Jeene Ki Tammanah Hai (EP – 52)

EP – 51:

Hello Peeps…. hope You have Been good…. You all know that I couldn’t write my FFs for a long time,due to my personal issues, So I kind of missed small details and forget some parts, which I have already written. For eg: Swara found out the truth of Soumya and Sapna and Ragini’s innocence, right before she and Laksh reconciled. But i forget about it and wrote the scene…. So Guys Please, delete the Last part of the previous chapter from your minds and continue with this chapter.
PreCap: Ragini Finds out And Trance between Swara and Laksh

Ragini had a lot in her mind. If Laksh got things right with Swara , then why didn’t he tell them?Why was he hiding this from me?? Did he think that I would misunderstand him?? Ragini’s mind was filled.Apart from that she also had another issue… Why must have that person called her??
Ragini was startled by Laksh’s sudden back hug.Her expressions thickened.
“What are we going to do with Sanskaar ??” Laksh asked her, resting his chin on her shoulder.
Ragini , released herself from Laksh’s grip and faced him. Laksh couldn’t identify the grim look on her face.
“ What happened Ragoo” he asked softly.
“Here is your phone” she extended his mobile. “ I happened to pick the last call”
“ Last Call??” Laksh asked. “ Who called ??
“ Swara” Ragini said .Laksh was shocked. Ragini dint break the eye contact with Laksh
“ Ragoo…..Woh ……”Laksh stumbled a bit
“ Its Ok Laksh……You don’t need to explain…..” Ragini said in a stern tone…. “If you have decided to keep this secret from me… Keep it till the end…”
Ragini started to leave…But Laksh stopped her by elbow.. “Ragoo…. Please listen to me”
Ragini pulled out her hand with force. “I have nothing left to listen…..I thought that we won’t hide things from each other….. But it doesn’t seem that you are also thinking on the same line”. Ragini’s eyes welled up.
“Ragoo…. Situation came up and I thought that you were angry with Swara “ Laksh tried to reason….
“ Yes Laksh …. I was angry with her…. But Even withmy anger, I wouldn’t have stopped you from meeting your best friend or something.”
“Ragoo … I dint want this engagement between Swara and Sannskaar to break….He loved her for all these years and now … Just because of misunderstandings,I dint want this to break….Idint want Sapna and Soumya to win over our relations.”
“Soumya and Sapna???…. Oh that means…you have hidden more news from me….Great….I can understand” Ragini said in a hurt tone
“Ragooo Please yaar… I hid all these because i dint want you stree more on these issues….” Laksh pleaded..
“You hiding stuff from me dint protect me either…..Laksh….I don’t want to possessive wife , who won’t give privacy to her husband….But i wish we share ll our feelings….But it doesn’t seem so you are interested in that scheme….Anyway…let me go…Sanskaar is about to leave.”Ragini left a restless Laksh in the room

Before leaving Sanskar hugged his parents ,Laksh and Ragini…
“Lucky… I will be back next week…. So wait for me….ok??”Sanskaar said faking happiness.
“Sanskaar…..Comeback soon….we will handle everything for you….when you come back, I will make sure that you forget these bitter movements”Ragini assured Sanskaar.Laksh was searching the double meaning in her sentence. Sanskaar passed a warm smile at her and got into his car and drove off .
“ Maa…. We need to go somewhere” Ragini said to Sujata
“ Where Beta?? Sujata asked
“I will Tell You ”Ragini said
“I will drop you guys” Laksh said, partially because he wanted to convince Ragini…
“ No…” Ragini said cut and right.Even Sujata and Ram looked puzzle… “ i will drive”
“ No Beta …You shouldn’t drive… You are pregnant na….Let Laksh Drive…” Sujatha insisted
“ No Maa… “ I want to go with you alone” Ragini said
“ Ok Then… I will drive” Sujath grabbed the keys and both of them got into the car.
Laksh was feeling uneasy with Ragini’s behaviour and decided to follow them.The line of their travel seemed wellknown.and with no surprise, Destination shocked Laksh.

Ragini and Sujata entered Swara’s house.Sharmishta welcomed them warmly and seated them
“What would you guys like to drink?”Sharmishta asked
“ Nothing aunty” Ragini said politely
“Mishti…. Please bring two glasses of juice”Sujatha eased the situation by demanding her friend.
“Maa…..” Ragini could hear Swara’s voice as descended the stairs…” Who is it?”
Before Sharmishta answered , Swara saw Ragini and Sujata.Swara trembled and walked towards Sujatha and touched her feet .Sujatha blessed her and gave a warn smile. Swara then looked at Ragini
“Hi Ragini.” Swara said softly
“Hi “ Ragini maintained her composure.
Sharmishta came with 2 glasses of juice,and sat with the three.Silence prevailed.
“Where are your Moms ,Sharmishta?” Sujatha asked.
“Aah … They went to the temple along with Ayush and Shekhar…”
“Ooh..”Sujatha said
“Lucky??” Swara said in a confused tone
Ragini and Sujata turned to Laksh at the footsteps.
“ Lucky , how did you reach here?? Sujata asked confused
“ Isn’t it obvious Maa…. He was following us” Ragini said in an uninterested tone creating a weird atmosphere altoghether. “On top of that , He and Swara are in good terms now, So we worried for nothing…on how to convince Swara…”
“What??” Sujata left out a queak . “If you guys have sorted, then why din’t you tell us?? Things have been much better and easy to sort”
Laksh and Swara sat ,unable to answer their question.
“ Ha guys…. It would have been easir for us to sort” Sharmishta joined
“ Its not all, It was Sapna and Soumya ,who created misunderstanding between us. Swara and Laksh knew about it.But chose not to inform us.”Ragini added
Sujata and Sharmishta looked at them in disbelief.
“Guys if you have told us , then it would have been easier to convince Sanskar,Now its too late”Sujata said

