Jeene Ki Tammanah Hai (EP – 51)

Hellloooo Guys…. I am Back

EP – 50 :
ReCap: Sanskar-Ragini patch up. Sanskar asks Ragini to handle his engagement.

Ragini could see that Sanskar was helpless. But she had to pacify him , even though she was too clueless on how to clean this mess.

“Ok , I will handle” Ragini kept herself calm. She knew that more than her, It was Sanskar , who was more disturbed with what happened, and she had to help him. “Maa will call Sharmishta aunty and fix this engagement again …Hain Na Maa?? . Sujata nodded with hope

“Nahi maa…. I want to break this engagement” Sanskar announced

“ what??” Laksh almost screamed

“Ha… I want to break off this engagement… Maa and Ragini, Please find a solution before I come back from my conference next week” Sanskar left to his room

Ragini could see sad, shocked and desperate faces around. Well, everyone was angry with Swara , but none wanted to end this relation, Maybe Ragini too wished that.


Ragini had clear things with Sanskar, So she took the help of coffee to connect with him. She knocked to enter his room. Sanky was packing his bag. He smiled at her and went back to his packing.
Ragini offered him coffee and they both settled .Ragini was struggling for words.

“Ragoo”….Ragini was slightly startled by Sanskar’s call . “I really wanted to talk to you”

“ Tell Me Sanskar” Ragini prompted.

“First of all I am sorry for everything” Sanskaar started to be cut by Ragini

“ Please Sanskaar… Why are you…..” But Sanskaar interrupted her.

“ Nahi Ragoo… Let me speak.” Sanskaar continued. “ I am sorry on what all happened…. to you … to Lucky …. to Maa Paa… and to Swara” Sanskaar said apologetically.” I should have handled things more better… It’s all over now ..” Sanskaar sighed. “ So please Maa and you guys wrap this properly for me.” Sanskaar went on with his coffee.

Ragini was puzzled. She felt completely tangled in barbs. Yes , she is still angry with Swara , for whatever she told that day. But she knew that Swara was not a bad person nor she wants to her family to break their ties with her. She knew that they loved Swara so much. But now … Sanskaar’s decision to break this engagement is going to make things shady.

“Can I ask you One question? Ragini Hesitated
“Why formalities?? Shoot” Sanskaar encouraged

“Do you love Swara?? Ragini just shot Sanskaar

Ragini’s question got him offguard. Sanskaar felt congested. But he looked straight into Ragini’s eyes , without blinking and said

“ Yes… I love Her” His answer was accompanied by a drop of tear”

Ragini felt an ache on seein her brother like this

“ Then why???”. Ragini said in a stern tone.” Then why do you want to break this engagement”.

“ I don’t want anyone to suffer because of me” Sanskaar let his his heart out. “ Yes … I love Swara.. and had been loving her for ages. I was so happy when you guys arranged my marriage.On my engagement day , I touched the peak of my happiness. I had her as my fiancée, My family was with me and everything was perfect.” He was more than a dream.” But everything just faded away” Sanskaar sighed

“ Sanky…. It can be a misunderstanding” Ragini tried to reason

“Maybe , But I can start off this relation with ill feelings” Sanskaar spoke

“We will try and resolve it man” Ragini held up again

“Its too late to change everyone’s opinions, Ragoo” Sanskaar had no intention to give in “I don’t ant to hurt her and you people. So you and Maa sort this out please.”

Ragini was disturbed. She had to act fast before things go out of hand and she only had one week’s time. Apart from time she had to secure Sanskaar’s confidence

“ Ok …. We will take care this issue. But I need a promise in return” Ragini demanded

“ I am ready to accept any of your conditions without fail” Sanskaar promised

“Maa Kasam… No backing” Ragini secured her words

“ Maa Kasam” Sanskar promised

“Within next month, You will have to marry a girl of our choice” Ragini neatly laid her words.


Ragini came out of Sanskaar’s room without paying heed to his vines. He couldn’t argue further as he promised her. Ragini could see that Sanskaar clearly disapproved this idea, which was a helping in her plan.Yes ,she had a plan to solve this issue.Ragini was not yet ready to give up on this rishta easily. She had to inform Laksh, Maa and Paa about this plan and then meet Swara’s family.
To bring this plan to working,she had to have a talk with Swara.But how.The present situation was not favourable. Even Laksh was not in talking terms with Swara.

