Jeene Ki Tammanah Hai (EP – 07)


Here we go…A New Update… A new Page of Ragini’s and Laksh’s life……Let’s begin

EP – 06 : Episode 6
ReCap: Ragini’s marriage with Laksh

He swore that he won’t bring any girl to his life…But alas…. his promise only lasted two years. Laksh Maheshwari had to break his promise for the happiness of his family. He wanted to give his mother some peace of mind. He knew that she used to silently weep as her sons swore not to get married. His chirpy mother was very depressed, otherwise she wouldn’t have brought up an interest in going to his Badimaa(Annapurna). Whenever his mother was depressed, she used to contact Badimaa….If she demanded to stay there, then she was really low. that’s when he decided to give in.
He didn’t want to know anything about the girl…. Just wanted mom to choose. Whoever the girl was, he was sure that he won’t be able to keep her happy, love her or trust, because he can’t trust anyone more than his parents, Sanskaar and Gayatri Bua Maa.

He also wanted Sanskaar to move on, who swore to marry only after Laksh’s marriage. Sanskaar has been his support system from time immemorial. He was broken when Sanskaar decided to halt his life for him, but now he is at ease.
One thing haunting him was Bua Maa. Bua Maa was his mother more than Sujatha. She was the one who literally raised him. He loved her. But …. when he decided to get married …. He couldn’t inform her. He promised Sujatha Maa that he would get married, and she can choose the girl. But when things were getting fixed…Bua Maa was on her spiritual trip …switched off. he decided to inform her, on her return, but little did he know that marriage would take place in 2 weeks. He was afraid of the consequences of his betrayal to Bua maa. No one in Maheshwari house was really interested in informing Bua Ma too, as everyone loathed her
Laksh looked around him to deviate his mind. He sighed. He didn’t want any functions or extravaganza for this marriage as it was just a stage show for him. He was scared that the functions would remind him about his previous marriage function. Sujatha Maa easily agreed for it. But his Dadaji and Dadiji revenged him for cancelling all other functions, by making this single function of marriage into a festival. After all it was Maheshwari Wedding. He sighed again and turned to Sanskaar.

“Sanky” He called his brother frantically.

“Ssshhh……Sshh….Chup ……..Chup Lucky” Sanky kept both his hands on Lucky’s shoulders.
“Everything will be fine .From what Maa has told…..she is a good girl….Even I feel the same .You just be happy and make her happy. Believe me…You will be thanking Maa for this…….. believe in me Naa…. After all I am your big brother by 10 minutes.” Sanskaar sheepishly smiled at him

Laksh dint care whether she was good or not…..but he was sure that ….he won’t be happy….nor will be able to keep her happy. ….For him….She was just a key for his family’s so called happiness. He won’t be able love again. He has failed in love miserably. ….He won’t trust any girl any more. He didn’t even see his bride’s face….nor was he interested.

“Laksh……”Sujatha called out. “Come here beta.” She called him to circle gathered around “his bride”.

Suddenly Sanky’s phone rang and he cleared. Laksh’s Elder brother by ten minutes left him into face the gathering all ALONE. He slowly walked towards them. He hated the fact that all the eyes there was glued on him. He noticed two unfamiliar kids looking at him excited as if he was Burj Khalifa. Two grown up girls, who were seemingly beautiful enough, was smiling at him and one whispering something in his “Bride’s” ears, Annapurna Badi Maa stood near his bride ,smiling at him. Then he saw his Mother Sujatha , glowing with happiness and Pride. He got his strength back, His mom never smiled like this after Uttara’s death. He as grateful to the girl for this.
“Aaja…” Sujatha slowly placed her hand on his shoulder. “ Girls….This is your Jiju and My Laadla ….Laksh…’ she introduced him to the girls present there.
“ Laksh these are your Saalis…..Pinky (the shortest one), Aarti(the naughty looking one), Amrita (The Calm Beauty) and Rucha (The hot Beauty)”
“Hi Jiju…”Pinky and Aarti said.
“Hi Pinky….Hi Aarti” Laksh answered ass sweetly as he could
“Jiju, This is a small gift from your Saalis” Rucha said , showing out a ring box with two Golden rings, One a typical Men’s Ring and other a sweet little ring with a small emerald knit.
“ We would like you guys to put in each others hand.” Amrita said “What say Ragini??”Rucha asked Laksh’s bride
“Ragini….Thats was her name”. Laksh thought.He remembered seeing it on his wedding card…
“Laksh…Ragini…Please exchange” Badima insisted
Laksh stood facing Ragini.It was the first time he was properly seeing Ragini’s Face. She was an Angelic Beauty, Innocent looking, Shy and scared. He never saw such a beauty in his life except his sister Uttara. But he knew that this beauty can be deceiving.
She showed her fingers, Laksh slowly pushed the ring on her ring finger with minimal skin ship. She also put on his fingers.
Pinky pulled Laksh’s sherwaani inviting his attention. Laksh bend down for her
“Please take care of our Di ….. she is our sweet heart” Pinky said innocently. Laksh was guilty that he won’t be able to fulfil her request
“Raginii…..”Badimaa turned Ragini toward her “Beta… Now this is your house, Take care of everyone like you took care of us”
“Ji Teacher Maa” She answered nervously
“From now …I am your Badi Maa…. Not Teacher Ma….. That’s what Laksh calls me” Ragini nodded. Laksh was feeling suffocated as she was linked to him.
“Can we also call you Badi maa” Rucha teased
“No” Badimaa , Teasingly shot back
“I am jealous” Rucha made a pout face. “Sujatha Aunty … will u marry me to your other son… so that I can call her Badi Maa…..” She teased again…..” Everyone laughed hard
“Don’t Worry Di….I will take care of Our Ragini” Sujatha held Ragini’s shoulder “Ragini……Main Hoon Na. “ Sujatha Maa winked at her.
“Ji Aunty” Ragini replied
“From now …I am your Maa…. Not Sujatha Aunty….. That’s what Laksh calls me” Sujatha said imitating Annapurna. Everyone burst into laughter except Ragini and Laksh.


