Jeene Ki Tammanah Hai (EP – 14)


Heloooo Folkss……Here we go with a brand new ep of JKTH….Enjoy

Episode 13

ReCap: Ragini knows Lucky’s and Sanky’s past

Laksh marched off to his room, irritated. After the stunt Ragini had pulled earlier, He was tensed…Worried for her, even though he hated to admit it. And there Ragini was laughing, Teasing him , as if nothing happened. And Sanky, his Parents….They don’t want him now…They just wanted to play with Ragini. He was the youngest in the Family after Uttara’s death…Now She is and it getting pampered.
“Everyone wants to play UNO with Ragini…Hmmmphh….Even Sanky”Laksh murmured
“Arrey Lucky yaar… What is this” Sanky came into Lucky’s room. “why dint you join us??
“I don’t want to play those stupid card games”Lucky folded his hands in a childish way , sill donning anger on his face.
“Oh come on Yaar….You are the world champion of UNO and you don’t want to play it now…..You gottta be kidding me yaar.”Sanky tugged his arm through Lucky’s “But I wont leave you…”and started pulling Lucky to his room.

Sanky forcefully made Lucky sit among his family. Ragini was missing from there. Laksh searched for her, even though he was irritated with her…..Suddenly she came in with a tea tray …donning a bright smile.
“Here we go……Ginger Tea for everyone” Ragini announced
Laksh was kind of scared of the combination of Ginger Tea and Ragini. Ragini served everyone and offered a cup to Laksh. Laksh accepted it quickly, fearing that if he reject it, She might gulp it in a go again. Ragini gave a cute smile. She took her cup and started sipping from it.
“Wah Ragini beta….super Chai” Ram praised Ragini’s Chai. And this Praising relay was taken over by Maa and Sanky giving out expressions and words related to Tea. Laksh also loved the tea….But kept quiet. All of them had their sweet family time….gossiping…teasing and smiling…..Laksh felt happy after a long time with his family.
“do you know Ragoo….Dad is champion in chess..” Sanskaar said to Ragini. “ No one among us can defeat him
“Sanky….Stop praising your dad…He always wins because you guys are dumb witted” Sujatha denied Sanskaar’s claims.” If he plays with my Ragoo….He will be defeated terribly” Sujatha side hugged Ragini

”Oh come on Maa….You can shoot praises on her for each and everything” Laksh complained
“Lucky… You don’t know her….” Sujatha said. And this slightly pricked Laksh . “At her home…she is the champion of Chess….what awesome moves you know…..” Ragini was slightly blushing under Sujatha’s words.
“Really ragooo?? Sanky asked in a surprised tone. Ragini nodded with a gloating expression. “Then I think we must keep a game between Dad and Ragoo” Sanskaar left to his room in a swift and brought back a chess board and placed it on the tea table , removing the tray
“Ok…. Lets do it” Lucky too got on to the mood “….. And …and… lets have bets”
“Very good idea Lucky” Sanky gave a hi fi to Lucky. “lets divide into teams…and the bet is that the failing team will have to be the Slave of winning team till 12 midnight”
“I am with dad” Lucky said it without thinking twice
“ me with my Baby Doll” Sujatha gave a hi fi to Ragini

“ Which Leaves me to choose…..” Sanky went into to thinking. “I will be ……Ragooo…”He came and side hugged Ragini.
“Sanky ke Bacchee…. Left out your dad ha …..just wait and watch….. you will regret this decision when you become my Slave” Ram smirked
“ No Papa…” Ragini said in attitude…. I will make sure that Sanky and Maa took the right decision ….You and your proud son will pray to God to make 12 ASAP.” Ragini gave Death glares to Ram and Lucky.
Laksh was surprised with Ragini’s attitude. He liked it and enjoyed it…..The game went on in full spark….Death glares here and there…margins… pawns and horses fought well and then
“ Check and Mate” Ragini said with Devilish glow on her face …which was even reflected on Sujatha’s and Sanky’s face. And yes….Ram and Laksh really prayed that clock hit 12 asap


Days flew….Three months after Laksh’s and Ragini’s marriage. Things changed a bit between Laksh and Ragini…Laksh accepted her as a part of his family….Not as his wife….Love…Sister or a friend… but an important part of his Family. He enjoyed her antics … her talks… but restricted himself to occasional smiles and thank yous for her gestures and some words, when Sanky and family was around. He liked her . But she was still in the “Girls” type which gave him pain. So refrained from trusting her…….It was complicated ….His perception of Ragini….But he tried not to hurt her …and Never wanted her to get hurt. All went Pretty well….


