Jeene Ki Tammanah Hai (EP – 17)

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EP – 16 : Episode 16
ReCap: Bua Ma forgives Laksh. Ragini screams at Bua Maa. Laksh slaps Ragini
“Ragini” Ram Prasad was startled by Laksh’s voice. He moved towards his sisters room, from where he heard the voice. He was followed by Sujatha. They entered Gayathri di’s room and saw Laksh in between Di and Ragini ,Kavya and Sanskaar was in the corners. Laksh was Screaming at Ragini
” HOW DARE YOU SPEAK TO BUA MAA LIKE THIS????” Ram could not guess the problem, But he was getting where this was heading to. He saw Ragini, who was fighting for words to tell an angry Laksh. Ram always knew that Laksh was the softest one among his kids resembling him, but he also knew that, when it comes to the extreme, he was the scariest one, resembling his Bua Maa
“Laksh…Do you know what, She doesn’t like me…She wants me to go away from your life. ” Gayathri Di just buried her head on Laksh’s chest. It was not a difficult task for Ram to understand that Gayathri di was framing Ragini as he knew that Ragini would never separate Laksh from his Bua Maa.

“Laksh…..Believe me…. I never said anything like this….She is lying …..She is cheating you…She is…” Before Ragini completed her words, Laksh slapped her. Ram could not believe his eyes. He heard Sujatha gasping in horror. She then moved towards Ragini in a swift and held her by shoulders.
LAKSH….”Sanskaar screamed. “ What the hell did you do?? Sanskaar came in between Ragini and Laksh
“Sanskaar…..Didn’t you see the way she was speaking with Bua Maa??” Laksh spoke in a raised voice matching Sanskaar’s pitch. “ She had the audacity to Scream on Bua Maa??? How Dare she accuse Bua Maa of Cheating Me???
“What the hell is wrong with Laksh??? You slapped her for raising her voice??? For accusing your favourite Bua maa??” Sanskaar was in the peak of his anger. “ Did you ask her ?? Ha….. Tell Me…Did you ask her why did she do?? Why she had to raise??” You blindly believed this lady” Sanskaar pointed at Bua maa.
“Sansskarr ….mind Your Language….” Laksh snarled
“Leave it Laksh” Gayathri Di said with tears in her eyes.

“Sanskaar …. Please don’t talk like this to Bua maa…Ragini is at mistake this time” Kavya said to Sanskaar
“Kavya Sighania…stay out of our family matters” Sanskaar warned. “ and you Laksh….” Pointing his finger at Laksh “ You are wrong this time”
Sanskaar turned towards Ragini, Ragini was still holding her cheeks, tears brimming down. Sanskaar wiped her tears . Sujatha was holding Ragini and pacifying her.
“Chalo Ragoo….. Chaloo maa” Sanskaar directed them to the door.
“ Sanskaar… Laksh called out ….. Sanskaar turned back ……. “ First time….. This is the first time you fought with me……That too for a girl” Laksh said it with a stern face, tears rolling down.
Sanskaar walked towards Laksh
“ Yes ….First time……This is the First time … that I felt my brother is wrong…..he is biased…. You are not our Lucky…..You are someone else…Blinded…… Our Lucky would never have raised even his finger on a girl…….But You…. You slapped your WIFE damn it…..” Sanskaar was in full rage. He threw words on Laksh and left with Sujatha, Ragini and Ram , leaving Laksh behind in tears.

Sanskaar and Sujatha took Ragini to her room and made her sit on her bed. Sujatha rushed out in tears to get water Ragini. Ram watched them, standing near the door. Sanskaar kneeled in front of Ragini
“Ragooo…..” Sanskaar called Ragini Softly. Ragini slowly lifted her head, still tears in her eyes. By the time Sujatha was back with water. But she dint get inside the room, stood there with Ram, resting her head on Ram’s shoulder, looking Sanskaar pacifying Ragini.
“ Ragoo…” What happened dear??? …Why did you raise your voice in front Bua?? You never speak to elders in such a tone na??” Sanskaar asked
“Sanky…..I am not lying Sanky….” She said between her sobs .” Bua Maa… she is lying …She is cheating us… She is trying to separate me and Laksh” Ragini buried her head under her palms and cried vigourously.

“What happened there Ragoo??….Bolo naa…”Sanky lifted her head. Ragini tried to settle her weeps
“ wo….I went to Bua Maa’s room to give her soup…. I heard her talking to Kavya
Bua: Kavyaa…please calm down……I will make Laksh realize his love for you
Kavya(irritated): But how??? How can you?? He is not even bothered I am here…..all the time Ragini Ragini Ragini…………..
Bua: Calm down …. Kavyaa….I know my son……He doesn’t love that Ragini…He only loved you….Kavya Sighania……and he will only yours
Kavya: Do you really think so(with a hope). Will I marry Laksh??
Ragini: No Kavya (entering Bua’s room and keeping the soup tray on table). You cannot be….Because I am Laksh’s wife.(turning to Bua) I always knew that you never liked me….But I never thought that you would be plotting against me.

