Jeene Ki Tammanah Hai (EP – 42)

Hellllo Sweeeties….

EP – 42 :

Recap:RagLak decides to unite SwaSan… Ram Proposes Sanskaar for Swara
Everything was moving Fast…. No in Super-Fast Mode…..What Sanskaar remembers is Ragoo suggesting Swara for him in front of his Parents, Now it happens to be that he was going to be engaged to his love…Sanskaar sighed… in happiness…
He was standing with Swara, in the dining hall, Swara’s Daadi and Dida cleverly pinned them together, while others were busy sharing their happiness in the main hall. Ever since he came to know that Swara was single, he was worried. He always regretted that he was not able to be truthful to her about his feelings. Now when she was back, He was confused on how to confess ,which made him act hostile to her again…. Thank Ragoo, who found a way for him to lock Swara with him. Now that he found the way, he need to learn, how to walk…. He will now have to know whether she is interested in him genuinely or Is she just keeping up to her parents’ wishes
“ Hmmmm…. I am a bit surprised that you agreed to hook up with me.” Swara said softly , taking a spoon of her dessert . Sanskaar gave a ‘So…?’ kind of look… “I felt that you hated me since our school days” Swara shrugged her shoulder.
“I never hated you” Sanskaar blurted out… “It was just that I felt that Lucky is more around you, So….” Swara was surprised …Sanskaar trailed off and both had a cute eye lock
“Excuse me” Laksh broke their eye lock… “ Areey Shona, Sanky…. Both of you look like red tomatoes…..What happened??” Laksh blinked his eyes innocently
“Nothing” Sanky stumbled

“ Do you guys know…. I am still not able to believe that you guys are getting hooked u…. You Two, who never used to even spare a glance of friendship on each other, Are getting married” Laksh giggled “ That too arranged marriage” .
Swara and Sanskaar blushed even harder.
“Shona…. You tell Me…… Are you sure that you want to marry him?? “Sanky was getting pissed … “I know that it will be fun to come as my sister officially, But partnering your life with this cactus is a risky business , you know” Sanskaar wanted to honestly strangle Laksh… Here , he was thinking about how to impress her and there this guy was spoiling it…. Arghhh…Sanskaar on some point felt that maybe Laksh hated him as Swara’s husband as he was always rude on her…. He will have to first give confidence to Laksh now….. Hmmm …Should take help from Ragini….
“Its alright Lucky….. I can handle him..” Swara said confidently. A spark lifted in Sanskaar’s mind…. “ Hain Na Sanskaar” Swara said to him. Sanskaar nodded, takig another bite of his dessert .
“ Arrey , you guys are here…” Sujatha Maa and Sharmishta Aunty , came into scene… “ Enough of your youngster talk… Now come and talk with us , elders” Maa pulled Swara…” Chalo Swara Beta and Sanky, talk to your new mother…” and thus Swara disappeared into air with his Maa

Sanskaar sat with Sharmishta Aunty in the Veranda… She has always been a warm Lady to him and he was happy that he was getting her as mother. She and Swarna used to be his favourites during those days
“Its been a long time sitting , we sat like this” Sharmishta said…
“ Ha Aunty… Long time….” Sanskaar smiled. “ I am happy that you guys are back.”
“ Sanskaar..” Sharmishta called him in a complaining tone…. “ I am giving you my precious Daughter, So you must follow some rules”. Sanskaar gave her a confused look , as if she was to ask for dowry
“Stop this aunty business….” Sharmishta continued… “ Let it be Mishti Maa….” Sanskaar beamed as he always wanted that to happen.
“ Sanky…” Ragini came in calling for Sanky. She halted her steps on seeing the interaction between Mishti Maa and Sanskaar and smiled nervously
“Come here Ragoo…” Sanskaar invited her… “ Mishti Maa…. You must have met our Ragoo earlier …. But I will re-introduce her…She is Ragini Laksh Maheshwari… The naughtiest and youngest Maheshwari” Ragini gave a glare at Sanky… “Our all in all” Sanky said proudly
“I don’t need any more introduction of her…. Sujatha Maheshwari has given me a long and healthy introduction on her baby doll…” Sharmishta smiled warmly…. “Beta , you have tied this family together… Please blend in my Shona like you have blend, in this family” Mishti Maa caught her hand. Ragini teared up a bit
“Please don’t worry Aunty, Swara is the Badi Bahu of our house… and she will be the best “ Ragini assured her. Mishti Maa smiled with tears in her eyes.
“ And Ragini Beta, No Aunty, call me Mishti Maa…” She warned
“ Ok Mishti Maa…” Ragini, Sanskaar and Mishti Maa smiled at each other.

