Jeene Ki Tammanah Hai (EP – 43)


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ReCap: SwaSan alliance fixed
“Soumya ……. Swara is your friend. You need to inform her about the truth….. You can’t keep her in dark!!” Sapna carefully modulated her voice and framed as if she was asking Soumya to buckle up.
“I know Sapna…… but what can I do??? Swara loves Sanskaar since our school days….and now that their alliance is fixed and she is very happy….. How can say something like this to her and make her unhappy….” Soumya showed her worry…..
“ But Soumya Beta….. We need to alert her na…. Otherwise how will she get to know about the real happenings here” Bua asked in a concerned voice….

“ I don’t know Bua …… I don’t know… I don’t know what to do…… I am really scared….What will I do??” Soumya said in despair and slowly peeped to the door, to see whether Swara was still there….
The Gadodias came up to Maheshwari house to talk to the elders officially to fix Swara and Sanskaar’s engagement. Ragini and her family was happy with events popping up leading to Swasan’s marriage…But Soumya was not happy…. Yes Swara was one of her best friends but she never loved Swara as much as she hated Ragini…. She never wanted Ragini to live a happily ever after. Now she has a perfect plan against Ragini, Supported by Bua and Sapna . Soumya was sure that Swara will come looking for her, So when she saw Swara nearing her room, they started acting .They started their conversation and made sure that Swara was hearing everything
“ Soumya….. I really think you should inform Swara about Ragini’s truth” Sapna went on with her acting. Swara was hearing all these dramatic conversation from outside.

“ How Sapna…. If I tell something, Laksh and Sanskaar will ulta blame me for trying to create rift between them….. They blindly believe that Ragini…..and because of her they don’t believe me” Soumya faked tears…. “ Only if I could save Shona from Ragini’s evilness…. She is playing with Laksh’s feelings and even eyeing Sanskaar in a bad way…. Please save us from Ragini’s bad intentions” Soumya said it in form of a prayer.
“Soumya” Swara called from back…. Soumya smirked and turned to Swara, immediately changing her expression to a shocked one…. So did Bua and Sapna

“Ha,…. Haan Shona..” She stumbled her words and wiped her fake tears…
“ What happened Soumya?? Why are you crying??? Is everything alright??” Swara asked pleasantly….
“ Ya Ya Swara… Everything is fine” Soumya said…. “Did you see the full house?” Soumya asked
“ Ya… Ragini was showing me” Swara said…maintain her pleasant features
“ Arrey Swara….. You are here??” Sujatha called from back “ Come down dear… Everyone is waiting for you downstairs.” Sujatha pulled Swara from there visibly showing disinterest in her talking to Soumya and others
“Gayathri Jiji… Bauji is calling you also” Sujatha said coldly and went. Gayathri signed Sapna and Soumya and left
“Soumya… she must have heard us Na…” Sapna asked “She was era cool…She dint even react or dint question you about anything…. she seems least affected.” Sapna clearly levelled her concerns

“ Sapna… I am sure that she heard…. She is like that ….even during our childhood ,she reacts in a mild way….. I wish that she believes on those lies we made up…..” Soumya said…” I am sure she will believe sooner or later… Ragini’s closeness with Sanskaar is something we can use against them. We will work hard to make her believe.” Soumya smirked
“We Must…..” Sapna stressed… “ I don’t want to see them happy…. They destroyed our lives “
“ Yes Sapna …. Laksh blocked all the funding routes of Viren and Om…..They are in debts ,Still acting cool, just to keep up their image in front of Dadaji…..We have to see their plights all time…and that Orphan Ragini along with her husband and pyaare Dear, are enjoying…..Definitely not anymore…. Even after me warning her, they still destroyed our Business and our peace of mind…. Look now how we are going to destroy their family….. I am sorry that Shona have to be in between this mess…. But she should bare this as a punishment for loving Sanskaar…………..”

