Jeene Ki Tammanah Hai (EP – 38)


EP – 37 :

ReCap: Swara in Maheshwari House…. Ragini insecure about Swara
It was a surprise for her that Soumya was Lucky’s Bhabhi…… that was wow… She thought that it was a great thing to both her friends in the same house…
“I cant believe that you got married to Om Jiju… Oh my God … you used to be behind him like anything na..” Swara teased Soumya
“ Haan Yaar….and a happy mother of a boy…” Soumya blushed…
“Pata Hain… you are so lucky Yaar…. Married to the man you love… Bhabhi to your friend….awesome Na…” Swara exclaimed
“ Ha… Haan Swara…” Soumya said rather uninterested….
Sapna came into the room with three glasses of milkshake…
“Arrey sapna… why did you bring these…. I am really full…Ragini fed me without leaving any space in my stomach” Soumya’s face changed when Swara uttered the name of Ragini… But Swara decided to ignore it….

“ Aur Batayo Swara …. How is your Family…??” Soumya turned the topic…
“ Everyone is good… Maa,Papa,Daadi,Dadaji, Dida and Ayush…. Everyone doing fantastic” Swara said, forcefully taking the sip of the drink Sapna offered…
Swara vaguely felt the relation between Laksh and Soumya was not that friendly as she expected…But she reserved her questions for Laksh, whom she was more comfortable than Soumya…
Swara decided to find Laksh after her short gossip session with Soumya…. She walked towards his room… she reached the doors of Lucky’s room…Sanskaar, Lucky and Ragini as present in that room…and Lucky as still trying to beg forgiveness from Ragini…and Sanskaar was sitting on a sofa…reading some book, yet smirking at Laksh’s condition
“Ragoo Yaar…. I made a mistake Yaar…. Won’t repeat it again…. I was just teasing Swara ….” Lucky begged …Swara let out a chuckle… It was fun to see her best friend begging… Ragini stood with her back against him…smiling…. Obviously she as teasing him… it was her revenge… to make him beg..
Ragini was a surprise to Swara today….She was initially shocked as she thought Ragini was Sanskaar’s wife… Then relieved to know that she was Laksh’s wife….Swara felt that Ragini was a brave girl from Laksh’s words. The way she faced all the odds in her life… Swara kind of liked her…But somewhere she felt way from her….The space she had in their life made her a bit careful…. life in Laksh’s family revolved around Ragini…Be it Laksh, Sanskaar, Sujatha Maa or Ram Papa…. All they had to talk to Swara was Ragini and what she meant to them…She even held a large space in Sanskaar’s life

“Sanky…. Tell her naa… To eat this desert from me….. She is not allowing me to feed her Yaar…” Laksh complained in a cute way
Sanskaar closed his book in a thud and walked to Laksh. He snatch the barfi from his hand , took a small bite and the gave it to Ragini, which she took immediately
“ Kya yaar Ragooo…. Not taking from me” Laksh folded is arms and made a pout Face
Ragini stuck her tongue out and went near him….She took another Barfi and pushed into Laksh’s mouth… Laksh was immediately relieved that she forgave him…. He hugged her tight, to which Sanskaar came as an addition… Swara for a moment felt that she will never be able to be attached into this trio, even though she wanted it very much… The bond they share was beautiful and tight
Swara was not even sure that she would get an entry into sanskaar’s life…. He as always rude with her. Still now he is grumpy with her… she was jealous of the way he took care of Ragini…
“ Arrey Shona” Laksh’s call broke her chain of thoughts… “Come in… “ the Trio broke their hug and stood still…
“ Did you have a good time with Soumya Bhabhi” Ragini asked politely…. Swara concluded that their relations with Soumya was sour from the expressions of Sanskaar and Laksh
“Ya….“ Swara said….” We met after such a long time … You know…”

“ How do you know Bhabhi “ Ragini asked ,as Laksh made her sit on the Sofa, he gestured Swara to sit . Sanskaar sat with Swara, inches apart…Laksh sat sticking to Ragini , keeping his arm on her shoulder. Ragini rested her head on Laksh’s chest almost naturally…
“You dint tell her Lucky??” Swara looked at Laksh, confused…..”Me ,Lucky and Sumya used to be classmates..” Swara turned to Ragini…
“ Really??” Ragini looked puzzled..” You both dint tell me…” Ragini complained to Sanskaar and Lucky
“ Leave it Naa Ragooo” Sanskaar said casually… “It is not an information of relevance anyway…” Swara could clearly map disgust on Sanskaar’s face…
Laksh ,Sanskaar and Swara talked about all the matters around the world…. Ragini was rather silent…smiling at Lucky’s expressions … as if nothing on this world mattered to her than his smile….
Sanskaar became bit more amiable to her…But not at a position where she can call him friendly…but easily communicable…..All these years ,she had only one name in her heart… that was Sanskaar and right now he was with her….She continued her talk with them
“ Arrey …..Ragoo slept???” Sujatha came into the room.
Their attention shifted to Ragini, who comfortably dozed off on Lucky’s chest…Lucky caressed her cheeks and kissed on her forehead….He had a small smile on his face….
“ It’s the initial months Naa…. She will be tired” Sanskaar said
“Hmmm … Yes….” Lucky smiled