Laksh entered his room, which was way too unfamiliar for him. Too much decorations, Flowers, candles. The strong scent of flowers gave him headache. He saw her sitting on his bed, in the Bridal attire. He felt bad that he had to share all his possessions with this unknown girl and he hated her for that. She was facing the balcony. Laksh thought that she might be thinking about a romantic night. Now he was going to Shatter those dreams.
He took a deep breath and started.” Look, I don’t have any problem with you, But this marriage won’t be as you are expecting. I only married for my parents and brother, that’s it. I can’t give you any of the wife’s rights nor I will demand any as a husband. You can live as a Maheshwari Bahu. But don’t expect any love or trust from me, I can’t love you nor trust you. And if you feel unfair, then you can apply for divorce soon”. He turned without waiting for her answer and started to leave.” Please change that dress yourself…I won’t do it for you any way”. He commented on her dress
only to further humiliate her. But he dint know why he wanted to do so….

The terrace of Maheshwari house was heaven for Laksh…at least for now. Fresh air hit nostrils, and removed the irritating mixed flower scent. He sat down and arested his head on his knees. He felt a bit lonely. Tonight, he can’t go to Sanskaar’s room as it was his first night and he was supposed to be with Ragini. Nobody would be expecting him on terrace now.
“Sanky must be thinking that I am having a great time now” Laksh smirked sadly
He lifted his head facing the sky. There were many stars. He started singing Samjhavan for the stars in the sky…
“Arrey Besure …….Please…. Please stop” Laksh heard a familiar voice, Turned to see Sanky with two glasses in a hand and other hand kept back hiding something. “Let others sleep Yaar” Laksh smiled at him brightly.
“How did you know that I was here?” Laksh asked him
“I know everything about you” Sanky sat near to Laksh, settling the glasses , still hiding the other hand. “After all I am your elder brother by ten minutes” Laksh felt home listening to Sanky’s ‘elder brother by ten minutes’ phrase.
“Sanskaar…You should think about your marriage” Laksh prompted .”Now I am hitched. You should also find your bride and break your swear”
“Laksh Maheshwari, perhaps you forgot that I swore to marry only when you find a girl who truly loves you and you truly love her. Not when you get married…Samjha…”Laksh felt very helpless. Sanky noticed this
“ I know that it will time for you to accept this relationship…..Take your time….just chill ok….Main hoon na….”Sanky warmly consoled Lucky. Lucky nodded in satisfaction, even though he was not going to proceed in this relationship
Sanky decided to change the mood.” Lucky…Lets get drunk” Sanky winked .
“Which brand ” Lucky whispered “McDowell, Johnny Wacker or Madeira??
“McDowell….” Sanky whispered in a dreamy tone and took out the bottle he was hiding…..A Coca Cola bottle. Both of them laughed at their stupidity. Sanky poured coke in two glasses, both took each glass and hit the mouth of the glass “CHEERSSS….”
Screen Freezes on the dramatically Drunk faces of Lucky and Sanky….

PreCap: Ragini’s Rasoi and Muh Dikhayi

How will Ragini’s future in Maheshwari house…. without Laksh’s support…..
Who will Help Her??……Will She be fine??……

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