Jeene Ki Tammanah Hai (EP – 18)

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EP – 17: Episode 18

ReCap :Sanlak Clash, Ram talks to Laksh
Laksh was walking the lengths and breadths of his room. Something different was boiling inside him. He was confused. He wanted to talk to Sanskaar and Ragini…Especially Ragini. But they were not here. they went for a party. He felt really left back. He felt that ,for Sanky , His Ragoo Rani became more important than him. But Lucky knew that Sanky’s anger for him was justified as Lucky was wrong today. And Ragini…She just left with Sanky…Even if Maa had pushed for the party, she was not supposed to go . She was supposed to clear things with him. After creating all these problems, she went partying. He knew that Ragini was somewhere justified , he understood her feelings , But He don’t know why…He was presently irritated with Ragini and Sanky. He looked at the clock. It was ticking thirty minutes past ten. Each second was ticking like hours
“It is ten thirty …late night…and they are not back yet” Laksh spoke out to the walls in Frustration.
He took out his phone and searched for Sanky. He found his name, but was not able to call his brother. Some irritating Feeling was stopping him. suddenly he phone flashed “Sanky” and rang. He was taken aback. His phone was in his hand ,but he decided to take after a couple of rings.
“Hello” He took and replied with full attitude.

“haa…Lucky…Hello” Sanky was panting heavily. Lucky could trace his heavy breaths.
“hello Sanky?? Are you alright?? And Ragoo?? Is she fine??..Sanskaar…Speak Out Damn it” the brother inside Lucky shot up. “ Sanky…Where are you?? I will come for you” Lucky went for his car keys . “ I am Coming Sanky….Tell me your location.” Laksh rushed downstairs.
“Lucky…Stop, Stop” Lucky’s steps sopped, but still tensed.
“Sanky…. Kya Hua Yaar?? Tum aur Ragoo teek hai na??” Lucky was fighting back his tears.
“We are fine are……But not so fine…leave that….Yaar … Everyone slept??” Sanky asked ,still panting
“Yaa….Yaa…Sanky what’s going on” Lucky kept his hand on his head, wiping off his sweat.
“Ok ….Then come Downstairs and open the main door……quietly….Don’t even let Papa and Maa know” Sanky was still panting
“ok …ok” Lucky was relieved that they were back home

Lucky rushed down stairs , as quiet as possible. The lights were off .It was the rule of Maheshwari house to go dark after ten. You were allowed to light your room , but the main hall should be in dim light only. Lucky opened the door without making any creaks. He was shocked to see the sight. Sanskaar,wearing formals was holding Ragini, who was in a hot Maroon Anarkali. Her one hand was hanging on Sanky’s neck and Sanskaar encircled one of his hand around her waist, supporting her. Laksh was furious , but he quickly grasped that Ragini was not in her sense and Sanskaar was tired supporting her .
“WHAT THE HELL IS THIS SANKY??” Laksh asked and took Ragini into his arms. Sanky was relived and was trying to catch his breath back and struggling to keep his step.
Lucky was a worried seeing Ragini in a semi unconscious state. He was standing ,by supporting , holding her shoulders, and she was facing him.
“ Ragini …Ragoo…” He tapped her cheeks… “ are you alright Ragoo?? Please answer me… Dekho..Please look at me…”Lucky’s eyes brimmed …His heart sank looking at her uneven eyes. Suddenly she stood straight and smiled at him sheepishly ,then lost her balance ,falling on Laksh in a hugging position. It was the first time lucky was so near to Ragini…First time having a proper skin ship…But he was not able to enjoy it as , his heart was blo*dy worried for her. He caressed her hair in that position.
“What happened Sanky?” Lucky asked helplessly

Sanky, by the time, composed himself and took a deep breath
“We should go to your room now…If anyone sees her drunk…We will be in deep trouble “Sanky told
“DRUNK?????”Laksh shouted
“Shut up … you moron… will get us killed” Sanky whispered strictly. “We need to get her upstairs”
“Sanky….Lets go and eat Ice cream…..”Ragini shouted
“Shit Shit…..Close her mouth” Sanky instructed Lucky and lucky placed his palm on Ragu’s mouth . Pulled her to a comfortable position to move her. She was struggling in his arms. Lucky was sad that Ragini, even in her unconscious stage never preferred him…for eating ice-creams . “I will move in front and check if anyone is coming or not…You just follow me after my instruction” Sanky told and Lucky nodded attentively.
Lucky and Snaky had old memories of playing , hide n seek…But today they were feeling the game….

