Jeene Ki Tammanah Hai (EP – 03)

Thank you everyone for appreciating my Story…..I know that everyone is waiting to know about the pairing and the entry of our heroes …..By ep6, Everything will be clear 🙂
EP 02 :

ReCap: Ragini, Rucha clash with Sujatha, Ragini realises her mistake and apologize to Sujatha
Papers and Files…here and there…the usual chaos of a year ending. Annapurna was busy, Super busy with her paper work. She had to give the correct accounts to the Higher authorities, spent for the orphanage during that year. She felt sorry for Sujatha, that she was not able to spent time with her. Finally, at the noon Annapurna managed to squeeze a little time for her sister. She spotted Sujatha in garden, strolling and pinching flowers.
“Sujatha…” Annapurna called out and Sujatha turned and smiled at her sister. “Feeling Bored??” Annapurna touched her shoulders.
“Nahi jiji…Bas don’t have anything to do…so was just walking around”
“So that means …You are bored” Both of them met eyes ones and laughed at their stupidity
“Sach mein Jiji…. Talking to you makes me feel free…. By the way, How’s your work?” Sujatha asked adjusting Annapurna Dupatta and Hair which was looking rather messy
“Hectic” Annapurna sighed “But leave it …. Let’s have lunch and gossip”. Annapurna pulled Sujatha

Sujatha was rather quite during the lunch. She slowly mumbled her food and just gave direct answers for Annapurna’s questions. Annapurna could sense a distraction in Sujatha, maybe because of Sanskaar and Laksh ……or maybe it could be of Ragini’s words. After Ragini left the room the day before Sujatha dint speak a word about the matter. Annapurna was really doubting whether Sujatha forgave Ragini or not.
“Sujatha……Sing a good song na… It’s been a while you have sung for me” She tried to distract Sujatha from her thoughts”.
“I stopped singing and dancing three years back Jiji” Sujatha replied in a sad tone. “Someone who enjoyed my songs and steps wont enjoy them anymore” Annapurna understood that her attempt to distract Sujatha backfired and eventually took her to more painful memory. But Annapurna is Annapurna, She never accepts failure.
“Arrey … How can you reserve your talents for someone??….No Excuses…Come with me” She grabbed her and walked away , paying no heed to her weak protests.

Annapurna clearly knew where she was taking Sujatha, and she had two motives for that….to cheer up Sujatha and to confirm that Ragini’s apology is being was a Saturday…So it’s an off day. Annapurna was sure that after lunch, Ragini would be there. She marched towards a room. Nearing the room, a beautiful melody could be heard accompanied by Sitar. Sujatha jerked for a moment and stood still at the door with a board which read Dance Hall.
“Wow Jiji, What a beautiful voice …. Perfect Sur and Taal …. Wow Jiji …Who is this??” Sujatha was elated
“Beautiful na…. She is same like you…Sings and dances very well. Whenever I see her, I remember you, Not as mischievous as you…and ya more mature than you” Annapurna teased
“Chup Jiji…Tell me who is this girl? Can I see her??”
Annapurna smiled and opened the door gesturing Sujatha inside. Ragini, deep inside her music dint notice her guests. Sujatha was visibly shocked and surprised. When Ragini finished her song, she was startled to see them. She hurriedly gets up and walks towards Annapurna
“Teacher Maa, Any Problem” Ragini was rather tensed
“Arrey …Nothing Beta, I came to hear your songs. Why is it too quiet today?? Where are Rucha, Amrita and kids??” Annapurna asked warmly whereas Sujatha folded her hands and faced opposite, creating a tensed situation for Ragini.
“Woh Teacher Maa……They went out for shopping”
“hmmmm…. achha… Look Ragini beta I need your help?? Can you do” Annapurna asked
“Anything Teacher Ma…. just tell it out” Ragini replied enthusiastically
She pulled Sujatha to Ragini’s visibility. But Sujatha still stood facing the other side.
“I know you guys have met……in a very different situation…. But I will re-introduce you guys…. Ragini. This is Sujatha Maheshwari, My small sister. The great Choti Bahu of Maheshwari family….And Sujatha…this is Ragini , my secret favourite(whispering) in this orphanage”
“Hello Aunty” Ragini said in a low voice and Sujatha nodded
“Ragini …Beta, I Have a bit more work…So can u please tag along with Sujatha??” Both Sujatha and Ragini was shocked. “She is also interested in music and dance …So I am sure that you guys will get along”
“No need Jiji …. I am fine alone…I will read some books” Sujatha protested like a small school kid
“No “Annapurna was stern, “You will stay with Ragini…Ok Ragini??”
“Ok Teacher Maa” Ragini agreed as she had no other choice.
“ok then Girls, I will meet you after my work” Annapurna swiftly walked leaving an irritated Sujatha and tensed Ragini behind.

