Jeene Ki Tammanah Hai (EP – 23)

Hellloooo dears……. here we Go with the Brand New Ep Of JKTH

EP – 22 :Here

ReCap: Laksh breaks his ties with Bua , decides to confess his feelings to Ragini

Trembling, Shaking and panting….Laksh was pacing around the lengths and breadths of his room. He is the lion of his office, the Angry Young man of his house…. But now he was feeling as a scared lamb…He never felt so nervous in his whole life. He was never this even confused ,when he proposed Kavya.
“ Stop..” he said to himself. “ Laksh…. Just Stop… why are you trembling now….Look…She is your wife…and you already know that she loves none but you….Then why the hell are nervous??? AAgghhh….. It is not that she is going reject you….Just calm Laksh….She will come now… just Breathe in …. Breathe Out” Laksh took deep breaths. Laksh’s heartbeats stopped…..His so calmed heart panicked…on hearing those footsteps
“Hi…..Ragini” He uttered without turning back
“Oh……… Waiting for your Wife…. Mr Laksh Maheshwari” Laksh turned to see the owner of that familiar voice
“You…..What the hell are you doing here??” Anger rippled in Laksh
“Does that matter anyway……What I am doing is not your interest anymore…..” Kavya smiled sarcastically….” Now it’s all Ragini right??”
“Laksh…”Ragini stood at the door steps and was confused seeing Kavya….She rushed near Laksh
“Kavya…..Why are you here???” Ragini let out the question
“Why ?? Dint like to see me here…….You had the audacity to question me after trying to snatch my place in my Lucky’s life???
“ Kavya….. just leave …. Right away…. I don’t have that kind of time to waste on you…. You are a done chapter in my life….So Leave “ Laksh screamed
“ NO Lucky….I am not a closed Chapter Yet” Kavya screamed her voice Out….” I am the Last Chapter of your life….If you cant be mine….Then You cant be anyone else’s”
Laksh saw Kavya taking out a knife and lunging at him. He shut his eyes and opened on hearing Ragini scream in pain. He held her as she was slipping down. His eyes were fixed on Ragini’s stabbed wound, still with knife pierced and blood oozing out. It felt more like as if he was stabbed…. He struggled to compose himself and her. He wanted to call out for Sanky…Maa and Papa… but he voice was stuck in his throat.
But Telepathy really worked…. Sanky just popped up and helped him to hold Ragini
“Uttaraa” Sanky called out .. Looking at Ragini. Laksh was confused initially, but understood the situation. “ Uttara… Please Baby…Brace yourself…We won’t allow anything to happen to you… Uttara…. Open your eyes” Sanky panicked. Following Sanky Maa, Badi Maa, Papa, Rucha and Amrita came in and gasped at the situation

ICU…..This three big letters on the glass door shined and scared the life out of Laksh…he looked around himself and saw many horror driven faces…Badi Maa, maa, Papa, Rucha , Amrita and Sanky. It was his wife…inside ICU.. But Poor Laksh dint have the luxury of showcasing his own worry , anxiety and Pain or just cry out hard. He had to console hi family and her family, for whom she was everything… He had to be strong… But the thought of Ragini in struggling between death and life because of him weakened him. He decided to go near the person who was the most affected and the one who he is more comfortable with.
Sanky was still in a shocked state. Laksh after composing his expressions, sat near Sanky and put his arm around Sanky’s shoulders. Sanky looked at Lucky, teary eyed
“Lucky…. Hamari Uttara will be fine right??” Sanky’s questioned burned Lucky’s heart.
Uttara’s death, before three years had a great impact on Sanky .He went to mental depression and refused to accept her death. Laksh had to get out of the grief of his sister’s death so fast as he had to save his brother. It took a bit of a time for Sanky to recover from the trauma….but some scars remained in him. Sanky found himself a failure as a doctor , as he was not able to save his sister, and decided not to treat his family members as a doctor. Lucky always wondered about the relationship Sanky and Ragoo shared… How Sanky was able to care for Ragoo, even if he had to be against Lucky….. Now he had the answer…. Ragini ….was Uttara for Sanky….His baby sister…But Lucky cant and dint want to see Ragini as Uttara….
“ Haa Sanky… YOUR Uttara will be totally fine” Laksh side hugged Sanky and prayed that his Ragini would be fine .