Soumya and Sapna went down to the hall , to position their presence in the function. Soumya looked at Om, her Love, who had dark cycles under his eyes, tired and stress clearly underlying on his face, still he kept a fake smile in front of Dadaji. Her heart ached for him and there was nothing that she could do for him. She could sense a similar painful vibe from Sapna, who was looking at Viren. She was determined not to forget this and forgive Laksh and Sanskaar, who put this pain on them. She wanted to destroy Ragini’s life, who was the reason for Laksh’s revenge…

Swara’s and Sanskaar’s Engagement was fixed to be held after two weeks. Swara was happy, So was Sanskaar. Soumya was worried whether her words had an affect on Swara….Swara and Sanskaar took blessings from elders. Her Dadi and Dida was literally dancing with happiness.
Swara and Sanskaar was made to take photos with everyone. They clicked pictures with each and everyone. Finally it was their turn to click with Sujatha, Ram, Ragini and Laksh. Ragini was standing bit far from them as she was busy with the maid.
“ Arrey Ragoo Rani ….come here naa… Lets take a family photo…” Sanskaar screamed, who was already standing with Laksh, Ram and Sujatha. Soumya could map a slight discolouration on Swara’s face…Ragini came running and stood near Sanskaar.

“ Shonaaa….. You need an invitation or what??” Laksh screamed. Swara came in the frame and made her space between Sanskaar and Ragini. Soumya was happy had her words had effect on Swara, She gave a thumbs up to Sapna Sanskaar stood in the middle of the frame on his one side Sujatha, then Ram… and on other side it was Swara then Ragini. Laksh stood behind them, putting his one arm on Ragini’s shoulder and other on Sanskaar. Sanskaar maintained a safe distance from Swara, as he was shy….Ragini cleverly took Sanskaar’s arm and put on Swara’s shoulders. Sanskaar widened his eyes and looked at Ragini, who played innocent … Laksh , Sujatha and Ram laughed whole heatedly… Swara smiled , Sanskaar Smiled Shyly…ending up in a very happy family picture.
Soumya was disheartened by the development, But confident that she will be able to turn Swara against Ragini.

Post Lunch, The younger generation of Maheswaris was seated in the dining hall. It was a sight for Soumya to see the ever fierce Sanskaar to sit subtle and shy near Swara. Swara was no less in that case…
“Lo Sanky…. Your favourite Rasgulla…..” Ragini passed two bowls of Rasgulla for Sanskaar and Swara…Sanskaar took it greedily, while Swara accepted it with a diplomatic smile. Sanskaar popped one into his mouth, forgetting his shyness
“ Wow Ragooo rani…. This is the best……You have magic in your hands.….” Sanskaar complimented
“ Did you make it yourself, Ragini asked” Swara asked
“Haan Swara…” Ragini smiled
“ Do you know Shona…. In every function, even if we have loads of sweets, Ragini specially makes Rasgulla for Sanskaar” Soumya poisoned
“ And Ghajar Ka Halwa for Lucky….” Parineeta Bhabhi added.. “ And Swara….. Seriously, they are very tasty”
“Ya it is definitely very tasty …” Swara said
“Arrey Sanskaar…. You shouldn’t be eating alone….. You should be feeding Swara “ Sapna said
Sanskaar blushed again , but kept his expressions tight as Sapna was the one who prompted .
“No Sapna…. “Sanskaar said Strictly
“ Haan Sanky…. Feed Swara…” Ragini also said
“ No Ragoo….” Sanskaar smiled

“ RAGINI…..” They heard Laksh scream her name in anger….. He marched into the room and caught Ragini by her elbow. Ragini winced in pain. Everyone got up seeing the scene. Soumya was ready to enjoy a drama
“ Lucky…. What is all this??” Sanskaar asked , confused. Laksh nodded at him and looked at Ragini…
“ DID YOU EAT YOUR MEDICINE??” Laksh asked. Ragini went into silent mode.
“ No …” Ragini whispered. Laksh sighed
“ What the hell is wrong with Yaar” Laksh started scolding her
“Relax Lucky…. She must have forgotten…” Sanskaar supported Ragini.
“ Forget???” Laksh mocked…” Sanky , I gave them in her hands….. Still she left it on the table carelessly…….” Laksh extended his hand full of tablets, He turned to Ragini… “ I know that you hate medicines…. But cant you just eat it for your health Yaar….. why do you always make me worried” Laksh said in an angry tone. Ragini’s eyes started brimming
“ Bas Yaar Lucky…. Leave it Naa…. Give me the medicine I will feed her” Sanskaar snatched the tablets. “Parineeta Bhabhi ……………… Please pass me a glass of water.”