Bua:Really?? Oh …that’s sad…hmmph…an orphan girl like you got into my son’s life and you want me to be excited ??? I wanted a perfect girl like Kavya in my son’s life….Not a fatherless girl like you….You are not even worth to be his maid….Sujatha picked you up from that Annapurna and placed you in my son’s life. What culture can I expect from that hippie like Annapurna…..You just wait and watch…I will throw you out from my son’s life within no time
Ragini: Bas……. You have no right to speak to me like this ….You are elder to me , so I am respecting you. Please don’t defame my Badi maa….And ya… I am the wife of Laksh Maheshwari …and that will not change”
“………Sanky… I know that I shouldn’t have raised my voice on her….but when she told about my badi maa and throwing me out of Laksh’s life….I couldn’t take it…”Ragini continued her sobbing .Sanky patted her head

“Sanky…. I don’t know …When …How and all…..But I love Laksh…..and I cant live without him” Ragini cried all heart out. “I know that he doesn’t love me…Nor considers me as his wife….I know that he is good to me because of you people….whatever it is…I don’t want to loose him Yaar……” Ram was really happy hearing Ragini’s words “ I never had a proper family,At orphanage…even though we considered everyone family, but it was Laksh who was my first family. It was through him I got a mother, a father and a brother…whom I can , without any hesitation call Mine…..I dont want to loose him….I don’t want to loose you guys” Ragini continued crying. Suddenly Sanky’s phone rang, and he stood and picked it up
“Hello…..Ha ..Harman….Bolo………Oh…I forgot Yaar….No..Yaar.. I cant come…Sorry Yaar…Ok Yaar…Bye”Sanky replied
“Who was it Sanky?? Ragini asked wiping ot her tears

“Yaar … It was Harman…My colleague at hospital. He kept a party at his place and invited me….I totally forgot about it Yaar” Sanskaar said
“Sanky… I think you should go…” Ragini walked up to Sanskaar
“No Ragoo…. I am not in a mood” Sanskaar shook his head
“ I think Ragoo is right… You should go for the party” Sujatha said, entering the room and Ram following her
“No maa … I don’t want to go….” Sanskaar’s words was cut off by Sujatha’s palm
“ You should Go” Sujatha said strictly “ And……….You should take my Baby girl with you”
“ No Maa…. I don’t want to go” Ragini rejected the idea fierecely
“Ragini Beta…. We are your parents and you must listen to us …..I think Sujatha is right , you both need to go ….. I know that the situation here is hot right now…..but I don’t want my kids to be upset like this” Ram requested them….

“Thank God , They left …. Otherwise they might have been sulking around” Sujatha said. Sujatha and Ram was walking towards their room. Laksh was coming opposite them. On seeing each other , they stood at their place. Sujatha after a second, Sujatha started moving ignoring Laksh.
“Maa” Laksh called. Sujatha stood there and turned to Laksh
“ Laksh…..just leave me alone ….Today ….you proved me wrong… I believed that you would keep my Ragoo happy……now I understood that you are not capable of that…. You don’t deserve my Ragoo. I made a mistake by marrying Ragoo to a boy like you, who do have any respect for his wife.” Sujatha was dropping tears. Laksh looked at her in pain
“Sujatha…..please…” Ram said. Sujatha left the place.
“ Laksh…..beta ..are you alright??Ram asked
“ I don’t know papa..” Laksh said miserably

“Come with me “ ram held Laksh by his shoulders and went to Laksh’s balcony. Both of them stared to infinity for a long time
“what happened to Laksh?? Ram asked softly. “why did you hit Ragini beta??
“Papa…I was really angry Papa…the way she was screaming at bua Maa….accusing her and Bua Maa’s tears ….I couldn’t handle it…” Laksh said “ I know that I shouldn’t have hit her, but she also shouldn’t have spoke like that to Bua Maa…”

