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EP – 08 :

ReCap: Ragini’s Rasoi and Mu Dhikhayi
One week….It’s been one week after Lucky’s marriage. Sanskaar never dreamt of getting a new best friend in Ragini…That too in a week. She was a beautiful Soul, graceful, polite, caring and what not. Not only to him, She trapped Maa and Papa in her love. But Lucky…. she couldn’t. He never opened his heart to her. He joined back in business within two days of marriage. Their Dadaji and Dadimaa suggested a honeymoon trip, Laksh postponed it to infinity showing them the scarecrow of business figures.
Sanskaar was surprised that Ragini, dint know anything about Laksh, not even the nature of his job. Laksh managed the Maheshwari groups as their dad’s heir. Dadaji cleverly splatted the vast empire into three to avoid clashes between his children and grandchildren .Even though Sanskaar was Laksh’s elder brother by ten minutes ,He chose his own path of being a surgeon to much of his Dadaji’s despise .Which left Laksh to take control of the third piece of Maheshwari Split. Maheshwari group had 6 doors of investments. Import and export, Private University, Iron Plants, private banking, Jewelleries and Hospital. When other Maheswaris were busy eyeing on revenue of the company, Lucky picked up Import and Export so he can do business and Hospitals ,so he can keep Sanskaar with him. In a way The income earned by Lucky through Import and Export was spend on Sanskaar’s charity at hospital. Although Lucky mumbled on Sanskaar’s charitable services at Maheshwari Hospital, He too loved it.

Though Lucky dint use his marriage to take time off from work, Sanky did use his brother’s wedding to get a week off. He bond well with Ragini. He slowly introduced the Maheshwari palace to her. She talked to him about Baima and her siblings from Orphanage, He only remembered Rucha among them as she was introduced to him during their marriage as she was a doctor. He was surprised to hear about his Badi Maa from her, He felt that he never knew her at all after listening to Ragini. She had a good collection and sense about books, music and dance. Sanskaar was happy that Ragini became the youngest member of his family, which included His Parents and Lucky.
Something that bothered Sanskaar was about the relation between Ragini and Laksh. They staged a play of a happy newly married couple in front of their parents. But for Lucky, she was for her, Sanskaar saw something in Ragini’s eyes for Laksh. It was not hatred…..But not love…But some sort of respect or maybe devotion. She was always careful not to disappoint him. Sanskaar knew that she was not a ‘PatiDev’ kind of woman. Sanskaar couldn’t decipher that look in her eyes. But was satisfied that she dint hate Lucky.
And as far as Lucky was concerned…Sanskaar knew that his brother was the best. But,His past is still haunting him. Lucky was scared to trust or love anymore. But he wanted that Lucky …who was religious about love …pious about it, to come back. He wanted Ragini to get Lucky’s love

Sanskaar was looking at Uttara’s large photo in his room. He dint miss her much after Ragini’s arrival. Hated her less, and Loved her more. Now he could feel a smile on his face while looking at her photo.
“Uttara…..You must have been here now….As you wished …We got a sweet bhabhi….who loves maa and papa a lot ,Who cares for me….who bring smiles on faces….She is not crazy as maa or you, but I have seen potential in her to become like that” Sanky smirked
“But…. Lucky …he is not still over those ….I wish he realizes her goodness and move on…”Sanskaar sighed.
Someone knocked his door and came in without waiting for his permission.
“Your Coffee …Sanky” Ragini offered him the cup
“You made it good na ….” He questioned. “did not add extra sugar right??”
No … I added three kgs of Sugar in it” She shot back

