Jeene Ki Tammanah Hai (EP – 04)

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EP – 03 :

ReCap: Sujatha bond with kids of orphanage, especially with Ragini. She asks for Ragini’s hand for her son
Ragini missed Sujatha, it has been only a week with her, but she conquered her, not only her but everyone at Orchid. The way she speaks, handles things, the way she lives her life…Ragini always wanted to be a person like her, Such a beautiful soul. Ragini also found that someone was missing her more than her…. Her Teacher maa. She sensed that Teacher Maa was lost in her own world after Sujatha left. Of course she missed her, after all they were soul sisters. But Ragini saw a different kind of Dilemma on Her face.
“Missing Sujatha Aunty” Ragini kept her hands on Annapurna’s shoulder, who was sitting in the veranda
“Hmmmmmm” Annapurna smiled in a sad tone
“Teacher Maa …Please tell me the truth …. Something is disturbing you na??” Ragini showed her concern
Annapurna shook No.
“Teacher maa…. You know that you can’t hide things from me” Ragini pressured her
“Raghu……There is nothing beta……” Annapurna protested. But Ragini gave a stern look.
“ok Baba…I will Tell you…But not now”
“No …no excuses …Tell me now” Ragini was adamant “Teacher Maa…. we will solve this……” She knelt down
“Raghu….. I don’t know how to tell you this”
“Teacherr Maa…. Please…. you can tell me anything” Annapurna nodded hearing Ragini’s words
“acha …I will tell You. Its about Sujatha” Ragini’s Curiosity level raised. “You know that she is a person who lives her life to the fullest, even during our youth, she used to be the masti girl. She was my Parents Favourite. Dad fixed her marriage with his friend cum business partner’s son. Even after her marriage to Ram, to the Maheshwari household, which was strict , She never lost her charm. It was very difficult to survive there…Big traditional Marwari family, rules and rituals. But with husband’s support and love, she balanced their ways with hers, never lost hope. But last three years have been difficult on her…..because of her children” Annapurna sighed
“What happened to her children Teacher Maa….??”
“Sanskaar, Laksh, the twins and Uttara…. Sujatha’s and Ram’s gems…. Uttara and Sanskaar went on their mother…mischievous and outspoken whereas Laksh was like Ram, Shy and Mature., they stood out from other Maheshwari kids. They stood united in all situations, loved each other.”
“Then what happened” Ragini was simply worried for Sujatha’s family
“Three years back, Uttara suicided…” Ragini was shocked. “Don’t know why?? I never asked Sujatha, Dint want to remind her about this tragedy. Uttara was their heartbeat. After that Sujatha never danced or Sang until last week” Ragini felt bad for Sujatha
“she somehow managed to get herself and her family out of this grief. A year after Uttara’s death, everything was fine, Sanskaar and Laksh was getting married and they were all happy. But again fate was cruel on them. They marriage dint take place .and the guys swear no to get married anymore. Her happy family was shattered again. For the first time…I saw the light of hope diminishing from Sujatha’s eyes. She was losing the fight with life……And when she smiled with hope while going back, I wanted to grant her a wish…But now I am scared to whether I will be able to fulfil it” Ragini was sad about Annapurna’s helplessness
“Teacher Maa… Tell me na.. what did she ask?? Whatever it is…. Let’s try our best to grant her that wish” Ragini encouraged Annapurna
Annapurna hesitated to open her mouth, but Ragini’s curious eyes made her talk
“Sujatha want you…”
“Me?? What do you mean Teacher ma”. Ragini was confused
“She wants you as her Bahu…. She wants you as her son’s wife

