Jeene Ki Tammanah Hai (EP – 02)

So folks….back with the 2nd ep ….hope you guys are enjoying ….
EP 01 :Episode 1

ReCap: Sujatha visiting her sister Annapurna……Her sadness connected with her sons …..Clash with a Girl at Orphanage
Arrey……Is this the way you talk to elders” She turned back to see Aarti (Gracy Goswami) being scolded by a woman of her mid forties
“Is there any Problem??” She asked to the woman
The lady stared at her with of a mixture of irritation and curiosity
“What happened Aarti? She enquired
“Di…. Di… this aunty is simply scolding Me” Aarti came running towards her and tightly hugged her
“Arrey …… What are you saying? I scolded her as she me hit me down and back answered me” The lady said angrily
“Nahi Di……I dint do it” Aarti said innocently and hugged her crying more….and She believed her Aarti as she was sure that there won’t be a case of Aarti lying
“See Aunty…. Please calm down. I know my Aarti. She will never back answer, especially to her elders. Please behave properly with kids”. She politely warned the lady.
“HOW DARE YOU SPEAK TO ME LIKE THIS” The lady screamed inviting the attention of everyone present in the garden.
“Ragini……What happened?” A girl as the same age asked her entering into their argument, along with another girl of the same age
“Nothing Rucha (Rucha Hasabnis) ……This Aunty was simply raising her voice on Aarti…. Poor thing is scared.” Ragini replied
“Look Aunty, you don’t have any right to scream on us, just because we are orphans, doesn’t mean that you can say whatever comes on your tongue……Come on Ragini, Amrita (Amrita Prakash, the other girl who came into the scene along with Rucha), Aarti… Don’t involve with such heartless people”. All four of them leave the scene leaving behind a horror stricken Sujatha back.


Later in Ragini’s Room
“I still don’t get Rucha, how can that lady come from nowhere and accuse Aarti of things which she wouldn’t dream of doing…. Just because she is an orphan….disgusting” Ragini was on the verge of tears
“I know Ragini….These Rich people don’t have a drop of humanity in their heart, good that u scolded her” Rucha consoled her.
“No Ragini… You did wrong….” Ragini and Rucha turned to see Amrita holding a hand of weeping Aarti. “You both reacted without knowing the truth” Amrita complained
“What do you mean Ammu? Rucha was confused.
“I was very sad about today’s incidents and went to check whether Aarti was Fine or Not……. When I went to her room, Pinky and Aarti was having a conversation …………….
Aarti: That lady thought that Di won’t believe me……hpmh……What an arrogant lady
Pinky: But Aaru… I am scared …will she make problems for di?
Aarti: I don’t know year…… But I am more scared that if Di comes not know that we lied to her and I actually hit down that lady …. She will be…
Amrita: AAAARTI….
FB ends
Ragini and Rucha looked at Aarti with a shocked expression
“Why did you do this?? Ha?? Bolo?? Why… how could you lie to Ragini??” Rucha shook Aarti
Aarti continued to weep. Ragini started walking from there emotionless towards the door.
“Raghu…. Where are you going?? Amrita holds her
“To apologize” Ragini frees herself walks out stoically.


Ragini dint know where to find that lady. Moreover, it was night and she had only one option…. To inform her Teacher Maa. She reached Teacher Maa’s room which was not shut completely. She was about to knock
Annapurna: Calm Down Sujatha…
Sujatha (Fuming in Anger): What kind of girl she was?? Accused me of being rude and arrogant Jiji
Annapurna: Acchha , Tell me this.. Who was that girl who hurt my little sister? Can you recognize her
Ragini all this was really scared to go inside the room and the truth of Sujatha being Annapurna’s sister weakened her more.
Sujatha: I will never forget her in my life… Ragini.
Annapurna (shocked): No way….
Sujatha: You are also not believing me??
Annapurna: It’s not about Believing or not … But Ragini is a very innocent and soft-spoken girl
Sujatha: Soft spoken, My foot
Ragini was on her tiptoes, yet she mustered up courage and knocked the door inviting Annapurna’s and Sujatha’s attention
“Jiji…… she is the one…She” Sujatha shouted
“Ragini…. What is all this beta?” Annapurna questions her
“Teacher Maa…. I…I … I came to apologize to this aunty” Ragini stammered
“Ya … very Nice …. Get things wrong and then apologize” Sujatha was irked
“Sujatha…. Keep mum” Annapurna calmed her.” Ragini… what is all this beta?? How could you speak to Sujatha like this?” Annapurna questioned calmly
“Teacher Maa… I am really sorry. I only listened to Aarti. I dint mind to hear Aunty’s part” turning to Sujatha. “I am really sorry Aunty. I dint listen to you and concluded that you were rude. But I never thought that my Aarti would lie to me. I believe my siblings here blindly. And when I saw her crying and you shouting at her without reason I saw angry. I know this is not an excuse for misbehaving with you…. Still I request you to kindly forgive us”. Ragini folded her hands to apologize with brimming eyes.
Sujatha was disturbed by Ragini’s reaction yet partially convinced by her……But confused. Understanding her situation Annapurna takes lead “Ragini… I have expected you to be mature …. But this time you were wrong…. but you apologized and made it corrected… Now go to your room and console Aarti…She also might be scared”
Ragini pleading looks at Sujatha, wipes her and goes back to her room.


Ragini dint talk to Aarti that night. She was disappointed with her, She tossed in her bed, Shifted, sat, then laid ….But was not able to sleep. She slowly went to Aarti’s room and peeped. She was surprised to see Aarti awake. Ragini gets inside the room and caresses Aarti. Aarti looks back with a sad face and cries hugging Ragini
“Di…. I am really sorry Di … I shouldn’t have lied to you… I am sorry …” Aarti hugs Ragini very tight
Ragini releases herself and cups Aarti’s face
“Beta…. Whatever the situation is …. even if the situation will make your condition bad…. Please don’t lie…. because our lies don’t have the strength to survive long. Eventually They will be revealed ….and at that time it will make our condition worse” Aarti nods yes and Hugs Ragini
Ragini was very sad…. Because of Aarti …and Sujatha. She was scared that Sujatha might have been hurt by their words…and moreover, her Teacher Maa would be upset with her. Ragini tried to gulp those ill feeling down and cuddled Aarti more.
Screen freezes on Aarti and Ragini’s Hugging Position

PreCap : Sujatha and Ragini….To Clash or To Glue
What is in store for Sujatha and Ragini……………..?? Any Guess

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  1. Sweety

    Nice as well as interesting. I guess sujatha will not forgive ragini easily. Please reveal the pair for sanskar and laksh in the next update.

    • SHR963



      We will have to see What happens next between Sujatha and Raghu…..
      and as of The Pairs….Will have to wait a bit…. Sorry for that…..

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