Sanky and Laksh somehow managed to get Ragini to her room safely. As soon as they closed the door, Ragini released herself from Laksh’s clutch
“I WANT ICE CREAM SANKYY……”She screamed her throat out.
“Ragoo….Shh …Sh…..I will get you ice cream…”Sanky comforted her….
Ragini tried to balance herself and looked around the room. “Wow……….Such a bigg rooomm……Whose room is this Sanky” Ragoo started exploring her own room, dreamily.
“What happened ?? why is she Drunk??”Laksh asked
“Arrey yaar……Don’t even ask…I never knew that they were serving alcohol there…She drank thinking it was Apple juice….One drink….She has been torturing been…”Sanky sighed
“What do we do now??”Laksh asked
“I don’t know yaar….”Sanky said helplessly
“SANKYYY…THIS ROOM IS SO BIGGG” Ragoo said, walking towards Sanky and stood facing him. “Whose room is this??
“This is our room Ragoo” Laksh said softly, tapping her shoulder. Ragoo turned to Lucky and widened her eyes
“Wooww…..Sanky….Look…..Laksh Maheshwari…..See…The Great Laksh Maheshwari” She said in drunk mood, poking her fingers on Laksh’s chest. Laksh was in pain that his Ragoo was addressing like a stranger….like someone far…

“Woow…. I never expected to see him among us….You know Sanky…. He is my Patidev…..My everything…..and I love him so much….soo Much” Ragini held Laksh’s collar and looked straight into his eyes. She stood very close to him. Laksh had a ticklish feeling…This was the first time she confessed her love for laksh …even though he knew that she loved him.
“But ..You know what Sanky…..He doesn’t want me…..I am not anyone to him” a tear dropped her eyes .Laksh was hurt. He wanted to contradict her….But his words stuck in his throat under the pain of her words.
“You know what Laksh Maheshwari…….I HATE YOU….I hate you for hurting me” Ragini released Laksh with a force…Something stabbed Laksh’s heart………
“I HATE YOU” Ragini screamed on top of her voice, looking straight into Laksh’s eyes in pain. Sanskaar ran towards Ragoo and tried pacifying her ,while Laksh and Ragini did not break her painful eye lock
“ Lucky ….Ragoo …Kya Hua??” Sujatha and Ram opened the door hurriedly and entered
“ Maaa…. Papaa” Ragoo broke her eyelock with Lucky, and ran to Sujatha and ram and group hugged them , kissed them and smiled at them crazily .she was too off balance. They supported her
“Meri Bacchi… What happened to You?” Sujatha was terrified and hugged Ragoo
“ Sanskaar… Laksh… why the hell is she drunk….?? Ram rolled his eyes at his sons
“ Wo Papa……” Sanky explained …Laksh stood hurt, thinking about Ragoo’s words, while Sujatha and ram flared up listening to what happened at party
“ Sanskaar…. You should have been careful with her…” Ram complained

“ But maa…” Sanskaar tried to say something
Laksh and Sanskaar dragged Ragini into the Bathroom, Ragini was in between them standing off balance, smiling sheepishly.
All of three of them was drenched in water. Sujatha took the shower pipe and sprayed on all three of them
“Wow ….Baarish inside the house” Ragini jumped exicted
“ What the hell maa?? Why are you splashing water on me and Lucky….Its just ragoo rani , who is drunk” Sanky screamed at sujatha , despite of Water in his mouth.
“ Shut Up Sanskaar Maheshwari” Sujatha stopped the water for a while and screamed back . “ I drenched Ragoo to get her Sober and you both as a Punishment??
“What Punishment??Sanky asked irritated
“ Sanskaar Maheshwari, I am punishing you because you failed to take care of my Ragoo in a stupid party…and you Laksh Maheshwari” turning to Laksh “for hurting her” and then continued splashing water on them. Slowly Sujatha’s frown turned smile and she enjoyed tormenting her kids. Ram stood at the door and enjoyed the sight of his family

Sanky and lucky was in Sanky’s room changing their wet clothes. Lucky stood there with wet hair. Sanky took a towel and wiped of the wet hair of his younger brother by ten minutes. Lucky stood in a pout face.
“ You are not angry with me??” Lucky asked
“ I was…Not now” Sanky replied, setting his brother’s hair. “ Lucky …I was angered by the slap, but when I had to get Ragini in…after being drunk…Only your face came in my mind…And when I called you…your worry for us melted me…and when you saw Ragoo in that stage…I could see concern and love for her in you…and that was enough for me……”Sanskaar smiled at Lucky….
“Sanky….I am worried about her….I like her….But I don’t love her” Lucky said
“Maybe…..You don’t…..But soon you will love her….I have seen that in you…Because… today…First time you called her Ragoo …instead of Ragini……”

Lucky and Sanskaar entered Lucky’s room to check on Ragini. Ragini change her Anarkali to a simple saree and covered herself with a Kashmiri shawl. She was sitting on the sofa with Ram and Sujatha ,she seemed sober. She totally ignored Laksh.
“Ragoo…Drink this lemonade….you will better” Sujatha extended a glass and Ragoo took it.” Arrey Sanky Lucky …Sit here and have Tea” Sujatha offered them.” You guys….have it hot…you must been cold after playing in water” Sujatha blinked her eye at her kids
“Mad Woman” Sanky whispered and sipped his tea….
“Maa….” Lucky called…
“Ha Lucky bolo” Sujatha smiled

