Jeene Ki Tammanah Hai (EP – 22)

Helloooooooo…….Here We Go……with brand new Ep of JKTH

EP 21:

Recap: Truth Out…….
Sanskaar walked into Laksh’s and Ragini’s room. He saw Laksh sitting beside Ragini , taking her one palm in his and stroking her forehead. Sanskaar sat near Laksh. Laksh warmly smiled at Sanskaar
“I think that doctor gave strong sedative…..Your Ragoo Rani is still sleeping” Laksh said “ If you’ve treated her….then she would have woken up by now” Laksh joked..
“ Lucky….”Sanskaar mumbled

“ Haa I know .. I know that you won’t treat your family members” Laksh said
Sanky looked at Lucky, who was staring at Ragini. Lucky sat as if he was only worried about Ragini…..But Sanky knew that Lucky was burning inside .One hour ago, Lucky’s world just shattered. He came to know that his Bua Maa was conspiring with Kavya against him as she wanted Ragini out of Lucky’s Life……They staged this Molestation scenario ….to make Ragini leave Lucky….After hearing recording….Laksh was numb…he dint have any tears in his eyes….He just walked off from there without speaking anything…. Kavya was thrown out of the house immodestly. She left giving Deathly glares and a warning that she would destroy their happiness…..

Sanky opened his mouth to ask whether he was ok…But before that….
Sanky…..I am not OKAY….I am in Pain yaar….Just shattered….Bua Maa…”Laksh broke down , tightly clutching Ragoo’s palm. Sanky side hugged Lucky and joined his pain…. Sanky never liked Bua ….But He was also shocked when he came to know about Bua’s involvement with Kavya.
Their Hustles slightly disturbed Ragoo’s sleep. They got alerted
“Ragoo….are you awake?” Laksh asked…in a busy tone
Ragoo opened her round eyes completely and observed the surroundings. She stared at Laksh for a second and then turned to Sanky. Sanky was scared by her expressions, as he felt that she was acting like a movie heroine who must’ve lost her memory after getting hit on her head. But he was wrong. Ragoo sprung up into a sitting position as soon as she understood the situation
“Kavya…”She uttered… “What happened to Kavya???”

Both Lucky and Sanky was reassured. Lucky pulled her into his chest and locked her into an embrace.
“Mad Woman…..Here We are worried about you and you are worried about Kavya”Lucky rested his chin on Ragoo shoulder. Ragoo was shocked by his embrace , but composed herself and stroked his bak. She gave a reassuring smile at Sanky who was already grinning at their situation. And they sat for quite some time like that

It was among the rarest of the rare days , where Laksh Maheshwari decides to cook…. And it was that Day. Laksh was in the their secret kitchen, while Sanky was sitting near Ragoo and slightly examining her health. Sanskaar told her about the incidents after her black out. Ragini was sad about how it turned up and wanted to console Laksh .A bit later Sujatha Maa also joined them. Maa had mixed emotions…At time she was weeping and sniffing …At times worrying about Ragini’s head…. Then thanking god for her safety…and then crying again.
Laksh came in with his Five star Mushroom Soup in a grand bowl. He faked a huge bright smile, which everyone understood was fake….. But decided to play along….Laksh took control of the bowl and spoon . He fed Ragooo, Sanky and Maa alternatively . Ram too joined the moment and got his chances to drink the soup. They forgot the chaos outside and giggled .This was Sanky’s happywala family moment…But he knew that even though Lucky was enjoying this , He will be missing Bua….Sanky knew that there will be a turmoil inside Lucky’s calmness…. But he decided to wait until Lucky would feel free enough to unleash it

Everything was fine Never the less…. Until Bua knocked the door . The moment stopped , Sanky looked at Lucky’s face which went quite pale
“ Laksh…” Bua called
“HOW DARE YOU COME BEFORE MY SON???” Ram Roared and sprung up from the bed. . Everyone got up on their place and was tensed . Ram walked straight to Bua
“ Arent you satisfied by trying t make him rapist…Huh….Did you come to see whether He is still breathing?” Ram screamed on her face. Dadaji, Daadimaa and other family members came up hearing the noise
“ Please Ram…. Mind your words..” Bua warned “Laksh is my son”