“Laksh….Beta … I understand you…But tell me one thing….Why do you think a girl like Ragini screamed at di?” Ram asked
“ I don’t know dad?? I think there was a talk about Annapurna badi maa and also about me. But Bua Maa said that Ragini doesn’t want her in her life” Laksh was fairly confused
“Laksh…..beta look you don’t know the real reason….you dint ask her…and reacted in a biased way….” Laksh looked at Ram. ” When Ragini raised her voice on your bua maa, you slapped her. Annapurna is the same for Ragini is mother for Ragini and you know that. If someone talks about her, it is obvious that she would react” Laksh nodded “Beta ….It can also be a misunderstanding ….Gayathri loves a lot and but not Ragini ,she wants Kavya for you. Everyone here knows that. You being amiable to Ragini must have made a bit insecure and must have felt that You will go from her. And as far as Ragini is concerned, She is your wife and She loves you a lot beta….Maybe Kavya’s presence near you ,supported by Di must have irked her. I know that you married her for us….but you must consider her too Beta” Laksh bowed his head down. “And I am sure that she will never want you and Di separated…. Remember that …She was the one who saved yours and Di’s relation last time…..So please talk to Ragini and clear things out …..Please proved my Sujatha’s decision on marrying you and Ragini was right….”Ram pleaded
“ I will talk to her Papa…I will clear everything…..I promise “ Laksh was in tears.” Let me find her and Sanky… I must talk to Sanky too. He is very ashamed of me as of now”
“Beta…They are not here….They went out for a party and Sanskaar’s friend’s place” Ram stopped Laksh
“They went for a party” Laksh was shocked…and was dripping jealousy

“Ha….we sent them forcefully…to change their mood” Ram shrugged his shoulders
“Ok Papa…I will talk to them later….I will go now….Good Night” Laksh left his room. Ram smiled seeing his sons jealousy
Ram entered Gayathri Di’s room. She was reading a book
“What is it Ram??” Gayathri asked Ram in a disinteresting tone
“Di…..Today…..what you did was wrong. You shouldn’t have provoked Laksh against Ragoo” Ram said in an angry tone
“Ram….How can you talk to me like this??How can you believe that girl instead of your sister” Gayathri portrayed her fake tears
“Because… I know you both…I know how innocent my Ragini is and how sly you are……Di … Iam warning you…Let this be the last time you are playing such a game… time you hurt my kids or try to separate them… I will make sure that I will snatch my Laksh from you….you will not see his face anymore….GET ME?? Ram screamed at Gayathri and left her shocked without waiting for her reply
Screen freezes on an Angry Ram

PreCap: A Crazy Ragoooo…………..Troubled Sanlak

So Ppl….Do you think Laksh will be able to mend his relation with Ragoo and Sanky…..Or will it turn worse?????
Will post next tomorrow…..Stay Tuned till then ……Take care….love You people…..


  1. Maha6


    |Registered Member

    Laksh shouldn’t have raised his hands on ragu. Bua maa such a jerk. Sanky muaaah I love him. He supported ragu… Waiting for precap plz update soon. I want to see crazy ragu…

  2. Pammy


    |Registered Member

    Hello dear….i was ur silent reader till now….this z my SECOND raglak ff….i usually reads ragsan ffs but idk y i was attracted towards ur ff nd i am loving it….the way u potray each and every character z jz awesome….really literally am loving it…i am eager to read it further…come back soon

  3. Fairy

    Totallllyyyyy awesomeee!!!!hehehehe precap is realllyyy interestnggg….episode ws superbbbb dear…felt realllyyy bad for ragzzz…bua maaa i hateeeee u to d core..sanky is sooooo understandng,love him yaar 😉 …hope everythng gets well soon btween raglak.
    😉 …n dear plz plz plz post nxt part soon..waitng eagerlyy for it..keep rockng dear 😉 😉

  4. nikky

    nice I want to see jealousy in lakshya and kayya Bua ma face off with ragini but don’t make ragini to forgive lakshya easily next part soon plzz update regularly

  5. Nami


    |Registered Member

    Aaha it was amazing. Liked laksh jealousy. Hope he will clear all the misunderstanding with ragini n realize it soon that he is in love with her. And bua maa n kavya hope their evil plan will get exposed soon in front of laksh.

  6. Akshata


    |Registered Member

    And this is called a dhamakedar episode!!!!! full of twists and turns. loved it totally. loved the way sanskar stood up for ragini, not only sanskar but sujata and ram also supported her. i really want to see jealous laksh for some more time and ragini’s indifferent behavior for laksh.

  7. Sree

    OMG…can i juz hug u? Awesome maan….itstead of making it soo melodramatic u did it wonderfully…

    Sanskaar and ragu…they share the best relation ever…. felt bad for am sure dis wud be the beginning of an eternal love story of raglak

    Precap seems interesting..yesterday d whole day i waited and today i had work since in duabi d weekend starts on sunday..i juz logged in immediately aftr i finished my wrk and was checking the update of dis ff….and i got it…wohooo..

    Cant wait fr more

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