Parineeta handed over a glass of water to Sanskaar.
“ Chalo Ragoo…. Eat them … like a good girl..” Sanskaar made Ragini have her tablets…
“ I will go and see whether Maa needs anything…” Ragini left the place without meeting anyone’s eyes. Laksh tried stop her…. That too in vain
“ What Yaar lucky….. Why did you shout at her ??” Sanskaar tapped Laksh’s shoulder
“ I don’t know Yaar…. I shouldn’t have screamed on her…. But she should understand… She is very weak… During night she almost faints on bed…. She always skips her medicine Yaar…. I am really worried.” Laksh sighed
“ relax Yaar Relax “ Sanskaar said… “ Come with me….”He pulled Laksh…” Excuse me Swara… Will be right back” Sanskaar excused himself and left with Laksh
“ Look Na Soumya, She made Sanskaar feed her, He dint even feed Swara” Sapna whispered to Soumya ,loud enough for Swara to hear…. Swara sighed and left the hall, as if she dint hear .

The Gadodias left in the evening. Everyone retreated to their rooms early as it was a hectic day. Soumya took a bathe and came in her night dress. She was sad to see Om still working on his laptop and phone, in his party wear, talking with the investors…..She went near him and pressed his forehead. He looked up and gave a tired smile…
“ Wrap up Na Om…. Lets do the rest tomorrow… You need to rest” She requested….”
“ No Dear…. I need to work more to attract investors……”He said softly. “I am sorry that I am not able to give you time….. He took her hand and kissed.
“ Oh come on Om….. You are doing all this for me and our son…. Its just that I can’t see you this stressed.” Soumya put her head on Om’s shoulder
“ Hmmm… I know Dear…. But I cant stop….. I can’t let that Laksh win” Om said…Suddenly his phone rang. He signalled Soumya that he has to receive the call. She smiled at him and nodded
While Om was on phone, Soumya went to take water. She passed in front of Ragini and Laksh’s room. She stopped on hearing the commotion. She peeped in to see Sanskaar, Ragini and Laksh inside the room. Ragini and Sanskaar was sitting on the sofa, while Laksh was kneeling in front of Ragini
“Ragoo …. Forgive Me Naa…. I know that I did a grave mistake…..I shouldn’t have screamed at you…. But you shouldn’t have skipped you medicines Yaar.” Laksh kept his hand on Ragini’s lap…. She simply jerked it
“I don’t have any problem in you screaming on me… You are my husband and you have the right to do so…. But I am angry because you screamed on me in front of everyone” Ragini folded her arms… “ Go… I don’t want to talk to you…..” Ragini turned to the other side. Sanskaar was laughing silently at their childish antics….
“ Ahhh… If you don’t want to talk to me, fine…. But remember that you will be alone in this house, if you don’t talk to me…” Laksh eyed Ragini

“ No Way Laksh….. I have my Sanky with me…. Mark my words…Tomorrow, full day, I will be with him” Ragini took Sanky’s hand.. “Hain Na Sanky??”
“Haan Ragoo rani, If that’s what you want…. Then I am all yours” Sanky kept your hand on hers …. Tomorrow , I am all yours” Ragini smiled like a small kid….
“Oh Madam…. Remember one thing…After his marriage, He will go behind Shona…I will be the only one left for you…” Laksh warned her
“ Oye Lucky….Whoever comes and goes in my life , My Ragoo will stay as my priority….Get me??”Sanky said…to which Ragini smiled victoriously and gave a hi fi to Sanky…..Laksh widened his eyes in defeat….”Chalo Ragooo Rani…Tomorrow we have to go for your appointment….So go and sleep”
Soumya was angry….Here they are having cute nok-jhoks ….and there her Om was struggling….But she realised that Sanskaar and Ragini just opened the door to their troubles…She took her phone and called Swara…
“Hello Shona….Shall we go for shopping tomorrow…??…For your engagement??….Haan…Ok….Then lets meet at my place….Come to Maheshwari mansion at 10…ok …Bye”
Soumya framed a plan and smirked….
“Ragini…Laksh…Sanskaar….Your countdown begins now”
Screen Freezes on Soumya’s Smirk

PreCap: SwaSan engagement

Guys… I am back…. Missed Me??… I missed you people…
I know that RagLakSan scenes are less nowadays…. But guys, In this particular sequence, we have them less,…. As the story is now moving through Swara’s , Sanskaar’s and Soumya’s perspective and is revolving around Swasan Wedding…. Please bare with it a little ……I will finish of this track ASAP and bring those scenes Back…..Till then enjoy plotting and conspiracies 😛
And Please read my new FF Yeh Dil Kya Kare…… You will find a different Ragini, Laksh, Sanskaar and Swara there….

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