Jeene Ki Tammanah Hai (EP – 05)

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EP – 03 :episode-04

PreCap: Ragini missing Sujatha, Ragini comes to know about the proposal, Her decision
From the moment she kept her feet outside the protective layer of her sister…. Sujatha was suffocated …. the fear that she kept hidden, popped up again…she was Restless. It was selfish of her that she demanded a very cruel wish from her Jiji. the pressure that she put on Annapurna was heavy….and she was guilty about it…. but she knew that she needed Ragini to rebuild her family…. why Ragini…She dint know…. But was sure that she was the only one capable.
The day before when Annapurna called…She said that she mentioned about the proposal to Ragini …and was waiting for her reply…. Of course She will take time to think….it won’t be easy for her too…. To give life a second chance. Yet Sujatha was Restless….

“What if she says a No…..No Ragini is a smart girl…She will take the right decision” Sujatha was walking along the length of her room… talking to Ram Prasad, who was reading newspaper and smiling at Sujatha’s restless behaviour.

“Even if she says No…no problem…I will convince her……I am sure that she will definitely listen to me …hai na ji??”

“Sujatha…. are you talking to me or trying to convince yourself? ?”Ram Prasad mocked at her.

“I don’t know ji” She sat near him and kept her hand on his. “But I Just want a yes from her…. Once she gives me a green signal, Maa Kasam , I will Keep her as my princess, Never will allow sadness near her.” Sujatha said enthusiastically

“Is she that good??” Rp developed interest in this Girl, who conquered over Sujatha.

“Very good…. Too Good….”Sujatha’s eyes twinkles with sincerity. “I strongly believe that God decided her for us , Maybe that’s why I decided to visit Jiji at orphanage this time.otherwise she used to come here….Ha….God decided this….This is destiny….Fate”. Sujatha was as jumpy as her words….

” Arrey yaar….Keep Calm….You still don’t know her answer ok……So wait…”Rp was bit concerned about Sujatha’s enthusiasm …he knew that if Ragini’s answer was a No …Then Sujatha’s disappointment would be directly proportional to the enthusiasm she was showing now.

“Yup…..I will calm” She grabbed Rp’s arm tightly took a deep breath, yet no sign of calming down.

Suddenly Sujatha’s phone rang Flashing Jiji On screen with a smiling face of Annapurna which Sanskaar has kept on display. Her heart skipped a beat …. It has been skipping beats for the whole week whenever Ap’s name…Sujatha hurriedly lunged for the phone but Rp Grabbed it.

“What is this ji….Give me the phone. …I need to talk to your Jiji first…”the dayan in Sujatha came out as she vigorously tried to get her phone but Rp Pulled it up and Sujatha couldn’t match his height

“Remember …I told you to calm down. …”Sujatha relaxed a little and made a pout.”I will talk to her…. And if she has your bahu’s answer Then I will convey…That’s it.”Rp picked the call ending all of Sujatha’s protests

“Hello saali sahiba…. Forgot your Jiju……Only calling your sister”.Rp eyed Sujatha who made an angry little cute pout and folded arms. He had to fight a world war within himself to resist his smile .”Arrey you don’t talk to me anymore”.

Their Jiju Saali talks irritated Sujatha …She Elbowed Rp Painfully to come to the topic.
“Aaaaaa….”Rp fringed with pain . ” ok ok…I will ask….chill….”He calmed her. “So Saaliji….Tell me…. Is your Ragini ready to became Rp and Sujatha Maheswari’s Bahu??” AP’s answer took away the light on Rp’s face. ” Is that so??…Hmmm….hmmm…. I Understand….Ok …I will talk to Sujatha….Don’t worry” Rp’s reply to Ap made Sujatha Sad as it hinted a negative answer. …She was sad and started walking towards her balcony……

“Sujatha….” Rp slowly called her. She dint turn ….she wanted to hide her sadness…

“Sujatha….You can’t be like this..not now….You have a lot to do now? “He placed his hand on her shoulder.

“What now “she asked in sad tone

“You must convince Babuji, Maa, should start to prepare for wedding….”Sujatha was confused. She turned facing him “What are you telling Jeee.??”
Then she saw the Brightly smiling Face of Rp…and next moment she found herself jumping in air

“Oh my God… Oh My God….She said a yes”. she had tears in her eyes…tears of joy” So you were making fun of me”She started beating him playfully ….Rp extended her phone , Ap was still on hold.

“Jiji…”Sujatha spoke with utmost devotion.” Thank you for granting my wish…. I will be forever indebted on you “ her happiness was over toned in her voice.

“I am also happy ….Sujatha…please take care of My Ragini” Sujatha Nodded her head as if Ap could see her passion “Never make her cry and her past overshadow her present….”