After a successful operation and 12 hours observation followed by it, Ragini was shifted the room in a sedated state. Doctor instructed her family that , for her safety, only one person enter the room, until she id conscious , Ragini being the soul, there was a hustle between everyone to be that one person. When the debate almost was going to round down to Badi maa, Laksh decided to take the advantage of being her husband
“ Badi Maa… “ Laksh said in a low tone “ Can I go in??
Badi Maa was dying to go in….but she let Laksh in …..Laksh entered that silent room. He saw his Wife, His Life…His Ragini sleeping. Machines attached to her body beeped. He went near her and sat on the chair near hear head. His eyes brimmed seeing her pale face. He held her hand in his
“Ragoo…..Why do love me so much ….that you put your life on stake for me……am I worth this??” Laksh buried his head on her palm and tears brimmed from his eyes.
After a while…Laksh came out, giving chance to a restless Badi maa. Richa being a doctor, was coordinating with the doctors , about Ragini’s condition. Addition was that Adarsh bhaiyaa and Parineeta Bhabhi came in to visit Ragini
“How’s Ragini??” Parineeta Bhabhi tapped Laksh’s shoulder
“ She is ok Bhabhi…. Just waiting to gain consciousness” Laksh smiled back weakly
“ Laksh” Adarsh Bhaiyya called him to a corner
“ What happened Bhaiyya” Laksh asked in a weak voice
“ Lucky….I know that I should have handled this and I should leave out of this mess…. But I think you should come with to the police station ….They have arrested Kavya”

“ Please Come In Mr. Laksh Maheshwari” The inspector welcomed Laksh
Inside the cabin, there was Dadaji, Viren , Omkara, Mr. Singhania(Kavya’s father) and Kavya. Laksh’s blood boiled seeing Kavya. He was prepared to bounce on her, But Adarsh held him.
“ Mr. Laksh… Please calm down….we are here for a settlement” The Inspector said
“ What kind of settlement Inspector???? There is no settlement… I just want this girl behind the bars ….for attempt to murder” Laksh said coldly
“ Laksh…..” Mr. Singhania called…” I know that my daughter is at mistake ….. but please forgive her…” he pleaded…..She was the girl who loved once and She did everything for your Love….”
“ Wow…. Mr. Singhania…. You say Love…. This Lunatic , Insane Daughter of yours tried to kill me….. You call this Love…Leave that… If it was me… I would have forgiven her…. Whatever she did to me earlier… By breaking our marriage, Accusing me of raping… I have forgiven her… Today my Ragoo had to fall prey for her madness…. So I am not forgiving her” Laksh was furious
“ She came in Between us…… “ Kavya screamed “ How could I see you giving my place to someone else…..??? How dare you position her in my place”
“ You are mistaken Kavya …. I never gave your place to her…….You in my life was a girl whom I loved … But cheated me…..But Ragini is my Wife and my True Love” Laksh’s eyes twinkled with Determination and tears left in his eyes
“Laksh…. Please Beta “ Dadaji pleaded ……. “ Lets finish this off”
“ Haan Dadaji…. We are finishing this…. This girl is going to jail… “ Laksh started to leave…
“ Ok Mr DevRaj Maheshwari… I will go to Jail “ Kavya announced . “ but I will be taking along your grandsons Viren and Omkara as co- conspirators”
That came as a shock to everyone…
“ What the hell are you Spiting out Girl??” Adarsh bhaiyya almost lost his cool
“ Ha Bhaiyya….. How did you think I would have entered Maheshwari House…. They let me in …”Kavya smirked
Viren and Omkara was tensed
“ Om …. Vir…” Adharsh glared flames at them “ Is this true??” They kept quiet “ I am asking you people , something… open your Mouths”
“ Bhaiyya…. Wo…” Viren stumbled….” We did let her in…. but she told that she wanted to just talk to Laksh” Adharsh flagged a tight slap on Viren’s face. Laksh smiled sarcastically
“ Inspector…. Lock all three of them….” Adharsh told the inspector
“Laksh….” Dadaji called “ I kow that they are at mistake…. But Beta Please forgive them……. This old man don’t have strength to see his children in jail” Dadaji pleaded
“ Dadaji…. How can ask such a favour from Laksh… after what really happened” Adharsh was pissed
“ Leave it Adharsh Bhaiyya….. Inspector…. I don’t have any complaint against this girl…. Leave her….” Laksh left the station