It was an off day for Laksh and Sanky. They sat in the main Maheshwari hall downstairs. Laksh went through the newspapers and Sanky was engrossed in his novel.
“Laksh ….” A voice …invited Lucky’s attention. A smile spread on Lucky’s face.
“ Bua Maa….” Laksh whispered. He threw his paper and ran like a child to the embrace of his Bua Maa
“ Bua Maa…..Where have you been” Tears rolled down his eyes. “ I missed you so much” He buried face on to her chest like a child
“ I missed you too beta” Bua Maa(Ashwini Kalsekar) said..” I am sorry… I took long to come” She separated from him and wiped his tears.” But I have brought a gift for you”
Before Lucky could ask more about his gift , The whole Maheshwari clan stepped down , alerted by the noise created by Laksh’s enthusiasm. Everyone greeted her, hugged her , took her blessings,…Some were genuine , some were fake…and the family drama went on.
Laksh was very happy. Until he saw Ragini descending down the stairs. Fear gripped his throat on how is he going to explain Bua Maaa about Ragini. He looked at Sanky for help, who looked equally worried for Lucky, but gestured to stay calm
before Lucky could solve this through his mind, Bua Maa pulled him to her .

“don’t you want to see your Gift??” she asked enthusiastically. Laksh nodded faking a smile.
“Come In…” Bua Maa announced
A girl in a Black skirt and floral blouse came in shocking the whole Maheswaris , especially Laksh
“ Kavyaa……” Sanskaar Snarled “ How Dare you show your face in front of us”
“Sanskaar” Bua Maa roared and stopped Sanky with a gesture of her hand.
“ I brought her back…. For my son” She pulled in Kavya, who showed regret on her face with tears in her eyes
“ But Gayathri Di….. She broke my son’s heart…and now you brought her back” Sujatha tried supress her anger and tears
“ She is regretting her actions …and truly loves Laksh….She proved her love for my son …By walking on burning Charcoal in front of me ….in front of the God I believe in…. So I trust Her…And as far as Laksh is concerned…He still loves her…He doesn’t want any other girl in his life… That is why he swore not to bring any girl in his life….”
Laksh was dazed…. he couldn’t take it anymore…He was super trapped in the web of emotions. He was helpless. He was shocked to see Kavya there. And he was hurt too….But he was more hurt when he saw Ragini standing there , teary eyed, clutching her Mangalsutra. He knew that she knew about his past. Sanky told him that he told about their past to Ragini…
“ Who is this girl?? “ Bua Maa asked surprised, pointing at Ragini.
The hall crept into silence. Even dadaji and dadimaa was in a dilemma what to tell
“ she is …She is my Bahu..” Sujatha somehow managed.

“ Arrey wah Sujatha… you got your son Married?? Without informing his Bua??” Bua Maa mocked Sujatha
“Woo Gayathri di …. Everything happened so fast…… dates fixed ….” Ram trembled a bit , but was cut off by Bua Maa
“ Leave It Ram … no need for Explanations.” Bua Maa said. Everyone was confused with her behaviour. Everyone expected an explosion. But she was calm.
“ come Here…” Bua Maa called Ragini. Ragini slowly stepped towards Bua M and took her blessings.
“sadha Suhagan Rahoo” Bua Maa blessed her in a monotone. Laksh looked on …very confused
“ What is your name?” Bua Maa asked
“Ragini” Ragini told In a whisper
“ Ragini ….. Nice name” bua Maa examined her… top to bottom. “ Sanskaar …..” Bua Maa called…. Your wife is a beauty”
Everyone was shocked. Laksh felt stabbed … He din’t know why…. But he dint like his wife being addressed as Sanky’s wife. He became more shattered when he saw Ragini looking at him , teary eyed with pain
Screen freezes on Laksh’s and Ragini’s Shattered face
PreCap: Bua Maa… Laksh’s Possessive mother…

So what do you think Folks……………will laksh be able to say the truth of ragini being his wife to bua Maa…..?? Will he be leaving Ragini for Kavya…..??

A bit tense ending …… I know….. Sorry for that
And Very Sorry to Gayu……………… But Bua Maa had to enter Now……
And Thank you sooo much for you love ……Keep supporting till the end……Love you People( Kisses) <3
Next update on Wednesday…..Stay Tuned 🙂

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