Jeene Ki Tammanah Hai (EP – 40)

Heelooo Dears

EP – 39 :

Recap: Ragini suggests Swara as Sanskaar’s bride, Viren clashes with Laksh
“ YOU BASTARD…. HOW DARE YOU DO THIS?? Viren Screamed…. Laksh looked at him with a Smirk. Omkara also joined him
“What happened B.H.A.I.Y.Y.A??” Laksh asked faking innocence. This got on Viren’s nerves. He punched Laksh hard on his face. Laksh hit his head on the table and was bleeding. The tip on his mouth tore and was bleeding too.
“LAKSH….” Ragini screamed and ran to him, So did Sanky, Sujatha and Ram. Viren picked again by collar. Laksh kept his smirk on…Ragini came and tried to free Laksh, but got pushed by Viren.
“RAGOO” Laksh shouted. Ragini was lucky enough as she was caught by Ram
“You fine Na……….. Ragini Beta?” Ram and Sujatha straightened her…… Ragini nodded with teary eye…She was worried for Laksh….Laksh lost his cool seeing Ragini fall and held Viren’s collar
“Viren…” Ram called…” What kind of behaviour is this… leave Laksh…” Viren paid no heed to Ram “Sanskaar…. Separate them” Ram ordered… Sanskaar went near them and forcefully separated them
“How dare you play a cheap trick Laksh???..” Viren asked…. “Is this your business ethics??
“Oh come on Bhaiyya…..its was not a trick…. They dropped their investment because you were incompetent” Laksh taunted. Viren was on top level of his rage…He lunged at Laksh. Laksh was pulled into a protective cover by Sanskaar who came in between Viren and Laksh
“Stay right there Viren…” Sanskaar warned Viren… “If you dare to lay one finger on Lucky….I will forget our relations” Sanskaar pointed his finger at a fuming Viren. Laksh was proud of his elder brother by ten minutes, who now really looked like an elder brother
Their loud affairs were heard by the Maheswaris, who gathered up
“What happened??” Dadaji questioned them, looking at the messy scene.

“Pata Nahi Bauji…” Ram complained “ Viren suddenly came in and started hitting Laksh…”
“ What is this Viren” Dadaji questioned furiously
Viren stood there , framing answers inn his mind. Laksh widened his smile as he was sure that Viren won’t have an answer for Dadaji’s questions
“Wo…. Dadaji… This Laksh…” Omkara started to speak, but Viren held his hand, indicating him to stop.
“ What Om…” Dadaji stressed. Om nodded in negative
“Do you people think that you are kids, to pick up fights without reasons??….” Dadaji lost his cool… “Viren… Act up to your age….Laksh is your younger brother…. Still he is more mature than you… Be it in career or at home….. Chii…” Dadaji turned …and left…so did others. Viren was fuming because of the humiliation he had to suffer….and the business loss… Laksh smiled cruelly at his victory…
Ragini almost got a heart attack, witnessing the fight between Laksh and Viren Bhaiyya… She knew that they had differences between then, She too hated Viren and Om Bhaiyya along with their wives for creating misunderstandings between Sanskaar, Laksh and Her… But She dint know the reason for this fight
“ OUCH .. Sanky…. Patience Yaar… Its burning…” Laksh complaint on Sanky , who was dressing his wounds
“ Chup…. Ek Dum Chup” Sanky warned him….” Was acting like hero in front of Viren, igniting his anger…. Stupid guy” Sanky shouted at Laksh …” Why the hell did you smile…. Why did you excite his Anger Laksh?? That Mad Bull must have thrashed you”
Ragini was happy that Sanky was scolding Laksh….. She really wanted to strangle Laksh
“ Haan, Laksh Beta…. What did you do, that he was so angry”. Ram asked him in concern.
“Nothing Papa… He is jealous Papa…. The investor, whom he found wanted to invest in my company…and I accepted it….he is just fuming because of that…But I dint know that Viren was waiting for that investment…. Now we signed the contract and I can’t do anything” Laksh said casually… “ Don’t worry… You please go and rest… I will be fine.” Laksh smiled
“Hmmmm…. I get it Beta…. “ Ram nodded… “ I understand…. Please talk and clear these matters with Viren….Otherwise misunderstandings will pile up…” Ram warned… “ And ya Beta… I know that you are angry with him and Om , for what he did in Ragini’s issue…. Please don’t do anything Rash… Lets just forget that and live happily……Hmmmph??” Laksh nodded in reply…” Chalo Sujatha …Let them rest” Ram and Sujatha started to leave

