Jeene Ki Tammanah Hai (EP – 19)


Heya Loves…….JKTH is back………….
EP – 18: Episode 18

Recap: A drunk Ragini
Four Days…..Which seemed to pretty much longer for some , than that of usual 4*24. Mostly everything was back to normal. Bua Maa portrayed as if she wholeheartedly forgave Ragini as she had to maintain a soft mother image in front of Laksh. Ragini too played well in getting along with Bua Maa. And for the rest of Maheswaris who seemed to be unaware of the clash between Ragini and Bua Maa ,remained unaware. But Ragini made it sure that she had a tight attitude in front of Laksh. She laughed, smiled and had fun with all and everyone and wholeheartedly ignored Laksh.
Ragini found Laksh more often around and in Maheshwari house with pleading eyes than usual. It felt like he had no work and was free all along, not as busy as a Maheshwari heir should be. Sometimes Ragini felt like a Duck mother being followed around like her duckling. It was unfortunate that Laksh slapped Ragini, but at a point of time, she felt otherwise. If this had not happened, Ragini would not have been able to see the submissive, pleading and cute side of Laksh
Ragini paced into Sanskaar’s room and opened the door and walked past to his book shelf
“ Sanky…Do you have any Spiritual reading in yourself” Ragini scanned his shelf
“ No Ragoo… I don’t” Sanskaar snapped out of the video which he was watching in his mobile
“Oh…..Ok ..”
“ Do you want to check my new collection of novels??” Sanky asked
“No Sanky… not in a mood for Novels”

“ Sanky…. Show me your new collection” Ragini was startled by Laksh’s voice. It was the first time Ragini saw Laksh interested in novels. Features of Ragini’s face turned grey and stiff
“YOU??? LAKSH MAHESHWARI ??? you want to read novels?? “Sanskaar stood up hanging his ear phones on an ear.

“Why?? Can’t I read??” Laksh shot back
“ Oh no No…..I dint mean that. You always said that Novels are inferior reading naa… and you never showed any interest in them before…. So…..” Sanky managed to put up his logic
“Hmmm….Just felt to read” Laksh passed a glance on to Ragoo. “Suggest some good ones” Lucky eyed Sanskaar

“ Hmmmm… Ragoo has good taste in novels…Ragoo please suggest him some good ones na” Sanky said
“ I don’t know brother’s taste Sanky….So better you suggest him …I have some work downstairs” Ragini turned and left the place without waiting for answers or questions or suggestions.
She found herself surrounded by her Bhabhis and Nanad in Kitchen. Except Parineeta Bhabhi, Sapna ,Soumya and Tripthi were a rare sight in Kitchen .honestly, their presence in the Kitchen never helped Ragini. Bua Maa and Kavya also entered the kitchen in the form of icing and cherry .
“Arrey…What is for lunch today??” Bua Maa asked with authority
“ Buaji…Ahhh We have Mixed Vegetable, Dal, Mattar Paneer “ Sapna counted ,as if she cooked them
“ And for sweets??” Bua Maa asked

“ We have coconut Ladoo Bua” Tripthi answered
“ Arrey Ragini beta …….Are you alright??” Bua Maa asked with coated venom in her voice.
“ Ji Bua Maa” Ragini said with a equally deceiving smile
“ Arrey Laksh beta ….. What are you doing here???” Bua Maa’s question made Ragini aware that Laksh was in the kitchen , But she did not turn her head and concentrated on her mattar paneer.
“ Wo… Bua Maa , I couldn’t find my blue shirt and came to ask Ragini about the same….” Laksh stumbled between his answer. Ragini was quite surprised as Laksh managed hi clothes. “ Ragoo… Can you search them for me” Laksh asked softly
Ragini turned to refuse , but saw the clear cut face of Kavya and Bua Maa fuming with jealousy and changed her plan