Sanskaar and Ragini grew very close that she could barge into his room without his permission and he could order her around for coffee and others. He helped her to feel homely.
“Sanky…”She called
“hmmmmmmm………”He sipped his coffee
“Can you tell me about Uttara??” Her question seemed very guarded.” I am scared that if I ask maa , she might be hurt. You are the only one I can ask this”
“hmmmm……What you want to know about her?…………” Sanskaar said in a calm tone
“How was she??….Badi maa once told me that she was Maa’s laadli…”
“yes, she was…She was our world……Our Princess……………Spontaneous, Outspoken and overall a burst. Me and Lucky revolved around her. Sanskaar talked dreamily….. “Our cousins always showcased a very calm and cultured way in front of Dadaji. But we were always the fun loving people. Me and Uttara loved adventures in life and dared to do it. Lucky also was the same, but maintained a different image to protect us.” Sanky maintained a pride when talking about his siblings. “We were very close with each other…Shared all our worries and happiness…No secrets between us”
“You know what, when I told about my dream to pursue medicine…Dadaji flatly refused. But my chotti Uttara fought for me …Somehow Dadaji agreed…. I was so proud of her…. That was not all …I later heard that Lucky promised Dadaji that he would work double hard instead of me …so that I get to pursue my dreams….I always feel indebted to my siblings.” Sanskaar’s eyes welled up.
Ragini was really impressed about the love between the siblings.
“Then what happened?? Why did Uttara…” Ragini’s question trailed off
Sanskaar already had tears in his eyes.

“Our Uttara grew up…Even before we knew it, she was big enough to fall in love. Things changed from then…She changed, her antics, her priorities…everything. Me and Lucky were very possessive and we were very harsh on her changes…and this took her very far from us……And the worst part was when we came to know about her relationship along with all the other family members. Oh my God…I remember that day ,was a hell of a day…Weeping and Screaming, whole family lashed out on our Princess. Fortunately ,Me and Lucky snapped out of our minds and went in support of our little sister along with Maa and Papa.”
“You know Ragu….Uttara was determined about him. But the Maheshwaris rejected him as he was economically weak. But she stood still, Dadaji had to bent knees before her will……”
“We were happy that she got her way…We started talking along in our old terms. We were happy and wanted to meet our saale Saab.” Sanskaar’s face grew from then. “But that guy backed off. He left her in middle of nowhere, giving her silly reasons of infatuation and all, when the fact was that Mr DevRaj Maheshwari brought his love for some notes. That guy disappeared without ant trace leaving Uttara in tears” .Pain took over Sanskaar’s voice.
“She saw her sincere love, for which she went away from us, for which she stood against all odds, being sold by her lover and bought by her family…She was too shattered …That she took that step” Sanskaar broke down. Ragini slightly pressed on his shoulders.
Sanskaar regained himself. “I hate her for this Ragu…For forgetting me and Lucky …Our love….But I hate myself more …as a brother I couldn’t guide her” Tears dripped from his eyes
“Don’t Blame yourself Sanky” Ragini calmed him “It was our fate”
“No Ragu …. It was not our Fate ….But Skill of Maheshwari to buy off .that killed of my sister…and I hate them for that…I am living here only for my Parents and brother” Sanskaar grew red with anger.

“But Sanky….Dadaji is a good man…a principled one… I think so there must be a misunderstanding” Ragini spoke
“Ya …Of course …Good man …my foot…” Sanskaar grumbled. “It took our Uttara’s life for the old man to soften”
“ Sanky….I know that your anger is valid…and it is nice about you that you are staying here for your loved ones….Don’t worry. Everything will be fine” That’s all that came from Ragini
But Sanskaar felt that Ragini became more family after sharing feelings. He looked at Uttara’s photo and felt that her smile was brighter. He felt that Uttara approved of Ragini.
“Uttara…..My Udta Pagli……I know that you are happy there. I know that you sent Ragini for us …I Promise you that We will keep her happy and I will definitely get her the right place in Lucky’s life” Sanskaar spoke to Uttara through his thoughts

Screen Freezes on Uttara’s Photo

PreCap: Ragini trying to get close with Laksh

So Guys…….Sorry that we don’t have Laksh today……but this was essential for the story to move on….Hope you Guys are satisfied with the progress of the storyline…..As of know I am fixed on a storyline…But you can give your suggestions. I can definitely include them if it does not mess up with the main plot……
Anyway…the next post will be on Monday…Till Then…..Take Care Dearss….

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      Lucky nd had a past of a broken alliance, which is still to be reveled.
      But i have given bits of their past in other eps…
      Its like..wen the alliance broke ,Lucky swore not get married or love anyone,So sanky also swore that he will only marry when lucky finds his love…

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