Jeene Ki Tammanah Hai (EP – 16)


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EP- 15: Episode 15

ReCap: Laksh Accepting Ragini as his wife in front of his Bua Maa

“Ragini is MY WIFE” Laksh declared
He felt fine after telling it out. It was very difficult for him to be in a situation where his wife was called as his brother’s wife. He can’t even dream of such a situation. He couldn’t stand Ragini’s teary eyes, Sanky’s shock and his parents’ helplessness when Bua maa called Ragini, Sanky’s wife. They all were relieved when he told it out…He was the right person to have cleared this confusion.
But, when he looked into his Bua Maa’s eyes…..He was broken again. She stared at him with a disbelief in her eyes. Tears rolled down her eyes
“Laksh.., you are joking right??” she pleaded him with her eyes “You are angry with your Bua Maa for staying away from you for a long time, so you are just punishing me na??.His Bua Maa took his hands and squeezed them for confirmation
“No Bua Maa….” Laksh whispered. “ Ragini is my Wife “
Bua Maa dropped his hands slowly and walked into her room, slowly in silence. Laksh’ eyes met Kavya’s , brimming with tears. She took her bag and walked behind Bua Maa. Laksh was heartbroken to see his Bua Maa


Two weeks…its been two weeks after Bua Maa’s arrival. Everyone was back normal. But Laksh… was not. Bua Maa did not talk to Laksh. She cleverly avoided all the situations during which had to confront him. She talked to everyone expect Laksh , Sanky, Sujatha , Ram and Ragini. Bua Maa treated Viren , Adharsh and Omkara like how she treats Laksh, Joked with them, went for shopping, fed them… Laksh was literally jealous, But he never regretted his actions. He knew that whatever he did was right. But it was just that situations was bit crack
It was a Maha Aarti in their Family temple on that day. Everyone in Maheshwari family was going to the temple. Laksh was in his room ,getting ready for the day in an off white sherwani. He was not happy. His mind was full of Bua Maa .All he wanted was a chance to apologise and win back his Bua Maa.
“Laksh…….Laksh…..Laksh, Laksh , Laksh……”Ragini came running to his room, on reaching near him , she slightly slipped. Laksh got her on time and straightened her. Things slightly changed between Laksh and Ragini. He became bit more amiable to her that she started behaving to him without any fear …..exactly like how she behaves with Sanky. Laksh enjoyed it but he kept a strict yet friendly image in front of her. He became approachable to her but made it sure that he never gave hopes to her.
“Sambhalke Ragini….”He said strictly. Ragini was heavily panting
“Aram se …”Laksh said slowly

“Laksh…..Do you know what??” Ragini said keeping up the enthusiasm in her words
“what??” Laksh asked confused
“Bua Maa is not well” She said with a million dollar smile. This irked Laksh.
“What is this Ragini?? Bua Maa is not well and you are smiling like an idiot……….Let me go and check on her” He slightly pushed Ragini and started moving.
“Aaa Haa …Luckyji….Zara Suniye Tho…..why are you in a hurry??”Ragini caught Laksh’s hand….Laksh looked at her raising an eyebrow. “I know you are confused…Just listen to me” She made Laksh sit on their bed
“Just spit it out Ragini” Laksh was restless.

“Ok … Ok… When I went to Dadi maa’s room to keep the Prasad I saw Bua Maa there. She told Dadi Maa that she is not well , so she won’t for Maha Aarti” Ragini said and looked at Laksh
“So??” Laksh raised an eyebrow
“Soo …….Lucky ji…..When everyone goes for Maha Aaarti, Bua Maa will be alone her ………..That time you can get some alone time with her…Talk to her and clear all the misunderstandings…that’s it”…Ragini completed
“oh my God….you are a devil” Laksh spoke confusing Ragini… “Ragini….Thank you so MUCH” Laksh held both of Ragini’s hands in his hands and shook it “I was looking for an opportunity and you bought the opportunity under my palms…..Thank You Thank You Thank you” Laksh was excited. “but How will I stay here?? What excuse will make to stay here??”
“Leave that on me…Until everyone goes, stay in the room…I will make the perfect excuse for you” Ragini stood up and blinked an eye. She started to leave, but turned
“Laksh….I have made Mushroom soup for Bua Maa , She loves it na…… feed her …she will be fine”
“Ok…” Laksh replied.. “Wait a sec , Ragini….How did you know that Bua loves Mushroom Soup??”
“Sanky told me once…that it was Bua Maa’s favourite…..and yours too” Laksh looked at her lovingly.. “And ya Laksh … Tell her that you made it… that she forgives you faster” Ragini left the room in a swift then, leaving back a sheepishly smiling Laksh.