“I promise you jiji” Sujatha was determined

” You told him about her past know? ”

“Jiji….you just chill…He has no problem with it …Just tell her to forget it…. Never to bring it on anymore ……Even in her mind …. she shouldn’t be remembering it……Ok di…. Now let me keep the phone…. I need to fight another war with the great Maheswaris to get this on track….” The Maheshwari comment dint go well with Rp….he rolled his eyes …. Sujatha stuck her tongue at him “Byeee jiji…..and Ragini is amanat with you….please take good care of her….love you” Sujatha kept the phone
Now this was a task…Convincing them….The royal Maheswaris. ……..Devraj Maheswari (Alok Nath) ,head of the family…Rp’s father wearing classic off-white sherwani and Hemalatha Maheswari(Smita Jaykar) , mother in a prandial green marwari style sari with pallu, sat on the grand lavish sofa in the grand Maheswari hall which marked the centre of the hall.
The adjacent sofa which was placed veritical towards the right side had Shiv Prasad Maheshwari(Avinash Wadhwan), elder brother in his office suit and his wife Bhavana Maheshwari(Seema Kapoor) in pink saree resembling Hemalatha. the opposite side had Krishna Prasad Maheshwari (Ayub Khan),Second brother in formal suit and wife Devika Maheshwari(Reena Kapoor) ,in blue saree.
The third generation Maheshwaris was also present with their spouses, standing behind their parent’s sofas. Devraj’s sons Adarsh and Viren(Kinshuk Mahajan) with their wifes Parineeta and Sapna(Neha Sargam). Other side had Krishna Prasad’s children Omkara (Angad Hasija) and Tripthi(Kritika Kamra) with their spouses Soumya(Sara Khan) and Arjun(Karan Kundra), The Maheshwari ghar jamai. Laksh and Sanskaar was not present there, as they preferred to be kept out of this discussion.Thhe five Great grand children of DevRaj were also kept outside these talks.
The Maheshwari kids were taught to keep their positions intact, and they did it by pushing their limits hard. Everyone was each other’s enemy was the youngest, weak and most protected by Devraj, This made him and Sujatha a common enemy. Among the kids ,Adarsh and Parineeta was the ones who were most amiable ones to Sujatha, That too only in their guards. When Sujatha put forward the proposal, It was a war.
“Sujatha… have you lost it totally ?? how can you even think about bringing an orphan girl to the Maheshwari House?? Bhavna mocked
“Seriously, Maheswari’s have a class, a reputation, you want play with it??”. Devika joined in support
“Bhabhi please… Ragini is very good girl , matured and cultured. I think she would be perfect for him.” RP supported Sujatha
“Rp , you can practice your social work outside the steps of Maheshwari household , Don’t bring them in” Shiv Prasad warned
Kids were enjoying this drama, smirking at RP’s and Sujatha’s situation, except Adarsh and Parineeta who looked at them with helplessness
“Sujatha….”Dev Raj’s voice roared “I don’t want examine all those bakwaas , These people are talking, But asking you two things ,Are you sure of this Girl??
“Yes Papaji” Sujatha said softly. Dev Raj and Hemalatha was secretly fond of Sujatha, But remained extra strict on her to maintain impartiality.” She is a good girl… Perfect for him”
“Hmmmmm…..My Kid has suffered a lot because of that girl in past, So I don’t want him to suffer anymore……Did you ask him? Dint he swear to keep girls out of his life?”
Yes….He is ready break his swear…”
“hmmmmm….And Their side?? Is the girl ready??Hemalatha asked
“ She also agreed Maa..” RP conveyed
“Papaji…. Maa …. This is not about the Girl…. This is about Maheshwari Family……”Krishna Prasad point”
“No … This is about the happiness of my children and this time Sujatha is doing right” Devraj’s words invited protests , He raised hand showing his palm. His strong aura silenced the brewing protest.
“Sujatha ……RP …proceed with this…. Everyone be ready, It is a Maheshwari wedding coming around”
Their kundlis matched and the date was drawn after two was sudden …. He din’t want any functions like engagement, haldi , mehndi, sangeet. Sujatha agreed. ..She just wanted him marry Ragini. Ragini also agreed to exclude all the functions. Tomorrow was the marriage …she had no visible and invisible support from her sister in laws and kids and nor RP was supported by his brothers….. They were busy playing the bade papa and badi maa role of the groom…Sujatha somewhere thought that it was better they stayed away…so she can do her work in peace.But she had Parineeta and Adarsh Easing things for her invisibly ,taking care of all the choti choti work.Rp was also busy om his side… On the other side Her mother in law and father in law helped her secretly, ordering around servants to take care of the things Sujatha and Rp missed, as they had to keep their strict image.

“Choti Bahu rani……They came” Rupa, her servant announced..

Sujatha disconnected from whatever she was doing and ran to them. Yes they Reached .Annapurna was standing in front smiling at her .Sujatha ran and hugged her. Greeted her small friends Pinky, Aarti, Rucha and Amrita, who were mesmerised by the jhalak of the front door of Their Sujatha Aunty’s house…which was soon to be their Ragini di’s…Sujatha’s eyes searched for Ragini…who slowly appeared from hiding behind Amrita. She was nervous. …playing with her fingers, smiled nervously at Sujatha, then looked down. Sujatha pulled her into a tight embrace indicating that she was grateful to Ragini and slowly patting and caressing her back to make Ragini Feel that she will be fine from now….
Ram was looking at them from a distance, smiling happily and gave a thumbs up that he liked Ragini.
Screen freezes on the hopeful and happy faces of AP, RP and Sujatha…
PreCap: Ragini’s Husband

So…… Your wait will by over by the next update…….Next Update will reveal the Lucky Boy…..who will be Ragini ‘s Husband…….
I can hear your heartbeatsss…..Any guesss?? Who is Ragini’s Husband…………….

I know that it took a bit long for the introduction of our heroes……but I really wanted all the characters to be developed properly and their story to be in parallel with the main story……….So please Bear with Me….. 🙂

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