Jeene Ki Tammanah Hai (EP – 08)


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EP – 08:episode-07

ReCap: Raglak Suhagrat ….Sanlak bonding

The room seemed a damn luxury for a man to live in. Ragini, in her bridal attire slowly walked into the room. It was looking like a suite room. The door of Laksh’s room, now her room, opened to a hall neatly arranged in a classic black and white interior, which partly resembled a sitting room with a sofa set, matching the interior and a big LED TV. Ragini only saw such luxury in Films. There was glass slide door to the bedroom. The Bedroom was another huge story. Opposite to the glass door was the Balcony. On the left and right side, there was one door each. She assumed the one to be the Bathroom and another one to be the store. The Bedroom also had a small yet full study, filled with books. Ragini couldn’t guess the books she knew nothing about Laksh expect his name. She took no efforts to know him nor made assumptions about him. She wanted him to be a surprise for her. She expected nothing from this marriage except Sujatha’s love, as she was partly the reason for Ragini’s decision to move on for her. Rest of what she would get from this relationship would be treated as her bonus points. She went and sat on the corner of the Bed facing the balcony and looked into infinity.
Ragini was startled by the noise of the sliding of the glass door. She shivered, later composed herself. She wanted him to start off a conversation, so that she could make him understand, she married him for her Teacher Maa…. No Her Badimaa and Sujatha Maa. She wanted to convince him that she will try her best to love him slowly, perform her duties …. but she need a bit of time. She was sure that he would understand her, as she as Sujatha Maa’s Son. One more reason for her believe was the innocence on his face. She clearly saw his face while exchanging the rings. His face told her that he was a kind man.
” Look, I don’t have any problem with you, but this marriage won’t be as you are expecting”. Ragini was shocked by his sudden words, without any self-introduction. “I only married for my parents and brother, that’s it. I can’t give you any of the wife’s rights nor I will demand any as a husband. You can live as a Maheshwari Bahu. But don’t expect any love or trust from me, I can’t love you nor trust you. And if you feel unfair, then you can apply for divorce soon”. He paused a little. “Please change that dress yourself…I won’t do it for you any way”.
Ragini felt numb, she couldn’t recall his words properly, only bits …Like ‘I can’t love you…nor trust you’ ‘divorce’. She didn’t expect anything from this marriage, but what happened was beyond expectation. She felt that she was stabbed with a sharp knife. She didn’t know whether she should cry or not. She slowly pulled herself and walked towards the door on left side assuming it to be the washroom. Opening the door, she reached another room with lots of shelves on all three sides and a door on the fourth side. She fortunately found her bag there. Picked up a simple light green anarkali, which she thought to be appropriate as a sleep dress in Maheshwari house. She opened the new door which fortunately was the bathroom.
Ragini’s phone flashed “Teacher Maa”.She picked up the phone happily.
“Hello…Teach…Badi Maa..”Ragini greeted
“Ragini Beta…..We reached home “Annapurna said
The word ‘home’ made Ragini emotional.
“Hmmmmmmm….” She said
“Ragini……You happy there??
Ragini hesitated a bit…and “Haan Badi Maa….I am very happy.” Ragini replied and continued to talk with her. Suddenly Laksh entered the room .
“h…Ha Badi Maa …I will Talk to you later….Bye. Take Care…Please take your medicines on time.”
Ragini cut the call. Laksh was in his Sherwani, which he wore last night. He went straight to the bathroom ignoring Ragini. Her heart felt heavy. She started drying her hair. She heard a knock on the door
“May I come in?? Sujatha peeped through the small gap.
“Please come in Aunty…no maa..”Ragini bit her tongue and bend to take her blessings. Sujatha blesses her and raises her.
“I came to wake you up…. But my baby girl is already up and ready” Sujatha affectionately pinched Ragini’s cheeks. Ragini smiled to Sujatha like a small kid.