“Arrey Ragini, You are here….” Swara called “Come with me… I will show you my room” Swara pulled her, leaving back Mishti Maa and her Sanky.
“She reminds me of Swarna” Mishti Maa said with brimming eyes . “ her smiling eyes, words, soft behaviour….exactly like my Swarna…”.
Of course….. Swarna was always a passion in Gadodia house…. Yes like Mishti Maa said Swarna was just like Ragini, and exact opposite of Swara. It was hard was Sanskaar that she was no more. Swarna and Uttara used to be the best of friends. When Swara and Lucky were tighter , Uttara and Swarna hooked up with Sanskaar. With Uttara and Swarna gone… Sanskaar must have felt very lonely , if it was not for Ragini , to fill that space of a sister….
“ Haan Mishti maa….. She is of her their age too…. Swarna’s and Uttara’s …. I always thought that Uttara sent Ragini to fill her space….. Now looking at another way , she is filling both the spaces of Uttara and Swarna “ Sanky said
“Hmmmm….. Haan Beta…. I am happy that my Shona is getting back her Swarna….” Sharmishta was happy… “ I am sure Ayush will also love her as Swarna”
“by the Way Mishta Maa… Where is Ayush Bhaiyya….??? When is he coming??” Sanskaar enquired about Swara’s elder brother.
“ He is busy winding up official matters there…. He will be back soon…. Now that Shona’s wedding is on the way… He will fly back faster” The thought of his wedding put Sanky to another Shy mode
“ Mishti Maaa” Laksh came in calling . Laksh always called her ‘Mishti Maa’ owing to the fact that she was his besties’ mother. “ don’t want me….after getting your son-in-law??”Laksh complained
“ arrey…. How can I forget my Lucky….” Mishti Maa pulled him to a hug….” Who ever comes and goes , my Lucky always stays in his Mishti Maa’s heart

Lucky, mishit maa and Sanskaar had a lovely time , it was time for them to go home…and there lies the mammoth task of informing Maheswaris about the proposal and fixing further schedules starting with engagement. They moved to Swara’s room, to fetch Ragini. Lucky tapped the door to open. And they saw a lovely site, which Sanskaar dreams to be the future of his house. Ragoo and Swara were talking to each other, giggling and complimenting each other…
“Oh Drama Queens…. Time Up” Lucky announced….” We need to go home.” Ragoo made faces on Laksh and got up along with Swara
“ What Yaar Lucky, We had to talk a lot , you disturbed us” Swara complained.
“You girls and your gossiping session….will never get over……” Laksh complained. “ If you want to gossip more…. Please do it after coming home…as my Bhabhi”. Swara blushed….again
“Haan haan Laksh ji …. We will gossip later” Ragini mocked him
“ Arrey Bacho… I think we should take a selfie…” mishit Maa prompted…” Call everyone….Suji, your dad, Shekhar,Dida Daadi , soumya and om “
“Maa… Lets go there…. rather than calling them here na…” Swara suggested

All of them went down and stood for selfie….They purposely made Swara and Sanky on two different corners . Sanky’s phone had the best camera . He passed it to Swara , who could have clicked it in the best angle.
“Sanskaar …. Your password?” Swara asked and handed over the phone.
“ Arrey Shona…. Give it to Ragini… She knows his password” Soumya said…” Not only password, if you want to know anything about Sanskaar’s life , ask her…. She will know it better than any one” Soumya said faking and innocent smile, bringing a tense aura. Sanskaar could sense an uneasiness on the faces of both Swara and Ragini, because of the taunting tone used by Soumya
“ Wrong Soumya Bhabhi….. I know my Sanky more than anyone…….” Laksh said handled the situation, easing the atmosphere… Laksh pulled the phone and typed the password…
Sanctioned…. Of course they were tying a elation with the Gadodias, so Swara’s proposal got Sanctioned at home easily. Their engagement date got fixed …. Now Sanskaar had one whole month from his engagement , to think about how to confess his love to Swara……. And he had to consult his partner in crime for that. He grabbed one cup of coffee and her favourite orange juice and sat in his balcony
“ So what is bade papa’s baby feeling about his Badi Maa..??” Sanky asked
“ Baby loves his Swara Badi Maa…” Ragini kept her hand on her belly. Sanskaar smiled
“And what about baby’s mother??”
“ Baby’s mother is also very happy…” Ragini smiled in a cute manner…. “ To tell you the truth Sanky, Intialy , I was jealous of Her…. But after talking to her, I feel really good. I am sure that we six will mix well” She said confidently
“YOU….. You were jealous of Swara??”Sanskaar was surprised… “ Seriously….Ragini…But why”
“ I wont tell” Ragini stuck her tongue out.
“Arrey Ragoo…. Is Lucky still thinking that I Hate Swara??” Sanskaar was curious
“Hmmm… I think No…. I am not sure…. He dint talk to me about it” Ragini was not looking at him and talking, and that made Sanskaar kind of confused.. “ You ask him directly” Ragini suggested
“ No Yaar, I don’t want to talk to him about this…… If he comes to know that I loved Swara and dint tell him, Then he is gonna murder me” Sanskaar said helplessly.
“Yeah…. He almost murdered me….” Ragini whispered
“What???” Sanskaar asked
“Aah…. Nothing Yaar…So… When are going to tell Swara about your feelings….Don’t tell me you are going to go with the flow of arranged marriage…”Ragini said
“I don’t know Yaar….. “ Sanky sat helplessly . “Give me some tips yaar”
“RAGOO” Laksh came in screaming….