“Ji…… I will come” thus walked with Laksh to their room, passing a seemingly victorious smile to Bua Maa and Kavya.
“ I remember you clearly stating me not to interfere in your personal stuff… Then what about this blue shirt” Ragini questioned Laksh on entering their room.
Laksh locked the door and walked straight towards Ragini. He stood so near her…almost touching her and looked straight into her eyes, half pleading and half in pain. Ragini broke the eye lock and tried to walk out
“ Ragoo…” Laksh held her shoulders and fixed her position. “I know that I did a grave mistake and I regret it, but I won’t say a sorry to you as you are my family and I don’t apologize to my Family…..Please talk to me… Please….” Laksh pleaded through his eyes
“I don’t demand any apology from you…..Nor want to talk to you ….So please leave me…” Ragini struggled to free herself from Lucky’s clutches, But He hand his grip on her.
“Dekho Yaar….Please…..You dint even look at me properly after that incident” Lucky was seriously helpless
“Ok …If that is your problem…Then wait” Ragini stared straight into his eyes for around thirty seconds. Laksh was pretty confused by Ragini’s antics and little did he realise that he was losing his grip on her. “ See, I looked at you…Now leave me alone….I don’t have much time to spend on your craziness” Ragini freed herself and started walking past Lucky. But Lucky caught her hand
“Please Ragooo” Lucky’s tone almost melted her
“LEAVE MY HAND” Ragini said gravely.
Her anger made Laksh flinch. He slowly left her hand….and Ragini walked out of their room.
Her partner in crime was waiting for her outside her room. A smile appeared on her face after a faceoff of with Laksh.
“Can we have a word” Sanky asked. Ragini smiled positively
Sanskaar grabbed two cups of coffee from their secret kitchen and they settled down and his balcony

“See Ragoo…..I know that it is difficult to forgive Lucky….Even if it was me in your place…I would have done the same….But” Ragini who was sipping her coffee raised her eyebrow on Sanky’s But
“Don’t you think that it is high time you forgive him” Sanky waited for Ragoo’s answer. In the absence of her reply, Sanky continued “If you are waiting for a sorry….you won’t get it….Laksh never say Sorry and Thank you to his Apne..Even though he will loaded with regret and gratefulness in his heart…”Sanky continued as Ragini showed no sign of interruption… “Yaar …I can’t see him like this anymore…He is really regretting….I can see it in his eyes…. And poor thing because of this can’t concentrate in his work…and you know na Ragoo if he wont work….we will go pauper…”Sanky made a puppy face. “Please forgive him na… at least for me”
“Why should I forgive him for you??”Ragini shot at Sanky .Sanky was puzzled by Ragoo’s question . “Sanky Darling.,What do you think???…You think I can stay angry with anyone this long?? And that too to Laksh …No way….” Ragini smiled brightly

“WHAT??? So you are not angry with him??” Sanky almost screamed.
Ragini nodded hr head ,sipping her coffee and smiling
“ So are you faking your anger??? “ Sanky questioned her ,bit irritated
“Yes” Ragoo murmured
Sanky banged his cup on tea Table .” What the hell yaar Ragoo….He is been disturbed…walking behind you for days ….Bechare…He didn’t even sleep for many days …and here you are playing with his feelings….TOO MUCH yaar Ragoo….” Sanky got pissed off and stood up, to go
“Sanky..” Ragoo held his hand. “Yaar Please listen … Pleaseee” … Sanky sat down with an irritated face.” Yaar at first I was angry with him…But then when he pleaded around me….I melted…I really wanted to reconcile with him …But….” Ragini trailed off
“ But ….??” Sanky looked at her
“ But I was kind of scared…. Once we reconciled… He might just become the Old Laksh … Angry young Man…he will talk to me in bits……He looks really cute when he is pleading around ….and I love that…and as I have confessed my feelings drunk …He might move bit more far away from me …feeling awkward.” Ragini kept her head down…feeling kind of miserable. Sanky was surprised or rather shocked to hear her illogically logical reasoning.

He knew that from her point of view Her worries were justified….But he knew his brother…..and he was sure that her worries wont prove correct.

