Jeene Ki Tammanah Hai (EP – 46)

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EP – 45 :

ReCap : Badi Maa attacked by a Man from Ragini’s Past ;Swara is drunk

“Are you alright Swara?? What happened??”

Swara looked at Ragini with a smile, which slowly evolved into to smirk, then to a strong hate twitch of her lips. And then Swara released herself from Ragini’s grip and then pushed her hard . Laksh came and Caught Ragini at the right moment and looked at Swara with Horror….and So did Sanskaar

“ HAVE YOU GONE MAD SWARA….” Laksh screamed on top of his voice.He helped Ragini to get back on her face, with Sanskaar aiding him, who too was shocked. Ragini was petrified and clang on to Laksh’s arm. Amritha and Rucha came near Ragini and passed deadly glares at Swara

“ Shona…. Baby….. What is this Beta?? How can do this to Ragini??” Sharmishta caught Swara

“ Maa….You don’t know her” Swara said in drowsy voice “She is bad”

Laksh was hurt by Swara’s words . He could feel the same vibe from Sanskaar who was rather very shocked and stuck on how to respond, who was standing next to him. He left Ragini with Rucha and Amrita and quick strides towards Swara and caught her gently by her shoulders.

“ Kya Hua Shona… Why are you being like this” Laksh asked her gently “ Why are talking about Ragoo like this???” He eyed her pitifully…” You know Na ki Our Ragoo is not bad…”

“ No Lucky…. You don’t know her…..” Swara released herself from Laksh’s clutches and walked towards Ragini

“ She is not the innocent person You see her as….. “ Swara pointed her finger at Ragini, who was in tears… “ She is a cunning girl, She is cheating you Laksh….. She is cheating everyone of you….. She is trying to poison all your relations”

Laksh came in front of Swara and protested…. “ Stop it Shona…. What are blabbering….. You are seriously drunk”

“No Laksh…. I am just being Frank…. Think about it Laksh …. Your relation with your Bua Maa, whom you loved like anything got worse ,after she came into your life…..and now she is eyeing on Sanskaar…. She always neglects you and run behind Sanskaar….She doesn’t love you Lucky…she is just pretending… all she wants is to prey on Sanskaar… but you guys are not getting it” Swara screamed. Laksh was stunned to hear the poisoned words from Swara. Ragini was almost lifeless in tears and Sanskaar was dead already

“ Bas….. Just stop it…” Amrita screamed…. “ Not a word more against my sister…..” But Swara gave no attention .

“Aur Kya pata Lucky….. Those news which came about her on newspapers were true and these people manipulated it in front of you” Swara blurted out

“SHUT UP SWARA” Laksh screamed , and his hand almost flew in the air across her face, But something stopped him in the midway

Sujatha,Ram, Annapurna was not able to sink in Swara’s words. Sharamishta came and shook Swara into her senses…
“ Shona…..Shona…. Come to your Senses…. How can you be so sharp with your words” By then Swara lost her senses and fell into Sharmishta’s arms. Shekhar and Swara’s grandmoms’ came to hold her. Soumya and Sapna showed them way to the guest room .Laksh could a sense of victorious smiles on Sapna’s and Soumya’s face.

As soon as Swara and her parent’s left , Guests started passing comments on Ragini

“What kind of a girl she is….Chii… eyeing her brother in law….”

“ This was to happen… after all she is a classless orphan girl… not fit for Maheshwari family”

“Poor Swara….. How could she stand when her fiancee was being eyed by someone else”

“ Just Shut It….” Laksh screamed….. And folded his hands with a clap… “The party is over guys ….and you guys can just leave….Thank You “ He groaned sarcastically.

All guests left mumbling and muttering …. Dadaji gave a disgusted look and left… Except Adarsh, Parineeta and Daadi , others had a nasty smile on their face while leaving…

And Then … Ragini ran to her room with tears, followed by Amrita, Rucha, Sujatha and Annapurna….while Sanskaar walked in the opposite direction, followed by Ram…Laksh was left behind stuck between his three important people in his life….. His brother, His friend and His Love…


Ragini dropped herself on her bed, flowing tears through her eyes, her ears echoing Swara’s words…..She couldn’t believe her ears again….

“Ragoo ….” Sujatha came in and covered Ragini into her chest, who was crying hard….

“Maa…..I am not Bad….” Ragini repeated these words, stammering and stumbling

“My Ragoo is not Bad …. My Ragoo is the best….Hain Na Jeeji” Sujatha consoled her with tears….

