Jeene Ki Vajah Episode 12


Laksh(in phone):don’t worry I will bring her there. U just come there fast. Ok bye.
He sees Ragini coming and smiles to himself.
Laksh(to himself):I know Ragini u suffered a lot and after knowing the full the truth u will suffer more. But after today we both will be the most happiest couple. I am sure u will confess u’re love for me . I am waiting for that moment.
Ragini comes and sits beside him. She feels the gun which Shekhar gave her hidden under her dupatta. She closes her eyes and and remembers the moments spend with sanskar.
Laksh stops the car near the hillside and gets down the car . Ragini gets confused and comes out of the car.she sees the place deserted and decides to kill Laksh here.

Laksh(his back is facing Ragini): I know Ragini u have a lot of me I wanted to answer ure all but I was waiting for the right moment. All ure questions will be answered . I just want to tell u that I love u and will always love u . U take ire time but please don’t say no. Are u listening Ragini?
He turns back and gets shocked seeing her with a gun pointed towards him. She has tears in her eyes but was looking determined.
Ragini: I don’t want to hear any truth of urs. Because of u mu sanky died. I will kill u as it was his last wish
Laksh: Ragini what are u doing? I are mistaken sanskar is
Ragini: don’t u dare take Sanskar’s name from ure filthy mouth
Laksh: ragini please listen to me u will get hurt keep that away from u wait for 5minutes please
He starts coming towards her.
Ragini: stop there don’t u dare come near me otherwise I will kill myself.
She points the gun towards herself.

Laksh: no Ragini please stop. Please
Ragini: I have no time I will kill myself if u don’t go far
Laksh: ok so I will not come near u. U kill me if u want please don’t harm urself
Ragini cries: why did u do this Laksh? Why u broke my trust? Anyways I won’t give u more time to again play with my feelings. Get ready Laksh to join my brother. U didn’t ask my bro his last wish but I am not like u what I sure last wish Laksh?
Laksh: to hear I love u from u. This is my last wish
Ragini sobs heavily. : I love (she starts crying) I love u laksh
She shoots him near his chest.
Laksh someone shouts from behind. She turns back and is shocked to see Sanskar and Swara there.

She runs towards sanskar while sanskar runs towards laksh.
Sanskar: Laksh are u okay?
He tries to wake up laksh but sees that he has fainted
Sanskar picks up Lakshm and places him in the car and leaves.
Ragini and swara are left behind
Ragini: swara Sankar is alive but papa
Swara: Ragini we will explain everything but first we need to go to hospital
They both reach the hospital and see sanskar standing there with a tensed face.
Ragini runs to him and hugs him.
Ragini: Sankar u are alive I thought I lost u.
Sankar: what have u done Ragini? U killed laksh. That Lakshm who went to great extent to protect u.
Ragini: but he tried to kill u.

Sankar:no Ragini it was all a plan to protect u.
Ragini:plan to protect me what are u talking about?and protect me from whom?
Sankar: from papa
Ragini slaps him what the hell sanskar are u mad?
No beta
Ragini turns back and sees Sharmistha.
Ragini: ma
Mishti: I and Shekhar are not ure parents beta

Deendeyal gagodia had two sons. Shekhar and Raghav. Raghav was the elder one. Raghav married Janki who was dp’s sister.all three used to stay together. Ragini was born and all were happy. As Raghav was the elder one all property was on his name.

One day in a factory accident Janki dies.Dp blamed Raghav for this and fought with him and left from there. From then there were always tension between Maheshwari and gagodia family.
When Ragini was 4yrs old Raghav and Ragini visited an orphanage. When they were coming back they met with an accident. Raghav was paralysed and had very few days to live. He made his will and died.
It is revealed that Shekhar was behind janaki and raghav’s death as he wanted all the property and fame. Dp,ap and Sharmistha gets to know
about the truth.

At that time raqhav’s will comes out it says that all the property will belong to Ragini. After she becomes 20years if she dies property will go to
Shekhar but if before 20yrs she dies property will go to ashram.
So dp and Shekhar fight for ragini’s custody but Shekhar wins it and adopts Ragini.
There is another secret. Actually the will is that after 20yrs Ragini should get married . Then the half of the property will go to Ragini’s husband and another half will go to Shekhar. Sharmishtra and ap request the lawyer to hide this fact from Shekhar. They plan that Ragini will be safe upto 20yrs. So after that they plan to get Laksh get married to Ragini so that Shekhar won’t get to know the fact that he will get only half property.

But destiny had its own game without their involvement only Ragini and Lakshm started loving each other.(so the person with whom ap was talking was Sharmistha. They were planning how to get raglak married before Shekhar plans to kill Ragini).

So that day when ap sees Shekhar was about to stab Ragini she comes in middle and gets killed. Both Laksh and sanskar witness this . But before Sankar could respond Shekhar gets him kidnapped.
Shekhar then comes to know about ap’s and Sharmistha’s plan from the lawyer’s son. He then kidnaps Swara and threatens Sanskar to keep quiet. He plants Rajat there to get him married to Ragini and plans to take the property from Rajat afterwards.

Then sanskar and laksh team up and decide to do this drama. But sankar knew that Ragini will not marry Laksh so he decides to act as if being shot. He wears a bulletproof vest so that he doesn’t get hurt.
After raglak’s marriage Shekhar admits sanskar in hospital . Sankar escapes from the hospital along with Mishti. They don’t tell Ragini the truth as they couldn’t find Swara. Sanskar finds swara and they decide to inform Ragini the truth. But before they could inform her Shekhar gets to know the truth and instigates Ragini against laksh
Flashback ends

Ragini breaks down on hearing this. She runs from there and cries in a temple. She remembers all the moments spent with Shekhar and laksh.
She returns to the hospital.
Doctor comes out
Ragini: Doctor Lakshm is fine na can we meet him
Doctor: I am sorry he doesn’t have much time left. U can meet him
Everyone get shocked and rushes inside

Ragini sits beside Lakshm and cries
Ragini: I am sorry Laksh I am sorry I am the reason for ur state. I love u I love laksh
Laksh: sssshhhh u are my life Ragini. U know I am the most happiest person in the world I always wanted to die in the hands if my loved ones. Thank u Ragini for fulfiling my wish. Now I can go happily
Ragini: u won’t go alone Laksh I am also coming with u
She smiles .laksh looks shocked and looks at her stomach which is bleeding.
It is shown that before coming into laksh’s roo Ragini stabs herself with a knife.
Laksh: what have u done Ragini? Sanskar get her treated fastly nothing should happen to her
Ragini: no Laksh I don’t have much time please fulfil my last wish Lakshm fill my mang Laksh I want to die as Ragini laksh Maheshwari
Laksh : but Ragini
Ragini: please laksh

Laksh fills her mang with his blood . They both come together and share a passionate kiss and stay still in that position. They both go into a deep sleep in each other’s embrace.

So guys this the end of my ft thanks for supporting me please comment for the last time. Please read my raglak ff hum tum and ragsan ff tere liye

Credit to: Swati

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