“ Son??” Ram exclaimed ….”oh really??….Great..” Ram Clapped his Hands. “you are ridiculous ….And I wont allow a woman like you to roam around my son…. So , JUST. STAY . AWAY . FROM . MY SON.”
“Ram….” Dadaji called softly “I know that Gayathri is at mistake….But She is Laksh’s mother….She brought him up… You can cut them off….”
“ Yes Papa… I Can Cut them Off…… I made a mistake then , by allowing Di to take Laksh ….Even when Sujatha dint want that….So I am correcting that mistake…….I am cutting them off”Ram stood stern
It was the first time when Sanskaar heard Ram raise his voice in front of Dadaji.Sanky was happy that Ram was taking a correct decision for Lucky
“No Ram….Whatever it is…. You are not taking the decision” Dadji exerted his power….” It is between Gayathri and Laksh…. They will take the decision”
Before Ram could speak, Lucky came , who was hiding behind ram came forward. Honestly Sanky was scared of Lucky’s decision as he knew that Lucky loved Bua maa dearly. Lucky came forward with a determined face.

“ Dadaji” Laksh called. “ You see that woman” He pointed at Sujatha “ I know that She gave me birth, I know that she loves me to the core….She chose all the best things in life…But I was never able to do justice to her” Tears dripped don Sujatha’s and Lucky eyes. “ I know that Sanky always gave the happiness of the son… but I always saw a longing for me in her eyes…. I always ignored it…. You Know why????…… For another woman…..She was everything for Me …. My world…. My Happiness… I trusted her more than any thing…..But she ….She broke my trust….She played with my emotions and respect….and that too for a girl….Who cheated me once….”
“ Laksh….. please Beta… understand me… I did it for your good……” Bua came in front of Laksh and begged
“ You know what?? You and Kavya was the two women I loved the most….. Both of you proved to be a wrong choice……So this time I have decide to correct my choices…..Lets get back to our right places…… I will give you the right place in my life…. today onwards….You are my Bua; My dad’s sister and I am your Nephew….. that’s it…… Nothing more than that….. And lets cross paths less” Laksh declared

“ Laksh Please….. “ Bua cried “ Please don’t Punish me like this……Please”
“ I am Punishing Myself…… Not You….For trusting you and loving you….and I am returning my correct place” Laksh walked to an tearing Sujatha and hugged her…. Sujatha rested her head on his chest and cried in relief for a long time

The turmoil slowly went down .Laksh erected himself ,faster than Sanky expected. Nowadays, he was Sujatha Baby…Ragoo , Sanky and Ram was jealous of Sujatha pampering Lucky…Bua was still in an upset mood. She tries to reconcile with Lucky, But he completely Bua zoned her…..
Something new was that Lucy was acting odd nowadays… He , from nowhere would be seen staring at Ragoo, tries to find odd reason to spend time with her, Sometimes he is lost and sometimes crazy…..He behaved like Sanky’s old Lucky…..
“ So…..When are you telling Ragoo? Sanky aske sipping his coffee. Lucky and Sanky was having there Bro time together in Sanky’s balcony…..
“ Tell What??” Lucky was confused.

“ Tell That You love Her” Sanky replied casually
“ How did you know that?….. That I love Her” Lucky was shocked
“ Oh Come on Lucky…….I knew it from when…. After all I am your elder brother by ten minutes” Sanky pulled his collars… “ But tell me… When did you realise it??”
“ Hmmmmm…. It was the time I saw her unconscious in that storeroom….Bleeding … I really thought I might lose her….i wouldn’t have managed to survive if something happened to her…….When that thought crossed me …. I understood that I love her….. more than my life and that she eventually became my life” Laksh said with utmost sincerity in his eyes
Sanky smiled proudly at his brother…..

The Maheshwari annual Party was going on…..In the Maheshwari mansion…..It was a relief after so much drama in the house. Sanky never enjoyed Maheshwari parties…. But this time Ragoo and Lucky made him comfortable….. Lucky, Sanky and Ragoo looked awesome the party. Sujatha specially made the simply yet elegant clothes for them….Lucky and Sanky pulled neat casuals and Ragini in a navy blue anarkali
Badi Maa along Ragoo’ two friends Amrita and Rucha came for the party. Badi maa was always a strict figure for Lucky and Sanky ….. But This time Badi maa was not…… The Badi maa Ragoo said to them was different and they felt really happy , getting to know their Annaprna Badi Maa in a different way…….
Post Party….Lucky and Sanky had a different event…..Lucky planned to confess his feelings to Ragoo…It was not that kind of an event….But Lucky just wanted a small atmosphere with the food Ragini liked……Sanky helped Lucky arrange them in the Maheshwari Garden……..
Sanky was tricked Ragini, who was chatting with her friends to go to Lucky …. In turn took it as his pleasure to entertain Ragoo’s friends…..They talked , laughed, played cards and later joined Sujatha, Ram and Badi Maa.