Ragini walked across the dimensions of her room. She was in a great dilemma. What will she do now?. She never expected the question of marriage coming up in her life anytime soon. She was scared. Her past came up in front of her. tears rolled up in her eyes she shook her head strongly in a failed attempt to forget them.
“ Ragu…Please don’t stress yaar…. Teacher Maa just told about the proposal” Amrita tried to calm Ragini.
Rucha pulled Ragini and made her sit on her bed. Ragini was tearing up Rucha kneeled down and cupped her face. Amrita also came near kept her hand on Ragini’s shoulder “What is it Raghu ??What are you scared off?? Marriage ?? or your past??” Rucha asked her calmly
“I don’t know” Ragini shivered “I am just scared” Ragini cried, Amrita pressed Ragini’s head to her chest and gestured Rucha to calm her through her eyes. “Ragini…shhh shhh…..Chup just chup….Nothing happened . No will force you for this marriage.Sh shh … stop crying . “Rucha caressed her head and hugged both Amrita and Ragini. Ragini stayed for a long time in the hands of those people who were more than Siblings. Amrita was a sister to her, Whereas Rucha, the tomboy, was her brother

Two days passed. Ragini kept herself busy during day, taking overtime, reaching late .She cleverly avoided Annapurna .But she had sleepless nights. Sometimes her past, sometimes her love for Annapurna, sometimes the thought of Sujatha losing her charm, tormented her. She dint know why, but She genuinely cared for Sujatha and loved her. Altogether, Ragini was in a great dilemma.
Today she was determined. she made her decision, She prayed to God to support her ,told her decision to Rucha and Amrita .They supported her. They knew that their Ragini won’t be wrong. She went to Annapurna’s office. slowly opened the door. Annapurna was on some paper work. Ragini noticed the shade of worry on her face have increased one level up. Ragini was guilty that she was the reason her worry. She slightly knocked the door inviting Annapurna’ attention. Annapurna’s face lighted up a little and she gestured Ragini to come in
“are you busy Teacher Maa?? She asked
“No beta , I am just looking at some papers” Annapurna gestured Ragini to sit. “you have something to tell me na” Annapurna prompted
Ragini hesitated a bit “Teacher Maa , about what you told me that day, I have made a decision”. Annapurna was on her tip toes “But I want you to tell me what is in your mind about this proposal”
“Beta…. you don’t need worry about me., If you don’t want this, don’t proceed for me, I just told you because I felt it was a proposal” Annapurna relaxed Ragini
“No, Teacher Maa Please tell me……”
“Ragini…. If this marriage happens, then I will be very happy”. Annapurna got up from her chair and went near Ragini. “Because you will be going under Sujatha’s protection” She caressed Ragini’s hair. ”and as far as he is concerned, he is a good boy , in fact both the boys are the best. Your Jodi will be the best…But my dear, no pressure. You can take your own decision”
“Do they know about me??” Ragini asked
“Haan beta, I told her even before the proposal, but still she wanted to proceed”
“Teacher maa, I have taken my decision. Last time I believed in my instincts and failed but this time, I want to trusts yours. I need to move on, and I want it to be with your guidance. I am sure that you will choose the best for me. If you kept this proposal in front of me, then you have found something good about it. and you are right, I am going to Sujatha Aunty, I am sure that she will protect me” Ragini smiled and Annapurna was on cloud nine .
“I am so, so Happy my dear, God Bless you” She jumped up and down. It was first time that Ragini saw Annapurna in such a happy mood. She was happy to make Annapurna happy. “I must informed Sujatha now itself “. She hugs Ragini, Pecks on her forehead and picks up her phone to grant Sujatha her wish
Screen freezes on an elated Annapurna and Ragini smiling weakly

PreCap: The Maheshwari Family
Ragini is moving on in life……. Will her life ahead be beautiful…….or will She drown again

What is in store for her?? Who and How will be her Husband??


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    Superb dear. I didn’t expect that you made my wish come true. Nice one. Waiting for the next update.

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    suspense!!!!! i am ok with both raglak and ragsan, but still curious to know about her future husband. update soon 😀

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    Awesome… But please make it raglak…. Bcoz I only like the pair swasan and raglak….so please don’t make it ragsan….anyways waiting for next episode

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