Jeena mujhe phir se woh sikha raha (episode 2) meet swara

A big room is shown. A boy is sleping on bed. His sleep is disturbed by alarm
“pep pep”he swiched off the alarm
“pep pep”his mobiles alarm start to beep
He trowed the phone on floor n covers his head with pillow
“pep pep”another alarm start to bep he put that in the drowar of side table
“beepbeeb”this time his onether phone rings. He become iratate n pick the call
He:whose this dont u know the manners that u should not disturb any one at night upar se thom sanskar maheswari ko itni rath main phone kia. Now speak na damn
Prsn:sanskar its not night its morning 6 n dont forget u have concert today n m leaving my job
San:are lucky mere yar tho gusa math kar jujhe tho pata hai na jab mere bauty sleep disturb ho jate hai tab mai mad ho jata ho
Sid:ok ok bhai get ready n m not laksh m sidharth
San:that for world ok bye

Then he move to wash room

After 15 minutes he come out wearing gray jeans white tee red jacked. A perfect rockstar look.

Precape:cat chicken fight.

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  1. Samaira

    Tu sanskar not swara

  2. nyc update long part its too short

  3. Anurta

    But plz… a little bit long part yet it or sweet

  4. Confused
    Very short

  5. Srusti

    Episode is nice and make it longer in next episode dear

  6. Soujanya


  7. Awesome dear

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