“ Kya Hua” Ragini asked… “Why are you screaming?” Ragini covered her ears. Laksh stood in front of her , hands on his hip
“DID.YOU.EAT.YOUR. MEDICINE”? Laksh asked, staring at her strictly
“No “ She whispered, biting her tongue.
“Ragini Yaar…. Why do you skip your medicines……??” Laksh said keeping his hand on his head
“Laksh…. Its very sour” Ragini complained….
“ Ragoo stop this drama and have them…” Laksh kept his hand forward, filled with coloured tablets
“ Please Laksh…. I don’t want them” Ragini begged
“No Ragoo Rani… You need to eat them…. Eat” Sanskaar sided Laksh
After a lot of hustle , she agreed to eat. Laksh took a glass of water, put the tablets one by one in her mouth. And made her drink the medicine
“ YUCK…. I hate them” Ragini managed , splattering water ….Laksh and Sanskaar laughed watching her antics. Laksh wiped the water droplets on her chin with his towel.
“ Now…Come, Lets take Rest… Chalo…” Laksh pushed her..” Good Night Sanky
“ Good Night Guys” Sanky wished back.
“Sanky….. Don’t sleep yet, Need to talk after I put your Ragoo Rani under sleep” Laksh said, to which Sanky nodded and Ragini made faces

Sanskaar was waiting for Laksh…He browsed through today’s clicks. He was again mesmerised to see Swara’s beauty. His phone rang suddenly and flashed the name of Dr. Sunil
“ Hello Sunill, Kya Baat hai… Anything urgent??” Sanskaar enquired, keeping himself accelerated to go if an emergency pop up
“No Sanskaar, I just found some interesting developments in our ‘Shaapit’ project… I will mail you now …”
“Ok Yaar… Good Night” Sanskaar hung the phone and opened his mail . He went through the contents of the mail
“Are you busy” Laksh came into his room
“No…’ Sanskaar denied…. “ Just going through the stages of our project…”
“Which project??” Laksh grabbed a piece of apple ,kept on Sanky’s table
“We were working on a concept called “Shaapit”… According this Shaapit tradition , it is said that, during olden days, they believed that each family will had a kid , who is said to be cursed….and if you keep that child happy or in good conditions family will be doomed, and if you torture that kid, or keep him in adverse conditions, that will bring prosperity for the family” Sanskaar explained
“ OMG …….. What a gross kind of tradition is that??” Laksh was shocked
“ Not only that, The kid cant die before the next Shaaapit kid is born, Its just that kid should be sad all life long…” Laksh nodded listening to Sanskaar. “ And in some Shaapit kids , The curse wears off after a certain point of time….From then, you will have to keep him alive and happy, otherwise the family will be again doomed
“Really Weird Yaar Sanky” Laksh sighed.. “ Thank God that nowadays Nobody believes in such nonsense and torture their kids”
“Interesting thing is that Lucky, It still prevails today ,in our society” Sanskaar underlined. “That’s why we are working on this”
“Shit man , I cant believe it Yaar…”
“Seriously Yaar…..Look at these data, these are the names of these kids, who come from the poorest of the poor family to rich ones….And know what, recently found out that Kavita Sighania used to be Shaapit until the age of 19
“OMG…… I cant believe this Yaar…Shit Man…Better be an orphan than being born like this”
“ Very True” Sanky said
“Btw Sanky, How do you feel …??” Laksh asked
“feel what?” Sanky asked
“Feel about Shona and this marriage??” Laksh stared at Sanky
“ I am feeling fine” Sanskaar wanted to avoid this now….. He searched his mind .. “ lucky, Did you tell Swara about Ragoo and her Past??….”
“ Ya …almost, I left out the parts where Viren and Om plotted against us…. And dint tell about Bua”
“Why?? I am worried about that Soumya, the cheap trick she played today was so cheap
“Swara and Soumya are still friends. So until she is with us, let it Be… Lets not create ill feeling for Her Friend….” Sanskaar nodded to Laksh’s explanation, bit unsatisfied
Screen Freezes on a worried Sanskaar
ReCap: What is cooking on the other Side???
Ok Ok …. Lot of Speculations on whether Swaragini being Twin Sisters…… No Guys They are Not…. Swara is of Laksh’s and Sanskaar’s age, whereas Ragini is of Uttara’s age….So confusion cleared
Sorry Guys That I could Reply Personally…..forgive me for this time…
Guys …… Let Me ask you one thing??? Am I the only one missing Namish on SR nowadays…..Feeling Sad 
And Yaa…. I was thinking of stopping this ff for a while…. I have the storyline in mind, but not able to word them properly, Writer’s Block maybe….
Forgive, I hope to return back Asap….So to fill the Gap, I have put an intro Promo of my new FF ,Yeh Dil Kya Kare…. Hope you like it and Support like JKTH… Tell me about it
Love You Guys….

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