Jeene Ki Tammanah Hai (EP – 45)


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ReCap: SwaSan Engagement

Ragini was happy … Very Happy… Now her Family was Complete… She and Laksh was able to bring Swara and Sanskaar together….Her best friend , Her brother is getting his love…a girl whom he loved…who loved him for ages…This engagement evening has brought smiles on the faces of her loved ones.she was smiling looking at them

Someone tapped her shoulder from back

“How are you Dear??” She hugged her badi maa as soon as she saw her. Rucha and Amrita behind her, smiling at her…. But she somehow felt that their smiles are lacking something. Ragini . She went near her sisters and hugged them. They hugged her back genuinely. Ragini broke their hug and took their hand.

“I am good Badi Maa….. Why are you guys late?? Engagement function is over na…” Ragini complained.

“Sorry Beta, We were late to get down from there……I was held up with official files” Badi Maa excused

“Ha Ha … Ragoo…. Teacher Maa and her files…. You know Na..” Rucha said sarcastically Ragini noticed that Rucha was irritated ,Badi Maa was eyeing Rucha to behave.
Ragini then noticed that her Badi Maa’s wrist was wrapped with medical bandages , which she was trying hide.

“Badi Maa….. What is this?” Ragini picked up Badi maa’s arm .She fliched a bit.To ragini’s horror, Badi maa’s arm was hurt till her elbow. “How did this happen?” a tear skipped Ragini’s eye.

“Woh Ragoo..” Amrita started ,but Badi Maa cut her.” Nothing Ragini Beta… I was a bit careless and hit my hand on the sharp edge of my table.”

“ Badi Maa …. Please be careful…. Please” Ragini said

“ Badi Maa…… “ Came running and hugged his Badi Maa “ Why are you so late??” He too complained

After the explanations and complains Laksh and Ragini made her meet Sujata Maa, Papa, Dadaji, Swara’s Parents and her grandparents.

“ Arrey Jiju….Where is our Sanskaar…. Its his big day…we want to meet him.” Amrita squeaked

“Haan Laksh…. Where is my Sanskaar??” Badi Maa asked

Laksh took Badi Maa and girls to Sanskaar. They had their greetings and introduction done to Swara.

Laksh noticed that Ragini was missing . He searched for her all through the crowd.But he found her, sitting in the garden , hanging her head, bit sad. Of Course, He knew why. He went and sat near her and kept her head on his shoulder.

“ Ragoo…. Dont worry yaar…. Badi Maa is fine…. Sanskaar checked her hand and said” Laksh tried to convince her.

“ You know what Laksh , she is always like that” She lifted her head and faced him, continuing to complain about Badi Maa. “ She takes care of all of us, But is very careless about herself” Laksh smiled and nodded, listening to Ragini’s complaints. “But this is the first time she has hurt her like this. Why can’t she be bit more careful” and she kept on nagging

After a while ,Ragini and Laksh sat there in silence, peacefully, leaving their Sanky alone to deal with the chaos of his engagement.

“ Aren’t you hungry Ragoo” Laksh asked her in concern.

“Very much Laksh…..” Ragini made a small pout. “ But how can the Bahu of Maheshwari house eat before the guest?”

“Arrey ….. Why is that so….” Laksh lifted his eyebrows… “ You are not just a Bahu, But you are someone who requires special attention” Pointing at her stomach.

“Laksh….. I am not ill… I am just pregnant , why are you talking as if I am very much diseased ha??” Ragini continued with the series of complaint. Laksh rather felt safe in not answering .He was smiling at her irritated questions.

“Laksh…” Parineeta Bhabhi called out from back. Ragini saw her approaching them with a plate full of food.. “ Here you go” Parineeta smiled and handed over the plate.Ragini looked at her with confusion, Parineeta smiled in return

“Thank You Bhabhi” Laksh winked at her

“ Hurry Back……. You guys are very important on your brother’s engagement” Parineeta smiled and walked off.

Ragini stared at Laksh with a “ What is this?” look

“Why are you giving me such a look…..I am might fall for you again…. “ Laksh teased her… Ragini hit her elbow on Laksh’s ribs. He flinched a bit.

“Ok Baba…. Sorry Sorry….,”Laksh said. “ When you were complaining about Badi maa, I texted Bhabhi to get some food, Because, my Bacchas are both hungry.” Laksh slowly placed hiss hand over Ragini’s stomach.Ragini was overwhelmed by his caring nature.She placed a sweet kiss on his cheek.He smiled at her and started feeding her. Nowadays he is an expert in feeding her,apart from his business accounts 😛


Ragini and Laksh came into the engagement party.Ragini saw Sanskaar waving at her . Laksh was called by Ram Papa, and Ragini went to Sanky.