“RAGHINI……”Sanky was startled by Laksh’s frantic scream….Sanky rushed to the Garden. On reaching there, he was shocked to see a person, with her back turned to him holding a knife bathed in blood, Ragini on the clutching her bloodied stomach and A shocked Laksh holding her from back….
Sany was petrified….The only word he uttered was “ Uttara….”
Screen Freezes on a wounded ragini , Held by a shocked Lucky……and Petrified Sanky……

PreCap:Ragini hospitalized

What really happened?? Who is the Person who stabbed Ragini???

OMG….I am really overwhelmed by your response……. I was…so happy when you guys picked up the best moments in the ff as your Favourite Moments………….
Thank You So much …..All the commenters and Silent Readers for Loving appreciating JKTH….. Keep suppoortinggg……..

Now , Tell me …Whether you like the Character of Laksh or not in this FF and Why,,,,,,


  1. Tamanna


    |Registered Member

    Awesome… But shocking ending….. Please make everything fine between raglak…..
    I really like laksh character…

  2. lovely

    Uttara,!!! Is she alive?? Omg waiting for next part, this one is superb and I loved the way you portrayed laksh character

  3. Ashnoor

    Wow…it’s awesome Laksh loves Ragni 💖💝 . May be there’s a misunderstanding. .
    Next part soon .

  4. kamy

    It was an amazing episode I love ur ff a lot plzzz update soon can’t wait to know who is the person who stabbed ragini

  5. Akshata


    |Registered Member

    Did uttara stab Ragini becoz of some misunderstanding? i guess so. mindblowing update. finally laksh realised his true feelings towards rags. i like laksh’s character, i mean he is honest person, loved his family to the core, always took wise decision on time, never rush into anything. update soon

  6. Nami


    |Registered Member

    Another amazing masterpiece by u. I really have no words left to praise ur writings now. M just loving ur ff. N today’s episode was awesome. So happy that laksh realised his love for rago. N also excited for the upcoming twist. Can’t wait for the next part.

  7. Fairy

    Oh godddd wt a shock yaaar!!!!is it uttara who stabbed rags???well d episode ws super amazngggg!!!loved laksh confession..!!!awww he loved ragini !!!yipeee…😊😊😊😊 hope nthng wl happen to rags…waitng eagerly for nxt part..keeepockng n stay blessed😊😊😊 n yaa i dont lyk instead i loveeeeeeee laksh charecter here…hez jst awesomeee😊😊😊😊

  8. Shana98


    |Registered Member

    Love it,
    How could it uttara I bet it was kavya or bua in a face mask of uttara or maybe it’s really uttara ❤️❤️👌🏻👌🏻❣❣

  9. Sreevijayan


    |Registered Member

    Oh teri…as usual awesome yaar..he can u write like everytime….and u r askng v love laksh ? He is such a darling..

    I loved the part where he put his so called buama in place..she deserved it..

    And yaay ..laksh loves ragu rani..who the end was shocking…bt am sure mre sweet moments to come..

    Super duper update my dear

  10. Fats


    |Registered Member

    I just finished reading all the updates and I just love this FF a lot. I happened to come across it today and I am so glad I did. RagLak’s slow journey has been perfectly penned. The gradual change in their relationship from being strangers even when married to being comfortable friends was really nice. And now that Laksh too loves Ragini, it’s much better. All the past revelations were really interesting as well. The characters truly have struggled a lot and you perfectly portrayed the struggles through their personalities. Also, I just love all the bonding in this FF be it SanLak, RagSan, RagLak or etc. They’re all so so so ADORABLE ❤️❤️. Oh and some of my favourite scenes so far have been: Ragini’s drunk scene (she was so funny in that scene), Laksh declaring the fact that Ragini is his wife to bua, Laksh asking for forgiveness and getting his forgiveness, Laksh’s care when Ragini got hurt, SanLak’s plan to scare Ragini with the plastic reptiles, SanLak talking about Laksh’s love for Ragini, Sujju spraying water on RagLakSan and Laksh bua zoning bua. Lol that was a bit of a long list, but I couldn’t help myself. There were so many scenes I liked 😊. Oh and I do like Laksh’s character a lot. He is really sweet at heart. When ever he upsets Ragini, he’s always so guilty. And he has such cute bindings with his family. I enjoy reading his scenes a lot. Can’t wait to read the next part, Ragini in hospital sounds really exciting.

    • SHR963



      Awww….. oh My God…… I am so glad that you liked JKTH…….and you have pin pointed all the moments….Wow….Really awesome….. Thank you so much dear….and Keep supporting

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