“ Lucky… lay her on the bed” Sujatha Maa instructed. Lucky nodded. He picked up her in bridal style, which startled her…She opened her eyes a bit , Lucky lay her on bed and spread blankets over her …….He lovingly caressed her to sleep
“ Acha Lucky… Yaar I am leaving….. Its late “ Swara stood up…
“Ok Shona….” Laksh said and turned to Sanskaar “ Sanky … Yaar drop Shona home”
Swara was petrified…. The thought of Sanskaar dropping her home brought butterflies in her stomach….
“No need Lucky….I will manage” Swara was trying to be diplomatic
Sanskaar paid heed to her words, picked his keys and left …Swara said bey to Lucky and Maa, then followed Sanskaar

Swara was conscious…..She as sitting on the passenger seat as Sanskaar drove her home……She felt as if she was dreaming…. A strange silence engulfed them……and she wanted to break it…. She searched her brain to get fine questions to present
“ Why dint you get married” Swara asked and bit her tongue on the abruptness of her question which startled him altogether…” I mean ….Lucky is the younger one among you ,he is married , but not you?”
“Dint get the perfect person” He said rather casually … “Maa and Ragoo Rani is searching for a perfect girl”
“ You want to do an arrange marriage??” Swara asked
“ Hmmmm….Yes….” Sanskaar said…I believe that our parents make best choices for us….like how made chose Raghu for Lucky…”
“ You seem to be very close with Ragini….” Swara said with jealously dripping in her…
“ Hmmm… Yes… Ragoo is the heartbeat of our house” Sanskaar smiled…
They reached Gadodia House .Sanskaar Swara till their doors… Swara’s mother Sharmishta opened the door.Sharmishta smiled wide on seeing Sanskaar
“ Arrey Sanskaar Beta ,Its been a long time…” Sanskaar bent for her blessings
“ Mishti……….. who is it??” Swara’s father Shekhar asked from inside
“ Its Shona ….with our Sanskaar”
Shekhar was excited to see his friend’s son after a long time… They pulled him for tea, despite of his protests… Sanskaar was spending his time with Swara’s parents…Swara looked on from the door and smiled….Meanwhile her Marwaari Daadi and Bengali Dida popped into the scene , bickering as usual. They stopped on the sight of their Shona smiling….
“ Who is that guy talking with Shekhar and Sharmishta , Swara Beta?? Daadi asked
Swara was startled by their presence..” He is Sanskaar , lucky’s brother Daadi”
“ Oh Ho…. Our Shona’s lover Boy” Daadi and Dida knew all the secrets of Swara’s life…. Even though Daadi and Dida fought with each other , They always joined forces when things comes to their Shona’s happiness…and they fought together , if someone hurt her feelings
Screen freezes on a blushing Swara

PreCap:Proposals for Sanky……

So my Dears…. When I went through your comments …… I found out that not everyone is happy with the present track and flagged issues regarding Swara’s entry… So I decided to address four major issues you have raised
1. The Lead of the story
Many of them asked me to keep Ragini as the centre of the Story , and keep Swara as a side character….I will make it clear that I am a diehard Raglakian…. And this is Ragini’s story, So Ragini will be the lead…. JKTH is Ragini’s journey to find love and Family…. Swara is an addition to Ragini’s family
2. Demand for more RagLakSan Scenes…
I know that Last episode and this episode had more space for Swara and less RagLakSan scenes…. Sorry guys… This was because it was Swara’s introductory episodes… Things will get on track from next episode with more RagLakSan scenes
3. Want a different Character as Sanskaar’s Partner
Initially I thought a love triangle between Rucha , Amrita and Sanskaar…. But I was not happy how the story looked from that perspective…as Ragini, Rucha and Amrita were sisters and love each other like anything…. So story wont spice up…and will stay down with sacrifices….If Swara enters , It will be more spicy and Ragini will have time and instances to support her family and grow up through many emotions
4. Ragini’s Insecurity
Many of them feared that Ragini’s insecurity over Swara’s presence ill push er don to second lead… No worries guys…Its just that I wanted to show Insecurity in Ragini as I feel that we are all human and Ragini, too is… and I believe that it is natural to feel insecure in such situations…..

Hope you guys are satisfied with my address….If not Please flag your issues down as comments and also tell me about today’s episode……Bye Take Care and Love You….

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    Nw cmng to d issues…of cousrse ragino wud be insecured..common yaar she is a himan being…u knw wht? Am d centre and laadli of my family nd we r settled in dubai..whn i go to krla suddenly my moms attention changes frm me to others which is quite natural since she has to attend other relatives nd i end up in gettng fight wid her….u knw a kind of insecurity..hehe…den..yeah..initially i was worried abt swasan takng d limelight…bcz fr me dis ff is nt abt raglak or swasan..its abt raglaksan…bt am glad that u wil nt deviate frm our leads..nd yes u r triangle btw sanskar rucha and amrita wud be weird…nd since u promised that frm nxt update the story wil b back to raglaksan .m so glad..and on a personal note pls dnt mind my short comment on last update..bcz as i said am sick frm past 6 days wid fvr, bronchitis..eye infection nd wht not? So i was nt able to read nd commnt much…bt if i give a short comment fr dis update also den u might be hurt…hehe…nd i dnt wana hurt u…so concluding my blah blah ..keep rocking….

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    Wonderful update like always. Looool it was nice to see Laksh begging Ragini for forgiveness after making him her ‘devar’ ?. That was an amusing scene. And aww I loved how Ragini just dozed off on Laksh’s chest, that was so sweet ❤️. And SwaSan’s scene was also great. Dadi and Dida are such a tease ?. Can’t wait to read the next part ?.

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    regarding swara’s issue… hmm to be honest yes somewhere i also felt swara just stole the limelight from ragini but then i know that swara is also a part of the story, somewhere she is also an important character, and yes missing my raglaksan scenes.

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