“I am sorry Maa… I did wrong today….Shouldn’t have slapped Ragoo….I was emotional and acted rash…I did a mistake” Laksh told to Sujatha but directed the words at Ragini.
“Its ok Beta…you regret your mistake…..and wants to correct it… that’s enough for me…”Laksh was relieved. And everyone was happy and smiling except Ragini. Laksh noticed it.
“Sanskaar…Can you please tell your Ragoo rani that you younger brother by ten minutes admits that he was wrong….But he won’t apologise…Kyunki wo Apno se Sorry nahi Kehta” Laksh smiled and So did his family, as he addressed Ragini as ”Apna”

“ Sanskaar” Ragini stood up and said . “Can you please tell your younger brother by ten minutes that He doesn’t need to apologize either ….Kyunki mein Paraayon ko Maaf Nahi kartha….” Saying this she walked out of the room in a swift, Buts topped at the doorsteps and said,
“And Ha Sanky….. I will be sleeping in you room…Please adjust with Mr Laksh Maheshwari”
After Ragini left , Laksh was very much hurt that his Ragoo addressed him as Paraya…
“ You will have to really work hard for forgiveness bro…” Sanky tapped Lucky
Screen Freezes on a Hurt Lucky

PreCap: Lucky trying to convince Rago…And a Danger Ahead..

Will Lucky really get Ragoo’s Maafi???Will Snaky be able to fullfill his promise to Uttara by uniting Raglak???
Stay tuned …….Next update one Wednesday(Hopefully)
Love you Guyss…..Keep Supporting………………….


  1. Ashnoor

    Awesome, yes Ragni should not forgave laksh easily . Let her be pampered by him for some more time.
    Can’t wait for next episode.

  2. Nami


    |Registered Member

    Rago I just loved her today. The way u explained the scene where ragini was drunk that was awesome. I was literally smiling while reading the whole story. And not to forget the bathroom scene was superb. It was fun reading this. I guess laksh have to really work hard now to convince rago. Overall loved it. Now m very excited for the next part. How will laksh convince ragoo.

    • SHR963



      Thank You…. i am simply overwhelmed by the fact that you are loving the ff and taking out instances and praising them…..Thank You so much dear……..

  3. Ruhani


    |Registered Member

    Omg amazing yr just amazing… Couldn’t comment on last epi it was Mindblowing.. I was hurt the way lucky slapped her n shouted at her but was relieved when her family supported her n stood by her… The way ram shouted at bua was awesome she deserved it… I’m glad laksh realised his mistake n ram made him understand… Ram is really very understanding n supportive… Sanky n sujata were too good yr the way they consoled ragini… Wow she confessed her feelings… Aww laksh concern for ragini was too good yr… I could see the intensity of love care n jealousy in his gesture… Hahaha sujata’s punishment was indeed funny… N ragini drunk Hahaha lol..! Poor lucky have to strike hard for her forgiveness… They way they confronted each other was too emotional yr the pain in their eyes was visible… I really like ur way of writing its unique.. Wow excited abt the nxt epi… Plz do update it on Wednesday…

    • SHR963



      Awww…… I am really amazed by the way you picked up instances and talked about them……Thank You dear….. Next Update is been put up…waiting for TU to publish … Hope you like it….

  4. Fouzarshi16


    |Registered Member

    I loved d epi most . It was very nice. U showed both raglak emotions beautifully. I felt really bad for laksh . But ragini is right on her views

  5. Fairy

    superb superb superb….loved it dear…!!! rago rocks … 😉 …alll d bst laksh hope soon u”ll get her forgiveness..keep rockng dear 😉

  6. Akshata


    |Registered Member

    what an episode. you have showed each and every emotions perfectly. first guilty and bit jealous laksh. poor sanskar, drunk yet cute and naive ragini. sujata’s sweet punishment for her twins, that was awesome. Then laksh’s apology which was not accepted by ragini, that was an epic moment. i loved ragini’s indifferent behavior towards laksh.

      • nitu

        Because Sanskar cares for her a lott… he gets hyper when its about Ragini.
        So I just imagined it. Sanksar loved her. And then sujju bringa her proposal for laksh. Sanksar sacrificing it for his brother. Hehe

  7. Sreevijayan


    |Registered Member

    Amazing addicted to this ff..i was literally jumping whn i saw ur update…

    Coming to d update… drunk ragu rani was cute..masha allah…poor laksh nd sanky…nd m lovng raginis is justified..i dnt want ragu to frgive him so easily..sanky nd dt bond

    Precap seems scary..whn wil thursday come? Cnt waiiiittt

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