“ What happened Sujata” Sharmishta asked with a worried tone.
“Aunty… Sanskar wants to break this engagement” Ragini said in a careful tone
Swara’s eyes were misted, while her face was composed.Sharmishta was shocked.Swara slowly stood up.
“Excuse me guys …” and started to walk towards the stairs.
“Woh tumse bohot pyaar karte hain Swara” Ragini stood up and almost shouted. “ he wants to break this engagement he doesn’t want these misunderstanding to hurt you and other relations. That fool believes that by breaking this engagement, He can set you free ,from this negativity .He feels that you and Me can never stay in harmony . So he doen’t want us to get hurt…”
Swara turned her towards Ragini .Her eyes were watery.
“ I am really sorry Ragini… For what all i said that day…I misunderstood You…. Hope you forgive me” She turned and left.
Sharmishta was crying and Sujata consoling her.
“ Mishti maa….. Please don’t cry” Laksh hugged her.
“Lucky…. My Shona,only loved Sanskaar in her life…..She will be broken if this engagement breaks” Sharmishta weeped
“ Mishti…. Please… Don’t worry… Give me some time….. I will make everything right” Sujata requested.” Laksh…. Please take Ragini and leave…. I want to stay with Mishti for some time”
Laksh was trying to start a talk with Ragini ,while they were heading back to Maheshwari house.
“ I am sorry Laksh” He was startled when Ragini started of the conversation.” I shouldn’t have spoken with you in such a manner.Its just that if you have told us about you and Swara being in good terms, We could have made things fine”
“ Ragoo… Nor Swara was confident in confronting you nor I was confident enough” Laksh said in an helpless tone
“Its Ok…. You had your own reasons….” Ragini sighed
“ Now what are wegoing to do about this??” Laksh asked
“Laksh…. I will ONLY do what Sanskaar wants me to Do” Ragini said
It was just a morning,Ragini was having coffee with Laksh .
“ Hello Guys….” Sanskaar screamed….” I am Back”
Ragini and Laksh saw Sanskaar and got exicited…. They ran to his hug
“You reached already….. I thought , you will be back home by night.”Laksh said
“ I missed you guys so much and came fast….” Sanskaar said
“ We missed you too” Ragini said
“ Ragoo … I am hungry” Sanskar sreamed.
“ Okay Okay…. I will get your food…. Go change…”
Sanskaar , Laksh and Raginisat for break fast…
“ Where is Maa Paa??” Sanskaar asked
“ They went to temple” ragini said
Sanskaar was rather vey happy and excited.
“ Sanky… You look very energetic man…” Laksh said
“ Hmm… I am…. I got a lot of time to think during this camp….about myself…and my engagement” Sanskaar said
“ Sanskaar… don’t worry… we cancelled this engagement with Swara and found a new girl….. You will have to meet her today”
“ What”?? Sanskaar was shocked beyond infinity.
“ Haa…. Like you wanted, We broke the engagement and found a girl of our choice” Ragini said while munching down her food.” Maa ,even had a talk with her parents.
“ But i can’t marry anyone else…. I love Swara” Sanskaar screamed
“ But you asked us to break the engagement…. “ Ragini said
“ Yeah….. During my camp ,i realised that I should talk to Swara once…and sort it Out” Sanskaar raised his voice
“ kamala hai Bhai…..Now what am I supposed to do with the other girl??” Ragini screamed Back
Laksh tried to calm them. Suddenly Ragini’s phone rang… She answered the phoneand her epression turned pale.After the phone got disconnected, her face should nervousness. Lucky caught her by shoulder
“ What happened Ragooo??? Who called??? Why are so worried?? Was it Badi maa… Is she fine???” Laksh bombarded
“ It was Swara’s brother Aayush….He told that Swara wrote a letter and left home to suicide.She went to Hoogli….He is blaming me for this, as I am the one who took initiative to ruin this engagement” Ragini said
Sanskaar’s brain stopped working….. He just ran… to his car
Sanskaar reached Hoogli and screamed Swara’s name….and there was no response…. His vision was blurry due to tears….Guilt tripped over his head. He searched her all over in vain. At appoint , he saw swara near the bank. He screamed her name . but she dint hear he was far… He saw her screaming something and suddenly took a jump into the river. Sanskaar was shocked. He ran with all his might and jumped into the river. He was Swara drowning and swan to her. He pulled her out of the water. She was conscious enough to stand straight. Sanskaar flashed his hand across her face. Swara cluched her face and looked at him in pain.
“ Are You mad???” He screamed… “Don’t have value for your life….If something happend to you?? how will your family face it??? How could i bare it??” Swara looked at Sanskaar with shock
“I LOVE YOU DAMN IT” Sanskaar screamed and pulled into a hug….
Screen freezes on the hug
PreCap: BadiMaa Injured

So guys….. Will start new FF tomorrow….along with JKTH…. Hope you will support me….and Yeah Will be winding JKTH with 15- 20 eps…
Last ep … I found out that we can really have good debate about characters and story line in the comment section……So I will be happy , if we have healthy debates about the FF down there…
And about repetition…… Sorry once again….
Love you peeps…………..

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