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EP – 09 :Episode 9

ReCap: RagSan…New Best Friends…
Sanskaar just pulled Ragini into his room. His room was similar to that of Laksh. Brothers after all. Their rooms where next to each other. The difference between two rooms are that, instead of Management books, here there were medical books and light hearted novels. Sanskaar’s washroom was on the left side whereas in Raglak’s room it was on the right side.
“Sanskaar…. What is this?? Where are you taking me?? “Ragini asked
“Arrey mere Ragu Rani…. patience…. Today I am going to show you one of my Secret…..The wildest One” He rolled his eyes confusing her

He opened the a door on the right side, and asked her to come in. Ragini slowly kept her steps forward. She was totally surprised looking inside the room. It was a secret kitchen. It was comparatively smaller than the Maheshwari kitchen, But was well equipped
“Sanskaar…. this is….”Ragini was searching for words

“Awesome …right??”Sanskaar helped.. “Ragu Rani…This is our world…Me ,Lucky and Uttara had the wonderful times of our life here.” Sanskaar smiled . “This is my magical palace, when I crave for my favourites. In the Maheshwari kitchen…you will get only Shudh Marwaari Food…But here…you will get the cuisine of your choice…..Italian…Chinese. South Indian …anything….”Sanskaar gave a filmy introduction. But Ragini was busy going through the fancy utensils in the kitchen
“This is such a beautiful knife…”Ragini exclaimed picking up a knife

“I Know…after all my selection” Sanskaar pulled his collar. “So my dear….u don’t need to get downstairs for this silly chai and coffee….We can make it here” Sanskaar said
“That’s a relief man….”Ragini smiled. “But Sanky…How do I get in here?? Starting Tomorrow you will be at the hospital naa?
“Through this door” Sanskaar pointed a door opposite to that ,through which they took a bit time for Ragini to realise that that door was leading to her room. That was the door which Laksh prevented her from entering ,as it was a an empty store. Ragini felt bad that Laksh wanted to keep her from all the smallest happiness of his life.

“So Ragu Rani…What do we make now??” Sanskaar eyed her “you are a good cook naa…make something tasty for me” Sanskaar sat on the kitchen table and pulled up his legs up.
“Hmmmmmm…would you like some Aloo Ka Paratha” Ragini asked
“What Ragu??….move out of India….At least for now…”Sanskaar portrayed his childish antics
“hmmmmm….Do we have pasta here?? Ragini enquired
“Yesss…..” Sanskaar said slowly

“Then what about White sauce pasta??” Ragini matched his antics
“Yup Baby…”Sanskaar put his legs on swing…..”Lets get started

Ragini really felt blessed to have Sanky with her. He eased her surroundings. They bonded really well. She was also loved by Sujatha Maa and Laksh’s Papa Ramprasad. Ragini noticed that there was a gap between Maheswaris created due to the power split. It was Parineeta Bhabhi and Adarsh bhaiyya who were sort of amiable with her. Her Grandparents in law kept a safe distance from their children and Grandchildren. Ragini was happy that she got married to a big family, but she never saw the love which she expected from them. Sanskaar hated his family due to Uttara’s death. He kept his family zone to members of his immediate family and to a corner of the Maheshwari house where all three rooms of him,Raglak and Sujatha ,RamPrasad were situated.

Ragini had everything in Maheshwari house …except Laksh. She only knew Laksh through Sanskaar’s words. And she fell in love with that Laksh. She was captivated by that loving brother; who took up the family burden and a well-mannered image to protect his siblings and Dutiful son in Laksh. She craved for that love from him. But for her…….He was a husband , who denied her rights on him. She was invisible for him. Even on their bed, with her on one side, He was unaffected.
She as always decided to keep a safe distance from him. She never used to spoke in front of him…well hided. But Sanskaar slowly and indirectly pushed her to get place in his heart. Ragini was unsure for many days…But one day ,She decided to give a try.

Laksh was sitting on his bed and sorting official papers. Ragini slowly went inside the room.
“Lakshji…..You just came from office now…Would you like some tea of coffee” Ragini asked politely
“No” Laksh was surprised that Ragini spoke to him , But he answered in a monotone
“If you are tired , I can get you some soup or something??” She offered again
“No” He answered

Ragini came a bit closer to him in pretence to see his paper, but slips and falls on him. Laksh holds her , immediately straightens her and Pushes her hard
“WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU??” Laksh Screamed, Shocking Ragini . “WHY THE HELL ARE DISTURBING ME??Can’t you see that I am doing a work??why do you need to interfere in my work??” Tears roll down Ragini’s eyes. “haven’t I told you that I wont give any right to be my wife??Then why are you behaving like a typical Wife” Ragini’s words were stuck in her throat
“I am warning you…” Laksh Points his finger on Angry “Just stay away from me. I am just tolerating you in my private space for Maa…So don’t test my Patience”

Screen Freezes on Laksh Angry Face

PreCap: Laksh’s Frustration

Why is Sanskaar’s loving Laksh behaving rudely to Ragini?? What happened in his Past??
Hope you guys are happy with progress….Next Update will Be on Wednesday……Till Then Take Care….

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