still lost in each other when a nutty idea came in my mind.’Eurekha now see Sanky how I will take my revenge. I immediately captured their moment in my cellphone. He he he this is gong to be my ticket to happiness. Snaky get ready ur death days are going to start. Thinking this I went back to my room and saw my phone ringing .
‘Hi papaji I was about to call u . We are going to leve for Dubai in an hour.’
‘I know princess that’s why I called u to say u all the best make me proud beta and please take care of ur monkey brother.’
‘Ha Ji Appaji bye’
Dubai get ready I am coming to rock.

Laksh’s PoV
‘Oh god where are these idiots couldn’t I get better partners Pata nahi kiss logon ke swath phas gaya’.
‘Ab jo hai yeh hai laksh babu’ said omi coming towards him. ‘And u should be thanking us Teri Ragini ke liye jarahe hai otherwise no one is interested to even go there.’ Said Abhi.
‘Chump karo dono.cant u do this much also for me. Go and bring tickets.’
Why do they know about love? I took my phone and saw the screen. It has ragini’s photo. I saw her first in Delhi airport when I was boarding fight to London. It was love at first sight for me.Then I took her pic. It took 1 year for me to find her. I saw her in a pic of one of my friends and got to
know her details. I even got to know that she would most probably get selected for the youth festival as she was the topper. So I worked hard day and night so that even I could participate in the festival. I am coming Dubai to get my Ragini.

The screen freezes on the happy faces of Ragini and laksh

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  1. Aww so sweet of laksh… Swasan romance was cute..

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    Laksh fall for ragini at first sight ?
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    Awesome update dear
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    Now get to know about the full story

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