Jeene Ki Vajah Episode 11


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Sanskar nothing will happen to u I won’t let anything happen to u’. Ragini cries hugging sanskar.
Sanskar: take care rugi
He faints .
Ragini:papa please come fast we need to take sanskar to hospital . Please anyone help me
Laksh goes to Ragini and sits on his knees and catches her
Laksh: don’t worry Ragini ur brother will be sent to hospital but I have a condition
Ragini: what condition
Laksh: marry me
Ragini looks at him with hurt eyes and then looks at sanskar. She nodes her head
Ragini: first u join Sankar in hospital and then I will marr u
Laksh: Ragini I will make the choices here not u u should accept my proposal
Ragini: but
Laksh: no ifs and buts Ragini accept my proposal
Ragini accepts to his proposal and they both go to the mandap. When Laksh was about to fill her maang he saw her eyes filled with regret regret for loving him,hatred for him. Laksh was shocked to see no love for him in her eyes. He wanted to make her his but not in this way. He took a decision. He caught her hand and made her fill his forelimb with sindoor. He also made her wear him mangalsutra.
Laksh(to himself):I know Ragini u will hate me now but it was necessary .please forgive me . I will fill ur maang the day when u will accept me wholeheartedly I will wait for u Ragini.
Laksh: sign these papers
Ragini: what are these?
Laksh: none of urbusiness just sign
Ragini signs and throws it on laksh’s face

End of flashback:

After that morning’s incident Lakshm felt very embarrassed. He came back late at midnight. He slowly went to his room and opened the room door. He saw Ragini sitting there emotionless . He saw the plate of food which was still untouched. He knew that Ragini didn’t have food from morning. He went inside and sat beside her.

Laksh: have ur food please Ragini.
Ragini: I want to go to my house Laksh. I want to see my family
Laksh: no Ragini u can’t go there
Ragini: then I won’t have my food
Laksh looks at her he sighs
Laksh: ok u can go but only for an hour.
Ragini: I will go alone
Laksh: hmm ok

Next day Laksh drops Ragini near her house. After she leaves he calls Shekhar
Laksh: if anything happens to Ragini then ur 25 yrs dream will be incomplete and u will go to jail as I have all evidences against u that u tried to kill Ragini.just imagine if the people of Kolkata will come to know ragini’s true identity and ur plan they will kill u . So take care.
He cuts the call.
Ragini reaches her house . She saw all the people in her house in white clothes. She gets shocked and runs inside. She was shocked to see Sanskar’s photo in the middle of the hall with a garland. Shekhar was sitting there and crying. Ragini ran to him and hugged him.
Ragini: what happened papa? Where is Sanskar papa? Why have u put his picture here?
Shekhar: he is no more Ragini. By the time we reached the hospital he was no more. We were late Ragini we were late
Ragini cried . After some time Ragini stopped crying
Ragini: I am sorry papa. All this happened because of me. I am the reason for all this.
Shekhar: no beta. Jo hua so hua but I want u to fulfil sanskar’s last wish
Ragini: sanskar’slast wish?
Shekhar: yes beta his last wish ur bhai’s last wish
Ragini: what is it papa?
Shekhar: laksh’s death by ur hands.
Ragini: but papa
Shekhar: beta I won’t force u. but remember Sankar never asked anything from u . Please fulfil his last wish
Ragini: I am ready papa

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  1. nice epi swati

  2. Varsha

    Hi swati, today mornin onl i strd to read ff in tu afte a long time, i read all the 11 epi’s, waitin fr the nxt, its really suprb pls update soon

  3. Sorry for the typing mistake my other ffs are raglak ft hum tum and rags an Ff tere liye

  4. nice don’t end it now it become interesting next part soon

  5. Snehahari

    superb yaar

  6. Omg shekhar is so cruel.. I hope ragini comes to know abt his true identity n forgives laksh.. N I hope sanskar is alive.. N wht happened to swara..

  7. SPP

    Hope Ragini comes to know the truth
    Waiting for the next one…….

  8. amazing story make it a bit longer pljj

  9. Is sanskar really dead? Or its a plan of shaker. Any how todays episode was good but it was short. Plz update next part soon and make it long

  10. Prateeksha

    its really awesome.waiting eagerly for next episode 🙂

  11. Superb episode

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