Ragini covered the length and breadth of her room, searching for solution. Her concentration was disturbed by Laksh’s mobile phone.Laksh was helping Sanskaar to pack. She picked the phone to hand it to Laksh. But the caller’s name slightly took her back .

“Shona” flashed on the screen. Ragini was confused. She thought that maybe Swara was calling Laksh to reconcile with him. Unable to control herself, Ragini swiped to attend the call.Before she could great ‘Hello’, Swara bombarded

“Oye Lucky Oye….Kya Haal….” Swara answered cheerfully, confusing Ragini on the whole.
“ What yaar, After uniting your biwi and bhai, you don’t need me anymore?? Come on yaar, if it wasn’t for my plan , you must have been struggling between them” Swara said. Ragini’s head was spinning hard due to this confusion.

“Hello Lucky?? Hello… Can you hear me?? Any range issue there?? I can’t hear you Helloo….”

Ragini dint know when the phone call got cut. She felt her chest congested, a hard lump in her throat.

“ Laksh and Swara are cool now?? And Laksh hid that from me and Sanskaar??” This realisation bought tears in her eyes.

Another phone call in her mobile phone bought her to sense. She swiped the call with tembling fingers

“ Hello Ragini” The voice called

“ Hello” Raini replied

“ Ragini…. I want to meet you…..”

Swara thought that Laksh had some range problems . She kept the phone on the table and concentrated on her milkshake.

She was trying to be normal. One reason which helped her was winning Laksh’s trust back. Thoughts of Sanskaar and his anger burnt her from inside. She tried to mask her misery with a perfect smile. She was relieved that she helped Laksh to resolve issues between Sanskaar and Ragini.

She dint know Ragini. Initially she felt good about her, later after listening to Sapna and Soumya ,she suspected Ragini and her intentions. She was kind of assured by Laksh about Ragini’s character.But she was not completely believing that Ragini was a good person as she believed that there must be something based on which her best friend Soumya dint like Ragini

She took another sip of her shake and sent her gaze outside the cafe. Swara came to the mall of finish off some shopping to escape from Ayush bhaiyya, who came down from states yesterday and is totally miffed with Sanskar after hearing from Dida and Dadi about what happened on the engagement floor.

Swara suddenly saw Sapna and Soumya coming inside the mall . She was excited by the coincidence and rushed to meet them. Swara decided to give them a surprise from back, So slowly followed them until they reached to meet a group of another friends ,whom Swara wasnot acquintaned to.Swara decided not to interfere now and spoil their moment.So stood there waiting , until they finished off their greetings

After casual greetings , On among the girls asked Soumya
“Yaar, what happened to Sanskaar’s engagement?? Heard that there was alot of drama.”

“ Not just ordinary Drama babe…..A big big blockbuster” Sapna said with a smirk which didn’t go well with Swara.

“ Did you guys defeat Ragini??” Another one asked

“ Yesss….Ragini will forget this defeat..” Sapna said

“ But how???how did you guys manage..You told us last time that Laksh threatened Om and Viren that he would ruin them if you guys interfere with ragini’s matters… Then How?” Another on asked

“ We dint do anything directly…. We had a Pawn…. Swara Gadodia…..” Soumya said and explain how they manipulated Swara against Ragini.” Swara was shattered on hearing, how her friend cheated her.

“Wsant Swara your best friend” One girl asked Soumya “Then how could you do this to her”

“ Best friend?? Oh come on…. She was just a rich girl whom I befriended for monetary benefits” Soumya said heartlessly.

Swara’s mind went blank…She was pierced with a sword, it was very painful, But she couldn’t react

Her phone Rang , Flashing “ Maa”. Swiped to attend

“ Shona….. Where are you Beta….Please come back ASAP” Sharmishta said

“ Abhi aa rahi Hoon” Swara said in a dry voice and cut the call

Screen freeze on a pale Swara
PreCap: Sujata and Ragini to Handle Sanskaar’s engagement

Ok Peeps , that was a long time ago, we saw an update of JKTH…. Many might be surpied and many must have forgotten and moved on……Very Sorry guys…..It was my marriage and it to a bit to settle…..

So, as a token of apology , I have decided to write a new FF for you guys , named Yaad Piya Ki Aane Lagi…,for which I am putting up a promo … and to continue YDKK…. I will try my best to update on alternate days…. So please forgive Me and Support as always

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