Jeena hai sirf tere liye Part 6

Part 6

Hola Twistinians, I hope you guys will like this part as well as the other ones, because this time SSO is in a lot of trouble and Anika won’t forgive him that easilly???

Saumya’s pov after the  scene with Rudra
“What did I just do?” I asked myself. “Saumya bua, you just kissed Rudra bhaiya!” A naughty Sahil replied back. “No, I didn’t!” “Yes, you did!” Then he went leaving me in a turmoil of my feelings. I was walking aimlessly, until I walked into someone and it was Rudra, who himself was lost in some thoughts. He looked at me with his chocolaty eyes, I didn’t look at him and then I went.
End of her pov

Aryaan’s pov
“Why was I jealous seeing Om with Ishana!” “Because you have fallen for her at the first sight!” Sahil said, while he winked at me. “What the fish!” “It’s like that, you do like my Ishi bua!” “No, I don’t!” “Yes, you do, it’s written all over your face.” Then that smart little boy named Sahil went leaving me in thoughts. “No, I will never fall for this badtameez girl or I have I fallen fir her.” I was walking, for a while then I accidently walked into someone, it was her, the girl I was thinking about. She was going to fall, but I saved her, then I asked her with concern: “Are you alright?”
End of his pov

Arnav’s pov
“Sahil what’s happening in here?” I asked my son and he aswered back: “love!” “What the…” “Dad can’t you see SSO is trying get the forgiveness of Anika bua, Rudy bhaiya and Saumya bua like eachother, Aryaan bhai has fallen at the first sight Ishana bua, Om bhaiya likes two girls at the same time.”  Sahil said everything in one go. “And that all happened in one day!” Khushi said. “Oh god, phail gaya raita!” I said, then I went, I saw Shivaay at a great distance, so I went to him to hava a talk with him.
End of his pov

Scene of Arnav and Shivaay
“Hello Mr. Oberoi!” “Hello Mr. Singh Khurana!” “I wanted to talk to you about Anika and I want that you stay away from her, am I clear!” Arnav said dangerously. “No, you’re not clear and I won’t stay away from Anika.” Shivaay ultra dangerously said. “Let’s see, if she doesn’t forgive you, you have to stay away from her forever!” Arnav angrilly said. “And if I get her forgiveness, then I will never ever hurt her again.” Shivaay said and then he went leaving a confused Arnav behind.
End of their scene

ShivHil’s(Shivaay and Sahil) scene
“Hey Sahil, I need your help!” “What help?” “How can I i..m..p..r..e..s..s your Anika bua?” He mumbled. “What did the great billu ji say?” Sahil asked and he answered back, without any hesitation: “how can I impress your Anika bua?” “That’s so easy!” Sahil said smillingly. “What do I have to do?” “You have to be yourself, the Shivaay that is hiding inside the wall of you arrogance, the one my Anika bua loves.” “Wait a minute did you just say that Anika loves me?” “Yeah, she does!” Sahil said, then he went like a tornado and left a thoughtful Shivaay behind.
End of their scene

Rudra’s pov after the scene with Saumya
“What happened between me and Saumya?” “Rudy bhaiya you kissed her!” Sahil said. “What no, I didn’t!” “Yes, you did!” “I smarter than you Sahil, I know that it was dream and it didn’t happen.” I said, while I made my logic walla sign. “It did happen bhaiya!” Sahil said, then he left, I was walking for a while, until I walked into Saumya, I looked at her, but she didn’t look at me and went, leaving me behind. I was in my thoughts again, which were annoying.
End of his pov

Ishana’s pov
I was thinking about Aryaan!” “Wait what I’m not thinking about that blo*dy idiot.” “Yes, Ishi bua you are thinking about Aryaan bhai.” Sahil said, shocking her and she looked at him like she would love to shut the mouth of this naughty, but mature little child.  “Why should I think about that guy, look at his twin brother Omkara, he is so well behaved, polite and kind to everyone, then comes that Aryaan Singh Oberoi, arrogant, has the NKK ideology of his brother Shivaay and he is a pain in the backside.” I said angrilly. Sahil said, before he went and I was lost in my thoughts again: “falling in love isn’t in our hands, it just happens and you have fallen in love with Aryaan Singh Oberoi.” I was walking here and there, until I bumped into the devil, I was thinking about and he saved me at nick of time. “Are you alright!” He asked with concern, I replied back politly and then I left: “yes, I’m perfectly fine.”
End of her pov

Khushi’s pov
“Oh my mata, mummy ji, love is in the air!” Pinky said. “Yes, you are right aunty ji!” I agreeingly said. “What do you think, that who will be together?” Dadi ji asked and Sahil replied back: “IsYaan or ArHana, RiKara, RuMya and ShivIka.” “What’s that?” Jhanvi aunty asked and Sahil answered back: “offo, IshYaan or ArHana are Ishana bua and Aryaan bhaiya, RiKara are Om bhaiya and Gauri di, RuMya are Rudy bhaiya and Saumya bua and ShivIka are Shivaay and Anika bua!” “Oh!” We all gasped and I asked: “how do you know that?” “It’s so easy to know that, you have to look into their eyes and you will know it!” He answered back.
End of her pov

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