When he returned to hospital, His Ragoo was conscious and his family also came into life…. She was sitting on the bed and smiling as always ……..her face lost a bit of colour…. But eyes had a shine. She was literally surrounded by everyone. When she saw him , She passed a bright a smile to him . He was overwhelmed seeing her ., he gave a painful smile to her.
“Are you alright??” she asked in a light tone
“Hello….Ragoo Rani…..You are the one who was stabbed…. Not him” Sanky joked… He was back to Ragoo Rani from Uttara…Means he was fine too…
Lucky and Sanky pushed their Parents , Badi Maa, Rucha and Amrita to the canteen as they had not eaten since the time they bought Ragoo to Hospital.Laksh was covering Ragoo with the blanket…Sanky was resting on the couch
“Laksh …”Ragini called
“You told me that you wanted tell me something yesterday na…..Before …Kavya camee…..What was it??? Ragoo flaunted her curious eyes.
“Haaa….. I had to tell…” Laksh stumbled….Sanky smiled sheepishly…. “Wo Ragoo… I am having month end analysis , next week….So I wanted to help me with selecting my clothes , as I wont be coming home for a week……Now I will have to pack it alone na…” Laksh passed a weak smile

Laksh came out of the room and cried his heart out…Sanky came back of him……
“Lucky…. Lucky… Why dint you tell her that you love her???” Sanky held the shoulder of a crying Lucky
“ No Sanky….. I am not telling her anything…..”Laksh managed
“Why…..But why??? You love her na….then why??” Sanky was worried
“Look at her, Sanky…..She is hurt…. That too because of me…..she is always hurt because of me….How can I knowingly pull her to my life….even after knowing that my own so called family is behind my life??” Laksh said
“ Lucky….Do you realize that you make no sense…… If you say her that you love her….. then how is it gonna hurt her……You have already pulled her to your life……And the fact you love her will make a huge difference in her life…. So please…”Sanky begged
“No Sanky…. I have decided….I am not confessing my feeling…” Laksh released himself from Sanky’s grip and walked away from him
“Lakh Maheshwari” Sanky called ; Lucky paused his steps …” I always made way for you guys to be one….But this time…I wont bother anymore……But MARK MY WORDS… wont be able to resist yourself from her…..You yourself will Confess your Feeling”
Screen Freezes on the teary face of Lucky….

PreCap: Lucky …..Ragoo and Sanky …in Lucky’s Office
Will Lucky able to resist himself…….Or Will Sanky’s words be true???

Oh God……. I am getting Awesome Responses………Tooo happy…….this is making me want to write more……………..Thyankyuuuuu and Love You My Commenters and Silent Readers……
There was a kind of commotion because of my ending in the last update….I think that is settled now

And I am happy that everyone loved Laksh…. Now about Sanky……How do You like Sanky..??? I was thinking about a parallel love track for Sanky…..after a couple of episodes….After Raglak settles…..S I want your opinion on whether I should stop the story after Raglak settles or whether we should continue after that….Because according to the plot in my mind after Raglak settles …. It is going to be way long…… So drop in your comments……


  1. nitu

    I was waiting for this update… nice epi. … loved it.. I have no probs with Sanskar love story, as far as RagLak gets importance

