Jeene Ki Vajah Episode 10

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Maheshwari’s house:

The house was filled with silence. A huge frame of AP was hung in the hall. A boy was standing in front of the frame with tears in his eyes.

Laksh: I am sorry ma I couldn’t save u . But I promise I will fulfill ur wish . Ragini will become ur daughter in law. I will make her mine
Laksh gets a phone call and he becomes serious.

Laksh(in phone): I will reach there on time. But are u sure about this?
Unknown person: It is the only way to save her laksh. U don’t worry I have taken all the precautions. But what about ur dad?
Laksh: u don’t worry. I will take care.

Gagodia’s house:
The house is decorated lavishly. A huge mandap can be seen in the middle. Shekhar Gagodia was smiling to himself. He was very happy.
Shekhar gagodia(to himself) : finally my 23yrs dream is coming true. Once the marriage is over I can show Ragini her real place in hell near her beloved mom and dad.

Sharmistha was observing him with tears eyes.
Sharmistha(to himself): oh god please protect Ragini. Though she is not my daughter I always loved her. If only she knew about shekhar’s evil face
Sanskar comes there and keeps a hand on her shoulder.
Sankar: don’t worry mom everything will be fine.
Shekhar sees them talking and goes to them.
Shekhar: what u both are doing here? Don’t forget that Swara is in my custody. Don’t do anything stupid.
Ragini’s room
Ragini was ready in pink and gold lehenga. She was looking beautiful but her eyes lost their spark. She was hugging and crying laksh’s photo
Ragini: why did u do this laksh? I always thought u loved me. U know I loved u from that day in airport where u clicked my photo. U thought I didn’t see u but I saw u before only. I was trying to grab ur attention. I was on cloud nine when u took my photo. But before I could talk to u u left. I saw u again in sanky’s fb friends list. When ur friend told u know only those dishes which ur Jaan likes I was so happy. I thought u love me so much but I was wrong. I can do anything for my father. And if by this marriage everything will become alright I will do this marriage.

Some girls come there and take Ragini with them. As Ragini is coming down Sanskar comes to her and hugs her.

Sanskar: Rugi I may not be there with u in person always but remember I will always be with u as a shadow. When u are confused please take
decisions with ur heart . I love u
Ragini nodes her head. She reaches mandap and sees Rajat (groom) standing there. He was sweating and was looking tensed. Ragini went to him. Both exchanged garlands. They were performing pheras when a gunshot was heard. Laksh was standing there . He was surrounded by his goons who took position. Dp was also there. He was looking angrily at laksh. Laksh walked straight to the mandap and pushed away Rajat.
Ragini: Laksh how dare u do this ? He is my husband

Laksh: wrong he was going to be ur husband. In this world only I will be ur husband Ragini because no one else deserves u.
Ragini: shut up laksh. I will marry Rajat as it is my fathers wish and I will always fulfil his wish
Laksh looks at her with tears eyes and signs his goons to take away Rajat. He then catches her hand and tries to take pheras. But Ragini resists him and tries to run away. Laksh holds her hand and tries to drag her away. Sankar comes in middle and tries to free ragini’s hand. Mishmi and Shekhar are blocked by the goons. Sanskrit and Lakshm get into fight. Laksh gets angry and hits Sankar hardly.

Laksh: Ragini chip chap shadi Kar lo mujhse otherwise I will kill everyone. I will not spare anyone
Ragini: don’t try to threaten me Laksh. U don’t have the guts to kill anyone I will never marry u.
Laksh: Ragini don’t force me to kill ur dear ones u will regret it
Ragini: stop it Laksh. Do u even know how to fire properly? Stop this madness

Laksh: I am sorry I have no choice.
Meanwhile sanskar gets up and catches a rod he is about to hit laksh when Laksh turns back and shoots him.
Ragini: Sanskar

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