“ Ragoo…. I will send milk for you guys…. Make sur that you finish it…”Ok?? Sujatha said, Ragini smiled
When they were left as three, Ragini came and sat near Laksh ,Sanskaar finished his medical play on Laksh’s face and gave a stern look at Laksh.
“Laksh….. what really happened??” Sanskaar asked gravely…. Ragini looked was confused by Sanky’s question…
“What are you talking about Sanky” Laksh shrugged his shoulder.
“ Lucky…. You can fool Mummy Papa…. Not Me” Sanskaar was serious as ever…” What did you do, That Viren was barking”
“I back Stabbed him” Laksh said…. Ragini was shocked hearing this… Sanky maintained a calm Face… “Kapoors wanted to invest in my exports, He was very interested to work with me. but as I was in no need for further investment , I rejected him… He kept that proposal open to me…But when I heard that Viren begged Kapoors for investment, and when they were finally going to sign the contract, I called him Back and asked for Investment, even if I was in no need for investment…… Which left Viren to incur lot of loss” Laksh said with a smug
“Laksh…..Why are you doing this?? Why are you igniting him??? “ Ragini asked worried
“ You ask me Why?? Ragooo…. He almost destroyed our life….. Because of his plots and tricks…. We almost lost you….” Laksh’s eyes were red with Anger… “ For the pain he gave us… I am going to destroy him and Om…..Completely”
“ Laksh Please…. Lets just forget all this…. Lets not fight with them…” Ragini pleaded…
“ Forget??? “ Laksh asked Ragini with a confused face … “How can you easily forget what they did to us …. I cannot….. You almost died Ragini….. We almost lost you…. The pain you had to bear…. We had to bear…. I am going give him back…” Laksh was stern… Ragini looked pleadingly at him and started to say something
“How did you know that Viren wouldn’t have told anything to Dadaji” Sanskaar asked cutting Ragini…Sanskaar kept his stern face .
“ Viren very well know that Dadaji will not side him, if he says that he lost an investor…. In turn Dadaji will brand him useless….and even if he tells the truth that I am taking Revenge…. If I tell the whole truth, Then he will be under a larger scanner by Dadaji…. So Viren will be careful, not to a detonate a bomb like Dadaji to fight me….” Laksh smirked
“ I know that you are angry with them…. I am also …. But Laksh… Please… Lets stop this here…. Don’t move forward with……. Lets not bother ourselves with them” Ragini pleaded, tearing up …” Let them be….“
“ Aww Mera Bachha….” Laksh rested Ragini’s head on his shoulder…. And caressed her hair…” Don’t worry Darling….”Laksh comforted her.
Sanskaar stood up and started to leave. He stooped and turned his face a bit ant the door
“ Whatever you do…. I am with You” Sanskaar said

“ Sanky…You too” Ragini gave an unbelievable look .
“I know how much Lucky is hurt…. So I will support him…. We will destroy them “ Sanskaar said flatly… “ But Lucky lets be careful that this doesn’t hurt our loved ones… Like today….” Sanskaar left to his room.
Laksh was left thinking…. Yes he wanted to take revenge …. For hurting his loved ones…But was kind of new to plotting and nervous that will this hurt his loved ones… But now that Sanky is there to support him and control him in this war… He will be fine. Ragini kept on Murmuring to stop this revenge. Laksh smiled and took her to a warm embrace to calm her…..
Laksh and Sanskaar headed to the study room, where they knew Viren and Om would be…. On their entry to the Study, The scene was shocking…. Viren was throwing Tantrums and things in frustration. Laksh was satisfied seeing his tension.
Sapna tried to calm Viren in vain. Soumya , Om and Bua stood there helpless
“ Wow Viren bhaiyya…..I never thought you were good at throwing tantrums….” Laksh taunted
On seeing Laskh, Viren boiled up….But Sapna held him
“ Laksh…..” Om came in front Laksh …” Why the hell did you do such a bullshit??? How can you bring loss to Maheshwari group” Om asked gravely
“ You are wrong Om Bhaiyya , I dint bring Losses for our group…. Just for Viren Maheshwari….and Beware …. Next is your turn…Om Maheshwari…. Get ready to get ruined…” Laksh gave a royal smirk at a shocked Om
“Laksh..” Bua shouted…” What kind of behaviour is this?? Is this what I taught you…”
“Haa Bua… This is what you taught me… To cheat, frame and plot…. Yes this is what I learned from you…..” Bua was shocked to hear him… “You cheated me by helping Kavya… you framed Ragini with Karthik… You with these guys plotted misunderstandings between Us…. Yes I learned this from you…”
“ Laksh….. You have changed…. That girl changed my son” Bua maa said , with tears in her eyes
“No Bua…. She dint change me… It was your truth that changed me…” Laksh said fighting back his tears…”

