Jeene ki vajah (episode 2)

I woke up in the morning and saw her angelic face. I observed that the sun rays were disturbing her sleep. She was murmuring ‘Sanskar ke bacha close the window and let me sleep otherwise I will lodge complain against u that u are torturing me by not letting me sleep’. Oh she was so cute .
I felt like pulling her cheeks. But I controlled myself and closed the window. I knew she was the princess of her house so I decide to do all the work which she is expected to do. As I stepped out I saw my father durgaprasad giving me disgusted look. I didn’t care and went near my mothers photo. I remembered the day she was killed by raginis father in front of me. I tried not to love Ragini but I couldn’t control my heart. I know my mother would understand me if she was alive so I took her blessing asking for strength so that I can protect my Ragini from my so called father and others.
As I entered the kitchen I saw all the workers there making, fun of Ragini. I got angry and sent them out and closed the door. No one had the right
to talk about her. I immediately prepared sandwich and coffee for her and went to my room. I saw that She was murmuring like a kid ‘Snaky where
is my coffee don’t dare to drink mine’. I always knew she had a great bond with sanky. But never knew she was so much dependent on him
Setting aside my thoughts I went to wake her up. As soon as I touched her she woke up as if she got an electric shock . She saw me with disgust
and got up. My heart broke into million pieces but I masked my emotions with a smile and told ‘Good morning Rago’ . She hissed in anger and
said ‘Only my Sanky calls me like that u have no right’. My heart ached but I managed to keep on my smile and said ‘ OK then I will call u cutepie’

She gave an angry look and took the cup of coffee and drank it. I wanted her to appreciate my coffee but I knew I was expecting much so I just kept mum. I made her fill my forehead with sindoor.

I asked her to get ready and went down to prepare breakfast I know that today is supposed to be her first rasoi but she doesn’t know how to cook.
So I cooked her favourite dishes which I learned in one month to impress her. I prepared everything and was about to go to call her when I heard loud shouts from the hall oh no.

Hi guys thanks for commenting please continue ur support and I will start flashback very soon. Can anyone tell me how to give reply to comments below each comment thanks.

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  1. New concept liking it

    1. Thanks di I love all ur ffs

  2. It’s very interesting… plz continue…

    1. Thanks for commenting

  3. Superb story

    1. Thank u

  4. really different concept

    1. Thanks for liking my concept

  5. Superb part dear
    I’m curious to know
    Wt relation does ragini share with sanky
    N y did ragini dad killed laksh mom
    Update soon
    Ur story is interesting

    1. U will know soon

  6. interesting dear

  7. really unique, i have never such a ff… u write amazing dr… and as i told u earlier i luv ur name and ur ff

    1. Thank u so much ur comment made my day

  8. Thank you

  9. Nice ??
    And by the way u asked hw to reply to the comment na …. See there is written REPLY beside the time of posting comment na …. Click that word REPLY then u can type your comment, name, email and then post it

    1. Thank u for telling me I was really confused

  10. Really interesting….waiting fr nxt update

    1. Will update

  11. Awesome and yeah interesting too
    Waiting for the next one…..

  12. Awesome eagerly waiting for next episode

  13. I really loved it alot totally different idea and interesting please make it abit lengthy and Im eagerly waiting for my nect updat

  14. it’s awesome. keen to know the flsh back..good to see another raglak we all know ff’s r the only source to enjoy raglak bonding as they r not given enogh importance in the show…………………

  15. Superb 🙂

  16. Awesome

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