Jeene Ki Tammanah Hai (EP – 01)

Hello Friends, This is my first FF based on the characters of Swaragini.I was a silent reader . Please read my story and tell give or feedback on them, whether you like it and should i continue it….So Let’s Begin

A Bright Day, The Naughty Sun is shining bright, playing hide n seek between tall trees, peeping occasionally at her. She joined him in his game, distracting herself from the heaps of pain and worries.
“No…No Sujatha, no…You are going there to free yourself from this”. She reminded herself. “You are going to her, After a long time. And Only she…. Only She can pull you out of this, she is your perfect Hideout from your pain and your Shield. Don’t worry, she will help you. She will help you to fix your incomplete family. After all they were not just your children, But hers too.”
“My Children, My Boys,” tears brimmed up her eyes, she shut her eyes tight in pain allowing the tears to flow out along with those bad memories.
“I Swear on this Fire that I will not bring any girl to my life from this moment. I won’t trust any Girl and Love either”
“I also Swear That I will not marry anyone until my brother gets a girl who truly loves him.”

These two sentences spoken by her sons are painfully tattooed on her heart. It has been two years now, but they both are still the same. She was happy that her Laksh and Her Sanskaar are there for each other through thick and thin, but both of swearing to keep away from holy nuptial vows has given her an ache.
Her car slowly came to halt facing a huge gate and an equally huge Semi-circular board in Green above the gate, Reading Orchid Orphanage, Kolkata.
Sujatha got out of her car. She was wearing a blue and purple mix Saree with Pallu on her head.

“Govindji, Please take rest at the Orphanage Guest House, I will call you if anything urgent”. She politely instructed her Driver”
“Ji Madam” He Pulled out the Gear and left.
She slowly pulled down her pallu. She hung her handbag, clutched her phone tightly, took a heavy breath and walked swiftly into the gates. She entered the Three Storied Building and moved towards the Door indicating CHIEF WARDEN. She knocked Twice, opened the door and announced,” May I come in Ma’am?”
“Yess…” Said that elegant lady, in a casual yet classic Off White Suit, who was busy juggling with official papers, she slowly lifted to confirm the person she has permitted in. Annapurna’s face lighted up with joy seeing her sister.
“Arrey Sujathaa” Annapurna shoved the papers and came running to hug her sister, her soulmate.
“It’s been a long time who have come years. Last time you came to…………” thinking what she has spoken out, Annapurna curbed her words.
“To Get you for their marriage”, Sujatha completed for her and let a sigh out
“Leave those Baba, You have travelled a long way here…. Go Freshen Up and Ya …Please change your Maheshwari Bahu Attire and wear something comfortable, suiting Annapurna’s sister “, Pushing Sujatha to Her room.

Sujatha and Annapurna was sitting in the Garden post their dinner. Annapurna spread he lap for her sister to lie down. Sujatha changed her Marwari Attire to Casual Kurti
“Jiji…. I am scared …My Sons…” Sujatha started,
“Sujatha……You must give them time. They have been through much. Still they support each other. You must be happy about it Girl…” Annapurna interrupted
Sujatha got up from her lap and said “Jiji …. I am Happy about the bond between them. But Sad about their swear.Jiji….It’s been 2 years …and It took my whole life to convince them back.”
“You convinced them??” Annapurna was elated. “That’s a wonderful news Sujatha”
“Managed to convince one…. Other one is still waiting for his brother to move on to start his life” Sujatha said dryly.” Jiji… I need Good Girls for my Children … Who will Keep Them Happy”
“Don’t worry dear…. Let’s pray to God…. He has the best thing in store for them” Annapurna Hugged her sister and consoled her. Sujatha was disturbed, yet found peace in her sisters arms. She closed her eyes in hope of a better tomorrow


Sujatha had to spent her day alone as Annapurna was a bit busy. She managed herself with a quick breakfast, a customary call to her husband and sons, and started re exploring the garden.
“How Peaceful….” She thought.” No wonder Di doesn’t want to come from here”
Suddenly someone hit her from back and run past her. Sujatha fell down and bruised her knees. She got up ignoring her pain to see the culprit, in front of her, stood a girl of ten to twelve years.
“Can’t you please be careful betta…” Sujatha said in a mildly irritated tone
“No, I can’t…Any Problem??” The Girl screamed Back

Arrey……Is this the way you talk to elders” Sujatha asked her rather annoyed and lost her cool seeing the Girls attitude.
“Is there any Problem??” Someone asked
Sujatha Saw a beautiful Girl in her early 20s wearing a plain yellow anarakali approaching the curiously. The small girl with whom Sujatha had the tiff ran to her and hugged her and started Sobbing
“What happened Aarti? She enquired
“Di…. Di… this aunty is simply scolding Me” Aarti complained
“Arrey …… What are you saying? I scolded her as she me hit me down and back answered me” Sujatha shot back
“Nahi Di……I dint do it” Aarti said innocently and hugged her crying more….
“See Aunty…. Please calm down. I know my Aarti. She will never back answer, Especially to her elders (Aarti eyed Sujatha victoriously) Please behave properly with kids” The Girl said with Seriousness and perfectly adjusted politeness, Which dint go well with Sujatha. Along with the pain on her knees, Aarti’s attitude, the Girl’s words irked Sujatha

The Screen Freezes On Sujatha’s Angry Face

PreCap: The Girl……
Who is that girl??… Will this tiff between the Girl and Sujatha end?
What happened Sujatha’s sons in Past?? What about their Present and Future? `

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