“Haan Bua…” Sanskaar took the dialogues… “ You changed him….I hated you …all through my life, but respected for being a good mother to Lucky, which turned out to be another lie…”Sanky complained.. “All of you….” Pointing five of them … ”None of you have the right to question Lucky’s actions, as this is the fruit of you seed….. So be prepared to be destroyed…” Sanskaar warned…”
Ragini was worried, …. about Laksh and his revenge plans…. She never thought Laksh had such dangerous plans in his head… and now with Sanky’s support he has gone wild. Her chain of thoughts were broken by two muscular arms around her waist….She rested her head on his chest, with here eyes closed
“Laksh…..” She whispered….
“Please Ragoo… Don’t bring their talks …. Lets just be us” Laksh said lovingly
Ragini turned to him and kept her hand on his cheeks
“ I know that you are right on your part…..but lets leave it” Ragini, tried her luck…once more. Laksh smiled at her…and pulled her to a hug
“ Leave it Jaan….. “ Laksh rushed it off
“Laksh….. I am worried…..” Ragini’s voice cracked…” At least promise me that you wont get hurt”. Ragini extended her hand to promise Laksh smiled at her and tapped her hand
“ Promise” He smiled
Ragini was unconsciously turning pages of a magazine…. Still worried about Laksh’s revenge play…
“May I come In …. Madam?” Sanskaar asked mockingly…
Ragini was relieved hearing his voice, but the next moment she was angry with him…. She turned her face.
“ Areey Ragoo Rani…. What is wrong Man?? Sanky asked confused..” Are you angry with me??
“ Yes…” Ragini said strictly
“Why ??”
“ Sanskaar…Are you dumb…. How can you support Laksh in his stupidity??” Ragini questioned…. “ I know that he is angry and revengeful…. How can you support him blindly??”
“Ragini…” Sanskaar said in a low tone…. “ Do you even know how much he was shaken?? After seeing you slit your wrist….and when he came to know that the whole Karthik scenario was planned…. He flared up…and Bua’s involvement added oil to the fire….”

“ Whatever Sanky …. You could have just stopped him rather than supporting him…. “ Ragini complained
“ You think he will stop ….even if I say…..” Sanky raised his eyebrow
Honestly Ragini knew that Laksh wont stop…..She looked at Sanskaar helplessly
“ Ragoo… If all of us try to stop him, He will be agitated….But If I support him, He will confide things to me and then I can control him….I can protect him.” The sincerity in Sanskaar’s eyes showered relief over Ragini…. “ Don’t you trust Me Ragoo?”
“Haa….”Ragini smiled….She knew that Sanskaar was right
“ By the way Ragoo Rani….Why did you take Swara’s name there??” Sanskaar glared into Ragini’s eyes
Ragini hid a smile….” Did I do anything wrong”
Sanskaar skipped his reply…. But glared
“ Arrey Sanky…..Anyway you love her….and want to marry her….and you definitely don’t have guts to ask her out…. So isn’t it better to go in the arranged marriage way” Ragini gave a puppy smile…. But Sanky dint reply
“Come on Yaar Sanky…..Dont you love her…?”
“Yes..” Sanky blushed a tiny bit
“ Want to marry her??”. Sanky nodded….
“ then leave it your Bhabhii…..And Relax…” Ragini smiled
Laksh was speaking to Mr. Kapoor over the investment issue…After the call , He went back to his room.. On reaching the door, he understood that Sanky was in his room… He stooped hearing their conversation
“ By the way Ragoo Rani….Why did you take Swara’s name there??” Sanskaar asked Ragini…
“Did I do anything wrong” asked back
Sanskaar dint reply
“ Arrey Sanky…..Anyway you love her….and want to marry her….and you definitely don’t have guts to ask her out…. So isn’t it better to go in the arranged marriage way” These words of Ragini shook Laksh

“Come on Yaar Sanky…..Don’t you love her…?”
“Yes..” Sanky replied
Sanskaar loves Swara….Laksh was petrified……and Ragini knew about this….and they hid it from him……
Screen Freezes on Laksh

PreCap: Laksh’s reaction

Yo guys…. Our Lucky is in Full On Revenge Mode…. Ready to destroy
Do you find his revenge justified….or should he just forgive them and move n like Ragoo said
Pen your Opinion
And Tell me how Lucky is going to react to Sanky and Ragoo hiding Sanky’s feelings….
Dears….. We have successfully completed 40 Eps of JKTH……Feeling Happy that you guys still support JKTH….. Thank you for your support and thank you Silent Readers…..
As we are celebrating our 40 ep today, Tell me One RagLak , One RagSan and One Sanlak scene….which is your favourite….STRICTLY ONE
For next update, I want to select the BEST Raglak,RagSan and SanLak scene…. So pen them down….. And Ya … Only one scene , in each category…..otherwise I will select only the first mentioned scene
Love you……

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  1. Congrats dear for completion of 40 episode I think this revenge going to be interesting we never saw this side of laksh so waiting for more ploting

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      Thank You Jaan….Will post on Friday

  4. Nitu1992

    Wow…. superb… let laksh pretend miffed with ragsan for hiding it and ragini trying to please him cutely.. haha..
    Best ragsan scene.when ragini burns her hand..
    Best sanlak scene – their all convos
    Best RagLak scene- he making her wear thali

    1. SHR963

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  5. Megha123

    Congo for completion of 40 epis & I think Lucky’s revenge is valid and should. Proceed

    1. Megha123

      BTW loved the update too much

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    Ofcourse laksh action is justified…loved the update sooooo much….