  2. Fouzarshi16


    |Registered Member

    Oh dr u nailed it. Its very horrible to know our loved ones back stabbed us. Hw can he think that his love may hurt ragini. In ur story sandy have special charming. I love to read elder brother by 10 min dialogues of sanaya. He is perfect bro son frnd. I want to c sanky’s love story tooo

  3. Anjali

    yes sanky word’s will be true. I hope so. It was emotional yaar. Fabulous ep it was. Superb update next part soon can’t wait. I really love sanskar love towards ragini as he thinks ragini as uttara. Lovely. 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  4. Fats


    |Registered Member

    This was a lovely update. You wrote Laksh’s pain perfectly. The way he yearned to see Ragini first after her operation and the way he was so angry at Kavya because Ragini was the one that got hurt was so beautiful. It shows how much Ragini means to him ❤️. And aww it’s sad he didn’t confess his love. But it will be interesting to see if he can’t resist himself from Ragini. Can’t wait to read more 💕.
    P.S: I also like Sanskar’s character a lot. He is such a lovely brother to Laksh and friend to Ragini. His scenes are always fun to read xx

  5. Fairy

    Super awesome update dear…thnk god rags is f9 😊 hahahaha lucky i dnt think dat u could resist urself😉😉😉hope soon u”ll confess☺☺☺😊waitng eagerly for it😊😊😊..
    N about sanky charecter…huff!!!wt to say …hes my fav. Charecter in ur ff…i loved him even more den rags😊😊😊i cn say dat i hvnt seen ny other ff where i could find hes charecter more better den urs…

    N i would suggest u to cont…dis ff after raglak get settled also..n make swara as a pair for sanky plzzz😊😊 keep rockng n stay blessed dear😊😊😊😇☺

  6. Tamanna


    |Registered Member

    Awesome… Please continue it….
    Sanskar is my favourite character of this ff….I really like ragsan bond and sanlak bond…It’s amazing….

  7. Nami


    |Registered Member

    Yeppie finnaly got to read the next part. It’s amazing. As I always say no words left to praise ur writing. It’s just out of the world. I just loved reading ur ff. Being a die hard raglak fan after reading ur ff I fell in love with raglak all ovr again. N now m fan of Urs as well.
    Just excited to know how will laksh propose ragini. N would love to see sanky’s track as well coz I don’t want ur ff to end soon.
    Loads loads of love and a big big for u from my side😘😘😘
    N plz post the next part soon

  8. Akshata


    |Registered Member

    Awesome, finally ragini is out of danger ( i thought so), pls knock some sense into laksh’s head so that he can confess his love, he is behaving like a stupid fellow. he is already married to her, she is already in his life.
    sanskar’s character is the most adorable character in your ff. everybody will love to have brother, son or frnd like sanskar in their life ( he is a pillar). he is easy going person. again loved his family to the core. fav line, “elder brother by 10 min” ( kidding), understand persons nature easily, whether it is good or bad. good sense of humor.
    i would love to his love story also, but pls first settle raglak love story. update soon, i am waiting 😀

  9. Sreevijayan


    |Registered Member

    Argggghhh..what is laksh’s does he wanna hurt her fr juz keeping her as a friend fr whole life or will he divorce her? Idiot kahika…

    Nd nw answer to ur question..may b i am being selfish here..i dnt want a parallel love track for sanskaar ..bcz u kmw wht i adore the most in this ff? It is sankys and ragini’s relation..they are the best…

    Anyways nw comng to my most fav writer..and dats u…u r simply the best yaar

    • SHR963



      Thank You Dear….. and Ya dear…. Me tooo adore Sanky’s and Ragu’s relation…so even if a parrallel track is to begin…. that will be intact

  10. Ammu

    Awesome episode and interesting precap.Plz plz plz don’t end soon. We are eagerly waiting for next and plz continue

  11. Ashnoor

    Wow awesome episode.
    Laksh will not be able to resist his feelings towards ragni 😚 .
    Sanskar is always a hero . We all like sanskar in reel life and varun in real life . Pls start his parallel love story also with raglak love story.

    Pls continue also after there settlement .
    Waiting for next .

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