Maheshwari house was silent…Laksh picked up a bowl of Mushroom soup and started walking towards Bua Maa’s room. The soup Ragini made was tasting good, But not as fantabulous as Bua Maa’s. He slightly opened the room and got inside. His Bua Maa was sleeping. He went near her. He placed the soup on the table nearby and slowly kept his palm on Bua Maa’ forehead. His stroke waked her. Bua Maa got up and Sat up
“What are you doing here??” She asked in a monotone
“Are you feeling alright Bua maa?? Laksh asked in a cracked tone and tears brimming in his eyes
“Why do you care?? Whether I am alright or not??” She asked to him
“Bua Maa……I do care about you……I am your SON” Laksh almost started crying
“Son??? Yes …You were my son. I thought you were my son and raised you so……But you…You made me an outsider…You married a girl…That too without consulting me……So tell me…How can I see you as my son??” she spoke stumbling… “you just proved it Laksh…how much ever I treat you like my son…. You still remain Sujatha’s and Ram’s son…”
Laksh was shocked. He always prioritised Bua Ma before anyone. He loved hi Bua maa the most, But today, his love was made into a joke…He was on the verge of losing the person he loved the most. But Laksh decided to fight back for his Bua Maa’s love

“Bua Maa” He held her hands and caressed it and laid his head on her lap.“ I don’t know how to make you understand…I never wanted to marry without your permission, but situations forced me….. I cant justify my actions….But Bua Maa… I can only tell this to you………..that I love you more than anyone…You are my everything. I know you had a lot of dreams about me, my life, my marriage….and all turned out like this…I am really sorry for destroying them….I know that when my marriage…………………..when my marriage with Kavya was broken, you were more hurt…Sorry for hurting you again….But please….Please don’t avoid me…Scream at me…. Beat me….But please don’t leave me….I wont exist without you…”Laksh poured his heart out
After a couple of minutes,
“Laksh” Bua Maa stroked Laksh’s hair and raised him. His face was swollen. Bua Maa wiped his tears. His expression was babyish and after crying a lot, he really looked like a small boy .This melt Bua Maa a bit more
“I am Hungry” She said. Laksh’s hand automatically searched for the soup on the table, but he mistakenly dropped it. A silence followed the crash…And Roars of laughter followed the silence…


Laksh and his Bua Maa enjoyed her Mother-Son Time for two hours before the Maheswaris reached back home. Everyone was surprised to see Laksh and Bua Maa smiling Together, with each other. Viren , Omkara and his Bade papas and badi maas dint like it at all. But Laksh wanted to flaunt it more in front of them. It was under his expense his cousin’s enjoyed Bua Maa’s love .Now it was all his. He gave a “Its Payback Time” wala look to his Cousins.
On the hand Dadaji , DadiMaa and his parents were really happy. Sanky was also gleaming. Laksh knew that Sanky was not a fan of Bua maa, But he was happy as Laksh was happy. Ragini was over excited. Laksh could see that she was resisting her urge to jump up and down
“Thank You So Much” Laksh mouthed, looking at her. She gave a bright smile and dispersed to room along with others
“Bua Maa….” Kavya called “Are you happy now??” She asked keeping her hand on Bua Maa’s shoulder.
Laksh almost forgot about Kavya. Kavya was staying in Maheshwari mansion for two weeks. But he was pre occupied with Bua maa .that he forgot about her.
“I am very happy …. I have my son with me……So I am contended. “ Bua Maa said holding Laksh’s hand
“Bua Maa….. Can I talk to Kavya ?? Laksh asked , eyeing Kavya
“Sure ,Sure… You guys carry on” Ba maa left them in Privacy