It was almost 8 at night when Annapurna finished her chaotic work and pulled down a full stop. She forgot that that she has placed the lioness and lamp together. After closing her cabin, she hurried to the dance hall. Hundreds of questions popped in her mind regarding the equation of Ragini and Sujatha. On reaching the doors, she heard the song Manva Lage. She slowly entered the room was hell surprised to see Ragini dancing along with SUJATHA……. And the set of Bacchha party with Rucha and Amrita cheering them. They both danced wholeheartedly, Twirling, holding hands, smiling and enjoying. Annapurna saw the lost charm back on Sujatha’s face. She had tears of joy.
At the end of the song Everyone stood up, jumped and cheered them. Sujatha and Ragini hugged each other.
“awesome aunty……You’re a wonder” Rucha screamed
“Seriously Aunty…I have never seen a dancer who could give a takkar to Ragini” Amrita said
“Arrey Bachao…you don’t know about Sujatha Maheshwari ,I AM AWESOME”
“Really aunty …You are” Ragini backed her
Annapurna, watching these happy moments from the door was elated. suddenly someone called her from behind. “Ma’am Your delivery” A Pizza guy, with hell lot of boxes stood there balancing them.
“We dint order any Pizza here” Annapurna clarified
“Yes Ma’am , You ordered ,This was the address given… hmmm the order was placed by hmmm….”He balanced the pizza boxes and checked his list “….. Ha yes maam order was placed by one Mrs Sujatha Maheshwari”
“Yaaay kids Pizza came” Sujatha screamed and came running towards the Pizza Guy. She paid him and sent him off. Everyone arranged themselves into party mood grabbed pizza slices and cold drinks. Sujatha was fighting with Aarti and Rucha for big pieces and Mushrooms. Annapurna was shocked and yet happy seeing Sujatha in her mischievous avatar again…. After a long time. Ragini Tapped her Shoulders and offered a piece of pizza slice “Teacher Maa …Please eat this”
“Ragini…Beta …What is all this mess” Annapurna eyed Ragini for answers.
“Jiji…we are having Paaaaaarty” Sujatha said in comical tune showing comical steps
“Sujatha……. what is all this?? Why are you trying to spoil my kids??” She faked Anger
“hmmmm…. You are so OLD School…. Annapurna Dixit” Sujatha returned back to her bacha party. Annapurna was still shocked and Ragini was smiling whole heartedly.

One week passed after Sujatha’s arrival, by now she got along with everyone, celebrated new year, went out for shopping. Ragini, Rucha and Amrita became her fans and she bonded well with Ragini over Dance, Sitar, Music, books. She enjoyed playing pranks on Ragini. On weekdays she used to wait for Ragini to return from office and at night they have fun. Annapurna never asked them how Sujatha forgave Ragini, she was just satisfied with how well Ragini and Sujatha bonded. But now she had to send back Sujatha to her home. Ram Prasad has been constantly calling her up telling her to send back his wife. On the other side Laksh and Sanskaar complained how they had to celebrate New Year without Mom.
It was Sujatha’s last eve at orphanage, packing her things to set off the next day.
“Jiji…. This time, I really don’t want to go back…I am gonna miss my very much….and Ragini too…
“I am happy that you bonded well with her. She is my princess. When children grow up and stand on their own feet here, they leave occasionally visits but they become strangers. But Ragini decided to stay here. After completing her MBA, got a prestigious job. You know what, she donates half of salary for the welfare of the orphanage and allows pays a certain amount as rent. Even if I deny, she will not listen. It was after her this decision Rucha and Amrita decided to stay” Annapurna showed clear pride about her Ragini.
“Such a good girl, you know what, within a week she won over me completely……Seriously I never thought that I would talk to her after the initial clash. But she came and then apologized…I saw how brave she was not everyone has the courage to accept one’s mistake….” Sujatha spoke with a glow
“ hmmmmm…She was force to grow up…..She was also like you very playful ,mischievous but it all changed …..(Something is muted). She was shattered after that. But Rucha and Amrita gave courage and brought back her. And my Ragini is happy now, never remembers her past, but a little reserved”
“Sach mein Jiji, she is a gem of a person…. You know what, She I started dancing and singing after only because of her. She encourages me just like how Uttara used to do. All these days I felt that my Uttara was back” Sujatha’s eyes welled up
“Sujatha… I know that loosing Uttara was a great tragedy for your family, and as a mother, you must have gone through much. but she will never want you to be sad because of her. I am sure that where ever she is, she will happy by seeing you enjoying” Both of smile …” Now stop crying…. Ok tell me…. now that u brought back my Sujatha’s smile, Your jiji will grant you a wish…. What do you want??”
“You will Give me anything??” Sujatha eyed her
“Then Jiji, please give me your Ragini” Annapurna was bit shaken by Sujatha’s answer. “Please give me your Ragini as my Bahu …Please Give her hand for my son……. I know that I am selfish for asking this……but I am sure that only She can bring back happiness on in my house, only she can make him live again……Please
The screen freezes on Annapurna’s shocked Face

PreCap: Ragini comes to know about Sujatha’s proposal and her answer

So Folksssssss……What do you think is going to Happen??
Will Ragini agree for this marriage?? If Yes… who among Sujatha’s sons is she going to marry?? Sanskaar or Laksh??
What happened in her past?? And what in his Past??
And …What happened to Uttara??


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      🙂 ….However they get paired ,Ragsan or Raglak…. Both of them will have equal character depth and space in Ragini’s life……

  1. Sweety

    What is this yaar? Full of suspenses. I am desperately waiting for the next update. If you have time please update another part today. Anyways today’s episode is superb and ragini’s maturity is the highlight to the entire episode.

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