Jeene Ki Tammanah Hai (EP – 06)

So Folks…….Here it is……… A New Update u all have been waiting for…….

EP – 05 :

ReCap : The Maheshwaris

Amrita was happy. It was her Ragini’s big day. She was moving on in life. Amrita got up early, saw Pinky , Aarti and Rucha sleeping cuddling each other. Their Teacher Maa went to sleep or maybe to take care of wedding preparations with Sujatha Aunty. She noticed that Ragini was standing in the balcony …. looking outside sometimes and then looking down nervously. Amrita dint know when Raghu got up from the bed but she was sure that She didn’t sleep the previous night. Amrita place her hand on Ragini’s shoulder. Ragini turned…She was really Pale.

“Amu….I am scared…really scared…. New people , such a big house …and a man I don’t know. …I am really scared. “Ragini grabbed Amrita’s hand
Since the day Teacher Maa kept the proposal in front of Ragini, she has been trembling. Despite her fears and nervousness, Amrita knew that Ragini said a yes only for Teacher Maa…and Sujatha Aunty. But she was sacred. About that unknown future waiting for her. After coming to Maheshwari Mansion, it just shot up.
Her fears regarding this family was too genuine. Amrita was sacred for Raghu too. A big house, no….it was a Palace. A very big one. Spacious halls, Suite type bedrooms for members, kids and may for the kids to come, and the place where they were staying was the Guest House , A shandaar villa , adajecent to the palace. Amrita gulped thinking about it.
“Sujatha Aunty is there na…..So please relax” Amrita tried to console her with only little effect.
Amrita was a bit stoic about the members of the Maheshwari family. They have not met all the family members. Amrita only remembers Sujata’s Husband, Ram Prasad, A well-mannered man , Amrita felt that he would fill the empty father space for Raghu, His parents, who were the people defining Marwari culture, Strict and Steady, Amrita felt that Raghu got into their good books by immediately touching their feet, when introduced. Then there was two stylish Bade maas, Bhavna and Devika who were not so welcoming and a sweet Bhabhi, Parineeta. There were many bhabhis and bhaiyya , Dis and Jijus, and kids floating around. Amrita decided that she will learn rest of the names later, That too if necessary.
They failed to manage a glance of the groom and his brother, as they reached by midnight. Ragini dint want to see his photo, nor wanted to talk to him, just trusted on Teacher maa’s instinct. Amrita heard from Teacher maa that he and his twin brother had a history of a broken marriage. So this was even his chance to re-route his life.
Amrita silently stood with Ragini for a long time, observing her nervousness, sighs and dilemmas.
“May I come in?” Sujatha Aunty asked at the door with a huge tray in her hands with Shagun Stuffs
Both Amrita and Ragini was startled. Ragini tried to compose herself.
“Please come in Aunty…” Amrita prompted and helped her with the tray. Ragini slowly followed Amrita. Sujatha stood in front of Ragini facing her.
“Beta, here is your Bridal Dress and items, please get changed fast and come to our lives” Sujatha said lovingly slowing caressing Ragini’ head. Ragini smiled at her in both gratefulness and nervousness, took the tray. Sujatha Aunty kissed on her forehead and started to leave, But she saw sleeping Rucha, Pinky and Aarti
“Oh my God…. these girls dint get up??” She screamed Ragini and Amrita to realization. ” Its 8 o clock, and it is mauharat is at 11 o clock” Amrita and Sujatha started shaking them vigorously. “ooo Dulhae ke Saaliyooo…..Hare Dupatte Waaliyooo…..get up…” Sujatha and Amrita had to squeeze their energy to wake them up.

Amrita was ready, she pulled out dresses for everyone …. Now that Ragini was leaving she had to fulfil the empty mother spot for them, though she was not sure about it. They came out, and were looking fabulous.Pinky in a Deep blue and green mix lenhenga, Aarti in red and green and Tomboy Rucha was in Purple and green Saree,who had a difficult time in maintain the saree… But was determined to wear it for her Raghu. Amrita was in a peacock green Saree. She laughed at the green coincidence of them remembering Sujatha’s hare Duppatte Waaliyoon.
Ragini came out, in her hot pink Bridal attire, she was stunning even without any make up or jewellery. She was nervous, her sisters relaxed her and the completed her Bridal attire
When they were done, Teacher Maa came in and overwhelmed to see Ragini. She went to Ragini, stood facing her. Teacher Maa ran her ring finger beneath her eyes and put a round thick layer of kajal on Ragini’s nape.
“Meri Nazar Na lage Meri Bacchi Ko” Ragini had tears in her eyes. Teacher Maa held her hands
“Ragini… Beta you will be fine. Sujatha will take care of you. Just give into this new relationship with your whole heart. Just keep the past in past” Ragini was tearing up. As Sujatha said, Don’t even think about in your dreams. Ok?” Ragini nodded with tears in her eyes. Four more pair of eyes welled up there …. They were going to miss their Raghu

The mahaurat time came near. Amrita could hear Ragini’s heart beat speeding up. She pressed her handson Ragini’s shoulders and bought her to the mandap with Rucha and Teacher Maa. The Maheshwari wedding was no less than a festival. The house and mandap was looking more of a bride than Ragini. Suddenly two guys descended down the stairs. Amrita assumed them to be Sujatha’s sons Sanskaar and Laksh. Both tall and handsome hunks .On reaching the mandap one guy stopped and the other one looked at him, both brothers exchanged something through eyes .The one standing gave an encouraging look and made him sit in the mandap.
“So you are the one …. My Ragini’s future” Amrita thought. “Laksh Maheshwari”
Laksh was looking equally disturbed or nervous as Raghu. Teacher took her to the mandap.

The wedding Rituals came to an end. Ragini and Laksh completed it without looking at each other. Amrita doubted that Ragini even saw his face before getting married. The rituals seemed to be very light compared to the decorated house. Ragini and Laksh took blessing from the elders. After taking blessing Laksh ran off to Sanskaar, Ragini to her sisters unknowingly turning back at each other. The change was just Ragini wore a black chain and had sindoor in her mang, but to Amrita she saw a different person in her, and Amrita was happy with that change
Screen Freezes on a tensed Ragini and Laksh
PreCap: Laksh and Sanskaar Maheshwari
So Folkssssss………….Its Laksh… Ragini’s Husband….I think I gave a clue in last update ….Remember… “The Lucky boy”….The Lucky boy is none other than Lucky 😛
Now what is going to happen?? Will Ragini be able to survive in Maheshwari house like Sujatha?? What equation will form between Laksh and Ragini?? Will Ragini move on forgetting her past….Whatever it was??
Hope you guys like it….. Waiting for your Valuable Feedbacks

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  2. Wow that’s so cool. After reading the last episode I am also thinking that it may be laksh bcoz you mentioned lucky right. But anyways waiting to see how ragini is gonna survive in the maheshwari family and also to know how laksh is gonna support ragini in this big battle.

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        Its really going be an interesting journey for Ragini in Maheshwari house….

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