Laksh and Kavya went out to Maheshwari Garden. The garden at night was beautifully lit.
“ Lucky……. I know that you have a thousand questions to ask me….a thousand speculations about me…But I just wanted to say I am Sorry”
Laksh was pretty surprised to hear. But he maintained his expressions.
“me and Kavita came here for our revenge. After our revenge I was satisfied…But something was burning in me….Then later, I started missing you…And much later I realized that I love you….from then I was going through a guilty phase. I Wanted to come to you…. But then I decided that I will convince Bua maa first …as you loved her the most….I managed to convince her…..But….”her words trailed off
“hmmm…”Laksh had a list of questions to a girl whom he loved the most once….But he couldn’t bring it out . “ where is Kavita??” He managed to ask
“Kavita is married now and in UK” Kavya replied. “Laksh…I am really happy for you…..that you moved on in life….Ya …bit sad that I couldn’t win you back….Ragini…She is a very good person…I liked her” Kavya smiled
“Ya… She is” Laksh said smilingly
For Laksh…Ragini now was not just a good Person , but also the best person in his life , along with Sanky. When he declared Ragini to be his wife in front of Bua Maa , He also accepted it. Loving her and giving her the rights of a wife was far away in the equation, but she was his wife. Now he can never imagine anyone I place of Ragini. Even Kavya, whom he loved once, whom he dreamt to make his wife seemed imperfect to be in Ragini’s place


Days passed normally….Everything was placed into place…Laksh was happy nowadays. Kavya was still at Maheshwari house ,which slightly disturbed Laksh, but ignored it as Bua Maa wanted her at home. Bua maa still Was not comfortable with Ragini.
It was a weekend and Laksh was busy with his books and Sanky was in deep thoughts. Suddenly
“choose anyone” Sanky extended his palm. Laksh got startled looking into his hand. He had a rubber spider, lizard and cockroach in his palm.
“What is this” Laksh shut his book and eyed Sanky
“Choose anyone” Sanky prompted again
“But why Sanky??” Laksh asked
“ To scare Ragoo Rani” Sanky said mischievously

“What?? Are you mad…..She will scream the world out” Laksh warned
“ no problem…..I just wanted to see her screaming mode” Sanky said dramatic Gabbar wala tone
“ Yaar……are you sure??” Laksh asked
“ about what??”
“These three” pointing at the plastic reptiles.” Cant we use a plastic snake” Laksh caught up the mood
“ Good idea ….” Sanky and Lucky hi fied


Lucky and Sanky got hold of the plastic snake and looking out for her. They looked for her , but couldn’t find her. Laksh was enjoying this mischief as he was doing it after a long time. When they reached Bua maa’s room….their attention was turned on a heated argument. When they reached near the room they could hear Ragini’s voice. They entered the room and saw Ragini screaming on Bua Maa.Kavya was also present there
“ You have no right to speak to me like this ….You are elder to me , so I am respecting you. Please don’t defame my Badi maa….And ya… I am the wife of Laksh Maheshwari …and that will not change”
Laksh dint get the crux of the argument but flared up looking at Ragini , who was speaking above Bua maa’ Voice
“Ragin” Laksh roared and came in between Bua maa and Ragini.” HOW DARE YOU SPEAK TO BUA MAA LIKE THIS????”
Laksh’s question shoke her and she stood there without answer.
“Laksh…Do you know what , She doesn’t like me…She wants me to go away from your life. ”Bua Maa poured down on Laksh’s chest. Laksh looked at Ragini in disbelief. Ragini nodded her head in negative
“Laksh…..Believe me…. I never said anything like this….She is lying …..She is cheating you…She is…”Before Ragini could finish her words, Laksh’s hand passed across her face establishing a sound slap .
Ragini held her cheek with tears in her eyes. Laksh stared at her with his red eyes….
Screen Freezes on Ragini holding her Cheeks and tears brimming
PreCap: A CRACK………………
So….Dears….why do you think our Sanskaari Ragini raised her voice in front of Bua Maa??
Will Laksh believe in Ragin over Bua maa????

Stay tuned…………………….I will try my best to update tomorrow …..But if I fail to…please forgive me…as I am bit locked by academics…………….Love you…

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