“Awww…How Cute…..” Sanky said showing off his fake irritation.” What yaar Ragooo…??” Ragini kept her head deep down. Sanky went near her and cupped her Face. “ Laksh really loves you… I have seen it in eyes…. He has moved on his life with you…. It is just that he dint still realize it….if it was not the case , He wouldn’t have been playing puppy for your forgiveness…” Sanky explained
“ But Sanky…..I don’t want to lose him….I have grown fond of his closeness…and don’t want him to go far….I know , I am selfish …I am hurting him… But” Words stuck in Ragini’s throat….
“Shh…Sh…. Chill Yaar…Nothing like that will happen…and if you are so scared about that…I will make a way out of this where you can easily say to him that you forgave him and he won’t be awkward around you…. Ok ??? Deal….???” Sanky extended his hand..
“Deal” ragini clapped his hand and smiled
Sanky grouped his family into his room at mid night 12, stating that he had to discuss something important. All five gathered up there on time .
“ Kya hua Sanskaar??” Ram enquired yawning….
“Papa… I want talk to you about something important…”
“ What is it Beta??” Sujatha asked
“ I want to talk about Lucky and Ragini”. Lucky became more alerted and Ragoo was nervous as she was unaware of Sanky’s plans. Sanky continued
“On the context of what happened some days back…Ragoo is still to forgive Lucky and Lucky is still pleading…..So I wanted to end this….” Sujatha and Ram looked at Sanky as if he had an aura of Messiah

“So……When I spoke to Ragoo..She said that she is ready to forgive Lucky on a condition…Are you ready to abide to the condition Lucky???” Sanky asked. Lucky nodded yes enthusiastically
“ Ragoo wants you to promise her something…Hena Ragoo” . Ragini was totally confused , but nodded yes. “ So…Please ask him” Sanky went near Ragoo and whispered….”Ask him anything…and everything”.. and then Ragoo understood it. She went face to face on Lucky
“Promise me Laksh…that you will trust me, as I trust you…… if we are in a bad situation, where you are torn between… at least you will show the courtesy to ask my part…..and promise me that you will behave and talk to me as you talk to Maa ..Papa and Sanky.. And Let this be the last time I am forgiving You….Next time , If anything happened between us…I wont” Ragini extended her palm
Lucky did not take the luxury of thinking again ,just grabbed her hand ..” I promise and smiled brightly on her innocent requests…So did Sujatha , Ram and Sanky
“ Lucky …Ragoo had one more condition…Hena Ragoo?” Ragini eyed Sanky in confused manner…But nodded yes

“ Anything….” Laksh said confidently
“she wanted you to wear her saree…and click pics with you” Laksh stared Ragini in horror…Ragini stared at Sanky in shock…Sujatha and ram Burst out in roar of laughter while Sanky smiled crookedly at Lucky
Days were moving pretty fine….The Sanky- Ragoo Rani Duo grew more mischievous with Lucky…Making them a trio…They stuck together all the time… Ragini had the best time of her life…Laksh was a surprise to her…He was far more naughty and playful than Sanky, masked it perfectly as Maheshwari heir in front of others…even his Bua Maa. Ragini loved him more with each minute….Laksh was comfortable with her than before…and she understood that even though he was a bit pulled by Kavya’s presence in that house…She was family to him…and that was enough for her
Like a unusual day.. Maheswaris sat in their hall. Everyone was present, including an irritated Sanky as they had to discuss about the annual party of Maheshwari group.
“Ragini….Where is Laksh??? Dadaji asked Ragini
“Dadaji…He is upstairs and is talking to a client…Will be back now.” Ragini said..
“AAHHH” Everyone was alerted by a scream and stood up. Kavya was running downstairs, crying and her clothes torn. She ran to Bua maa and hugged her
“Kya hua Kavya??” Bua maa asked Kavya, wiping her tears

“Bua Maa….Laksh… Laksh……He tried to molest me….”Kavya buried her head on Bua maa’s chest
Ragin stood numb…whereas other Maheswaris stood shocked. They saw Laksh coming down the stairs with Kavya’s dupatta in his hand and one hand clutching head
Screen Freezes on a Numb Ragini

PreCap : Decisions….Kavya’s…Ragini’s….Bua Maa’s…Dadaji’s…and Laksh’s…
Did Laksh really molest Kavya?? What will Ragini do??
Is this the end of Raglak???

Thank you dears for you never ending Support…….Seriously Happy about it
Love You Guys…
Stay tuned till Friday…

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