Jeene ki vajah (episode 3)

Hi guys thanks for commenting and please tell me if u want me to continue or not so that I can decide the length of flashback.

As soon as I heard the shouts I ran and saw that Ragini had a gun in her hand and my father is at the gunpoint. For a moment I was shocked I know Ragini can never do such things she can’t even hurt a fly I trust her too much to believe this. So I decided to follow my instincts .
She shouted ‘leave me or I will shoot ur dad’. I could see happiness on my dad’s and her face . Of course they must have thought that I would save him and let Ragini go. But I had other plans.
‘Please kill him then we can live peacefully’ I shouted back. I could see the colour of her face draining off but she managed to pull herself together and said ‘ I am not joking laksh.’
Even my father shouted ‘beta please save me’. Fear slowly started to occupy his previously happy face.

They both are such big dramebazz I decided to show them some of my talent also. I quickly took long strides of steps towards them and before anyone could understand what has happened I took the gun from Ragini and shot my dad.
There was pin drop silence everywhere. The silence was broken by my laughter. Soon everyone around also started to laugh . Only two people didn’t find this amusing.
One was my dad whose face was filled with colours (yes it was a Color gun). He was looking like a live painting .The expression on his face couldn’t be seen nut I was pretty sure that it was not amusing

Second was my cutepie. Her expressions were something which I can’t describe. Her expressions changed from shocked face to laughing face(on seeing his father) then crying face(as her plan failed) and finally settled on an angry face (as he failed her plan).

Before she could do more drama I lifted her up in bridal style and took her to my,sorry, our room and placed her on bed. She was continuously shouting ‘Let me go u jerk’. Unable to control any longer I kissed her. It was a slow kiss so that she calms down. I backed off after few minutes because I know if I will continue more I will lose my control and end up doing something for which I would regret my entire life and left the room unable to meet her eyes.

Flashback:set against the backdrop of Kolkata:
There are 2 big names in Kolkata . One the Maheshwari’s and second the Gagodia’s. Both are the thickest rivals always looking for an opportunity to fight against each other. The main rivalry was however in politics for mla position

Maheshwari family:

Durgaprasad Maheshwari: head of this clan wants to defeat gagodia’s by hook or crook.
Annapurna Maheshwari :sweet house wife who was against all these.
Laksh Maheshwari :beloved son of ap and dp. Has great respect for his mother.

Gagodia family:

Shekhar gagodia: same as dp
Mishti gagodia: same as ap
Ragini gagodia: princess of the family. Very childish and fun loving girl.studying business management
Sanskar Gagodia: twin brother of Ragini. Pampers her a lot. will kill anyone if they try to hurt his sister.
Swara Shastri: is an orphan but is raised by Mishti best friend of Ragini .

So guys from next episode u will have flashback please tell me if u want me to continue or not and yeah tell me if u want Swara to,be part of Maheshwari family or as an orphan so that I can write my next episode

Credit to: Swati


  1. Ruhani

    Great story dr plz continue I’m loving it… Plz show their fb n hw laksh fell for ragini… Plz don’t end it soon

  2. Samyu KK

    Awesome….. Entirely diffdifferentfrom all other stories…… Plz continue …. And plzz make episodes lengthier

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