“ Where did you guys just disappear yaar??” Sanky almost screamed at her, rolling his eyes. “ I was really left alone in this jungle party”

“ Arrey Sanky…. This is your engagement Party….. You should be enjoying it with Swara….. After all you guys being tied up after being in one way crush for these many years….” Ragini said, slightly making his messed up hair proper.

“ Yaar Ragoo , I am trying to enjoy…. But I love her so much that I get nervous around her “ Sanky said miserably. Ragini couldn’t help it, but she she burst into a silent laughter

“ Sanky….. Dont worry Yaar, Everything will be fine….” Ragini knew that she had the power to make Sanskaar relax and she always used it well. “BTW , after this party, I have arranged an engagement gift for you….So be ready for it”

“Ragoo Rani, Whatever your gift is, It better be the best, otherwise, This Sanky Ji won’t accept it” Sanky said.Ragini started laughing at Sanskaar, and he was laughing with her….

But little did Ragii know that someone was burning there…..


Of course… Even if she is busy in this party as a Maheshwari Bahu, Ragini really managed to squeeze time for her sweet hearts , Amrita and Rucha… whom she felt was not really happy. Something was bothering them.

Ragini , Rucha and Amrita sat at a corner of the party.

“How is your health nowadays??” Ammrita asked Ragoo

“ Bit dizzy and nauseous …..Otherwise I am perfect .Maa , Papa, Laksh and Sanky take super care of me.” Ragini beamed. Rucha and Amrita was happy to see Ragini happy

“ Go for regular check ups, I know that Sanky will arrange your appointments with the best gyneac…. Still….” Rucha said , sipping her coke. “ and Yeah, Listen to that Doctor”

“ Ok Doctor Ji … I will…. “ Ragini folded her hands in a comical way. “ Leave mine…. Tell me about yours…..Why are you guys upset?” Ragini asked in a rather serious tone.

“ Nothing Ragoo …. We are fine” Amrita lied bluntly… Ragini sighed

“Say it Ammu” Rucha said .. “ Anyway we wont be able to hide from her…. We will definitely end up telling her”

“ Ragoo…. Its about Teacher Maa…” Amrita said… Of course , Badi Maa was the reason, and Ragini could easily guess it, So she nodded

“ Teacher maa dint get hurt by table….One man came to the orphanage and fought with her… He hurt her with his knife…. If me and Rucha had not interfered , God Knows what would have happened”

Ragini was shocked beyond her life… “ Who was that man ?? Why did he do so??? Did you guys inform the police…” Ragini blasted them with questions

“That man was in his late sixties….We tried to reach the police , but Teacher Maa asked us not to do so” Amruta said

“ But why???” Ragini was freaking out

“Ragoo…. She didn’t exactly explain anything to us…. But we think this is something relating to you” Rucha said…. Ragini was take aback.. “Before that man attacking Teacher Maa, we were at the doors of her office, We heard that…………..

Man : Annapurnaji…. Its being more than 20 years our Ragini is with you….Now we need her Back…..Where is she??
Annapurna: Ragini is not yours anymore……I will rather be dead than giving her to you

….. And then that man attacked her”

Laksh was with a nervous Sanskaar. But he cant console him as sanky still believes that Laksh doesnt know about his love for Swara. He was waiting for Ragoo to join them. He saw Ragini coming from the other side, followed by amrita and Rucha. Something on her face told him that she was not fine. Her eyes met his. She was pleading something through her eyes. She walked to him in a haste. But when she almost reached him, she tripped on her Saree and was about to fall. But Sanky caught her.

“ Ragoo…. Are you alright ??” Sanky asked.

“Ragoo….” Laksh called her frantically and helped her to stand up

Before Ragini could answer, They heard the sound of a bottle , crashing on ground. It was Swara… She put her hands together to put up loud claps….

“ Well done Ragini…. Well done” Swara said in her breaking voice, she was walking in a lopsided way. Laksh found it weird and so was Sanskaar’s expression

“Shona … What is wrong with you?? Are you drunk” Laksh asked.

“Nope Lucky….I don’t drink” Swara managed. Ragini rushed near to Swara and held her by shoulder

“Are you alright Swara?? What happened??”

Swara looked at Ragini with a smile, which slowly evolved into to smirk, then to a strong hate twitch of her lips. And then Swara released herself from Ragini’s grip and then pushed her hard . Laksh came and Caught Ragini at the right moment and looked at Swara with Horror

Screen freezes on a horror stricken face of Laksh

PreCap: Broken Relation(s)

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