“Wow Raghu…. You look like Beauuutifulll.” Sujatha was mesmerised. Ragini was wearing a red saree with simple work with no jewellery except her long Mangalsutra. Sujatha puts nazar ka teeka on Ragini’s nape reminding her of Annapurna. Sujatha slowly pulls Ragini’s pallu and covers her head
“This is how Bahus are here…” Sujatha said “Old School…You Know” Sujatha stuck her tongue out
Laksh comes out of the Bathroom in pink check shirt and blue jeans wiping his hair with a towel
“Good Morning Lucky” Sujatha greeted him
“Good Morning Maa…” He smiled at his mother and hugged her. Ragini was surprised to see a loving side of Laksh
“I came to get Ragini …we have some rituals left” Sujatha took Ragini’s hand
“Maaa…Please…. I told you to avoid all these functions naa….I wanted a simple wedding and you guys made it a big function….and now still rituals…” Laksh complaint like a kid
“Arrey…. These rituals are for specially for Ragini…. Not for You….so you just stay away….Challo Ragini…”Sujatha crossed him and went out of the room pulling Ragini with her.
It was Ragini’s Rasoi. She had to make something sweet for everyone. She was a bit confused. What to make. She decided to make Ghajar Ka Halwa as It was Sujatha’s favourite. Ragini put in her best efforts in her Halwa. Sujatha served it with the breakfast.
“Arrey Wah… This is very tasty Halwa” Dadaji praised.
Everyone were present in the large dining table. They nodded their head in support after eating the Halwa. Laksh also was looked very satisfied with it.
“Arey Sujatha Bahu, What made you think to make this Halwa today?”Dadiji asked
“Woh Maaji, Ragini made for her first rasoi. Not Me.”
“Choti bahu of Maheshwari house has magic in her hands..”Dadaji praised her , making Bhavna,Devika,Sapna and Soumya fume with jealousy. “Come here Beta” Dadaji called her. Ragini walked bit nervously. Dadaji stood up and pulled out a ring from his pinky finger and put on Ragini’s finger.
“This is your gift for your first Rasoi” Ragini was overwhelmed with this act of dadaji. She suddenly bent and took his blessings.
After the breakfast, Sujatha came to Ragini
“Raghu…”Ragini loved it when Sujatha called her Raghu. “Ghajar Halwa was soooooo tasty beta” Ragini smiled victoriously, as Sujatha loved it. ” But ,Why did you make Ghajar Ka Halwa, Jiji told me that Kheer was your masterpiece ,why not Kheer?” Sujatha questioned her.
“Maa…isn’t Ghajar Ka Halwa your favourite?? Ragini asked and smiled
Sujatha was overwhelmed that Ragini took care of her likes. “Haa…. Beta” She kissed her forehead and whispered in Ragini’s ears. “More than me ..Its Laksh’s favourite………It looks like he loved Ghajar ka Halwa you made…..Good move Baby Girl…”Sujatha winked at Ragini and left. Ragini was numb. Somewhere she was happy but somewhere, she questioned the root of this happiness.
At Evening, It was Ragini’s Mu Dhikhay. Ragini was made to sit on the sofa with a thick red veil. Random Ladies came picked up the veil to see her face and showered her with gifts. Sujatha introduced all her curtain raisers with the long title relationships with them. Ragini tried her best to memorise those. But it was a difficult task. Many of them praised her beauty, Many of them pin pointed her small flaws like her nose ,chin, eyes. By the end of the function, She was exhausted
Ragini was still sitting in her place, waiting for Sujatha to come there to accompany her back to room. Suddenly someone picked her veil. She lifted her eyes to see a handsome face. She stood up suddenly. The guy moved back still holding her veil. He folded her veil back
“hmmmmm…mom was right…..You are a Beauty” He compliment and extended his hand . “ Hi, I am Sanskaar Maheshwari aka Sanky……Your Jeth by ten minutes” He smiled. Ragini was confused by his introduction yet held his hand
Screen Freezes on Ragini’s and Sanskaar’s handshake position
PreCap: Sanskaar and Ragin
So friendsssss What do you think……….Will this Handshake take Ragini to a new Path??
How will Sanskaar and Ragini’s Relation going to be?? What will Happen to the relation of Sanlak??

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