    And abt the fav..hw can you do dt to us…
    Lemme think and reply…

    1. SHR963

      Okay…take your own time Sree ….Thursday night…..

  7. OK raglak scene when ragini drink hot coffee and ragsan when helps rag in knowing lakshya sanlak actually most of the scene is good I think lakshya fake his anger on rag as she didn’t tell him about sanky and for me lakshya revenge is justified

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  9. Ragz_teju

    I think Laksh revenge is justified. .. but it should not extend so much that he may repent later…
    coming to the episode… congrats for 40 epi.. . I loved this part….
    it’s just beyond amazing…
    I can’t just choose one scene every scene of them is amazing to read. .. totally in love every part of this ff…

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  10. Sreevijayan

    Ok..since u want one particular scene…which i realy cnt select select noe..i wil do d honours…

    Ragsan (my fav)-deir coffee date scene aftr ragu’s suicide attempt..den whn laksh slaps her nd d scene btw ragsan after that..den whn she drinks d hot coffee nd d scene where sanky says he will whack her if she does that again nd calls her ragini fr d first time..askng old ragini num and deir very first scene

    Raglak- d moment she wakes up after her suicide attempt…

    Sanlak- whr he goes for feeding laksh whn raginis past cmes out and tashan scene btw dem whn laksh slaps ragini…

    1. SHR963

      OOO…. ypo found out…. Hell lot of Scenes Sree……Hahahahahaha…. Lets try to include them…

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      Btw …. you picked the scenes well

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  11. wow it’s awesome episode as usual dear. Congratulations for ur 40th episode. I loved all Raglak scenes. Because I’m a huge Raglak fan. Want more Raglak scenes. Ragsan scenes are also superb. Sanlak bonding was really amazing. Love u dear

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  13. Successful 40 episodes. But all 40 are just awesome. Laksh anger was justified but he should not regret later fr doing all these. So I think he better stop this at correct time. And all the scenes are best, still fr Raglak – after she cut her wrist, laksh and Ragu’s talk with him, fr Ragsan-. when Kavya stabbed her and he called her uttara(everyone knows Sanky likes Rago a lot but his brotherly feeling was not exposed till then). for sanlak I can’t choose one. They are the best in all situations. take care nd update soon…

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    I love each and every scenes of this ff.
    RAGLAK – when ragini drank the hot coffee in just less time and secondly when laksh made her wear thaali and thirdly their bike ride .

    RAGSAN – when ragini drank the alcohol and sanskar supporting her and today’s one too when sanskar blushed a little ??? .

    SANLAK – when sanskar give support to laksh to propose ragini and sanskar teasing too .

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    awesome….loved it core….and congrats for completion of 40 episode….
    ofcourse laksh revenge was justified…but thz revenge track should not destroy anyone life..
    Raglak -laksh feeding ragini after the suicide attempt….
    Ragsan -when ragini drunken Sanky supporting….
    sanlak -all the scenes r best….i can’t choose one….
    ragsan hide Sanky love swara to laksh that the same way laksh also hide swara love Sanky…so I think raglak join together to unite swasan….
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      Thank You Dear… Nice picks

  24. Congrats.My favorite raglak scenes – taali scene.ragsan – ragini’s drunk scene.Sanlak- sanskar supports laksh scenes

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  29. Fats

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    P.S congrats for 40 episodes, it’s been a lovely journey so far. And these are my fave scenes, it was really difficult to choose just one though.
    RagLak: Ragini’s birthday when she got the thaali.
    RagSan: RagSan’s kitchen moments
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  31. Akshata

    awesome update, i think laksh’s revenge is justified. he almost lost his wife. i dont know actually how will laksh react after knowing this truth of ragsan but i think he will feel disappointed, but he will understand their pov also.
    Congratulations for completing 40 part…..
    Favourite scene… oh god i know so many. but i will try.
    Raglak :- when ragini came in between laksh and kavya when kavya tried to stabb lash and then he realised he truly loves her like more than anything and he cant live without her.
    Ragsan :- i have a long list. hmmm when laksh slapped ragini and sanskar chose ragini over laksh and protected her and gave some peace of mind to him that was my favourite.
    Sanlak:- when sanskar said i will support you in your all the decisions.

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    Fav scenes
    Ragsan: the kitchen scene which is in sanky’s room I guess
    Sanlak: that dialogue of sanky” I’m your older brother by ten minutes
    Raglak: the bike ride was the best

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