“ Haan Sujatha..” Annapurna supported ,while Amrita and Rucha kept on weeping on the side.

“Maa…… i never saw Sanskaar in any other way…. He was always my brother…” Ragini kept on crying….”

“ We all know that Beta” Sujata was having a hard time to get words to console Ragini….

Ragini felt a familiar and consoling stroke on her head….She removed herself from Sujata and found herself in Laksh’s Hug…. and Maybe she was very tired, she fell asleep in his arms….


After placing Ragini on their bed , Laksh rushed to the other victim of Swara’s explosion….Sanskaar was in his balcony , staring into infinity with red eyes…..Laksh came and stood near him

“ Laksh….. I never told you this…. But I really loved Swara from our school days….She was the best girl I have seen….Honest, Bubbly and Innocent with a talkative mouth…” Sanskaar smiled…..

“ Hmmmmmmm….I know” Laksh said …. Sanskaaar gave a confused look…” Ragini tried her best not to tell me and keep your promise… But I overheard you and i forced her to tell me….Then it was our combined plan to unite you guys….As Shona also loved you …..From School days…” Laksh confessed

“I am supposed to be thrilled na….when you say that The girl I love also loved me…..” Sanskaar said with a sad smile…… “ But I don’t feel that thrill”

“Just tell me one thing” Sanskaar continued…. “ why did you stop your hand ??? Why didnt you slap her when she told this much about our Ragoo??…. You should have whacked”

“I couldn’t Sanky……Not because she is my bestie….but because you are my brother….”Sanskaar looked confused… Laksh continued….. “ That day when when we came to know about Karthik’s and Ragoo’s first marriage, You slapped her na….” Sanskaar nodded… “ I know that you slapped her because you felt that she cheated me…. But to be truthful, it hurt me a lot…. It is the most painful memory in my life….where i can’t even blame you…. But I can’t also bear the pain of her being in pain both physically and mentally…. I hated you for that …..And i am sure that it would have been the same for you too….even if you say the opposite with your mouth…and i didn’t want you to feel the same pain…”

“ do you still hate me for that???” Sanky asked with a painful eye

“Ya…. sometimes” Laksh said bluntly and then both started laughing.After a while both on the floor and Laksh said

“ I am sorry Sanky…. It’s all my fault….As a best friend , I was supposed to map her insecurities …. But i failed” Laksh felt miserable…. “ Only if i realized this, I would have stopped Shona from thinking

“No Lucky…. Its not your fault…. But mine…. I was supposed to be careful…… But don’t worry….I am Ragini’s brother and I promise you that I will protect her name from this….. I have a way for it….. And Hereafter NO ONE will blame her with my Name……” Sanskaar said determined and Laksh looked on


Ragini remember sleeping in Laksh’s embrace…. But when she woke up , she was on her bed surrounded by Maa, Badi maa, Amrita , Rucha and Papa…She got up slowly, supported by them…Sujatha gave her a glass of Juice to regain her strength….

“Sujatha, Ram ji….. I am taking Ragini home for some days….” Badi Maa declared… “ I think she should be avoiding this mess for sometime”

“ Haan Jeeji …. I agree with you…. “ Sujatha said… “ I will miss her…. But there is no need for her to be in this mess

“Hmmmm…….Toh chale ragini Beta???” Annapurna asked Ragini…. Ragini looked at her with a confused stare…. She didn’t understand anything…. And she was not sure that she wanted to leave Maheshwari House now…..she was looking for Laksh

“ Ragini is not going anywhere…” Laksh declared , suddenly entering through the door

“ but Laksh…” Badi Maa protested

“ Badi Maa… I understand your concerns….. But Ragini can’t go with you…. She will stay with her family….she will stay with me” Laksh said sternly…. Laksh sat near Ragini and gave a strong side hug, assuring her

“Lucky…..Beta you know that the situation here is unfavourable for Ragoo…” Sujatha tried to reason

“ Maa…. i don’t know about the situation….. But I can’t live without Ragini……and So she is not going” Laksh literally put a full stop for his mother….and turned to Ragoo…

“I know that it is going to be difficult for you to stay here after what happened today…..But You can’t go …..We will Take Care of everything….So you are staying with me” Laksh was dominant with his words….and Ragini was sure about him. Laksh hugged Ragini , where ragini felt safe…. Everyone looked at them with a tinge of worry and Hope

Screen Freezes on RagLak’s Hug

PreCap: Is this the End of Swara in SanLak’s Life


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